When Baron decided to become a homeowner a few years ago he thought he was doing the right thing. He says he went to the wrong person to make his dream of homeownership come true.

“What they told us is after three years we could come back and re-finance,” Baron, who didn’t want to share his last name since his foreclosure case is still tied up in courts, says. “And then after the three years we couldn’t re-finance and everything started going up and up and up.”

His attorney April Charney has seen countless cases like Baron’s in Jacksonville.

“Right now we’re seeing an exceptional rate of people who were sold loans at teaser low rates and now the price is schocking up on these loans,” Charney, a lawyer with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid says. “They couldn’t generate loans fast enough. It was almost like a beast they had to feed and they were hard at it to fill up with whatever loan they could get a person to sign.”

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