Written by Jenzy. A 56 year old American woman, homeowner, and another mother who has lost her American Dream.

I once owned two businesses, and had a nice car and a roof over my head. I lost it all at age 55 yrs. old due to a very deceitful mortgage company. Things were fine in 2004, 2005, and after taking out a loan to better my business in 2006. Then it all went HAYWIRE!

It started when my original mortgage company sold my loan to another without my knowledge. My payment of course went to the original lender.

I was at my store one afternoon in November, 2006 when I received a call and a lady introduced herself as being my new lender. She told me where to start sending my payments. For quite awhile after this call when I’d talk to them they’d say, “where’s your payment for November?”I kept saying I sent it to my original. Then after going to my bank, I found out it was signed over to them in early December, 2006.

By the time January’s payment came due, I received a notice in the mail stating I was in DEFAULT!

Finally thought I had this straightened out and with no late fees according to a lady I spoke to but then came February and there were the late fees and by March,2007 after sending my payment two nights prior to its due date through my post office I received another “OOPS, your payment is LATE!” I told the lady NOWAY! She finally said this was my post office that was at fault but she still had to count it as late!

She offered a forbearance plan. It was CRAZY but I went along hoping to refi my way AWAY from these NUTS!I was about to get refinanced with someone else and I made a promise to pay off my loan to them by April,30,2007.Everything was looking great and I had to move my stores. I told them I really had to get things done paper wise, ASAP! Didn’t happen they drug their feet on my pay history, calls, or faxing to the guy who was trying to get this done for me by 4-30-07.

I freaked at the end of April! I put my house up for sale! I had 20,000 in equity. I called and offered to pay up anything I might owe in order to get the time to do this. I was told since my circumstances had changed meaning I now had to shut down my stores until my house sold that if I sent any payments they would send it all back and I had to be out of my home by October,2007.

I have always felt HOW? HOW on God’s green earth can this type of thing happen in this country? I read about or see on the TV that so many out there want to blame the homeowners and I want people to know in most cases it was their lenders, or the banks! It all seemed like a SCAM! You just couldn’t do the right thing, they won’t let it happen. They set you up to take a fall!

I did lose it all. I have no job, no car, no HOME, and no “AMERICAN DREAM” I am almost 56 yrs.old a single female and my life is ruined with no retirement. My stores were to be my retirement. Something to leave for my two children someday. I was told and I’ve read it’s useless to fight in a court of law against the GREAT OZZ! I just believe in “what goes around WILL come around” and boy here lately it appears to be happening.

Sincerely, Jenzy