It looks like American tax payers on Main Street America may be on the hook for trillions of dollars as we try and figure out how to get gas in the car to find a second job and not lose our homes.

Meanwhile in Washington and Wall Street, AKA, Washington Street, they have come up with another sinister plan. Their plan to save them with our money…………………………

Our glorious ex-Goldman Sachs Executive, now turned US Secretary Treasurer, Henry (Hank) Paulson is at it again. Asking congress for what will amount to trillions of dollars (he says hundreds of billions), to bail out his buddies on Wall Street and guess what America, you WILL be on the hook via your tax dollars for years to come.

Meanwhile, the people on Main Street, you and I, loose our homes, cars, jobs and are just trying to figure out how to get gas in the car so we can get some milk for Johnny. All the while, it looks like the boys in suits on Wall Street will not skip a beat and they will get to keep their unforeclosable glass houses in Manhattan and also their house in the Hamptons.

Only in America will you see the people that are losing their homes, jobs and lives, bailing out the rich, the banks and the ponzi scheme investment firms that sold them the very product that is causing their pain and suffering. It’s like asking someone who has cancer that is a result of some toxic power plant to pay not only for his medical bills but also to pay to fix the toxic plant that caused his cancer to make it not as toxic, pay the guilty owners salaries, and then sit and die in more pain and more broke than if he just died on his own.

Talk about rubbing more toxic salt in the American citizen’s wounds.

I am asking all my readers to write their senators and demand that this bail out does not happen and the any new initiatives or bail outs include you, your home, our gas and our future.