Citi Mortgage Loan Modification for This Grateful Homeowner

Out of all the lenders and mortgage servicers out there, I would have to say that the most positive feedback and best results have come from Citi Mortgage / Citi Financial time and time again.

They really seem like they are reaching out and going beyond the typical lip service I preach about here daily.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Bryan Bolton, Senior VP of Loss Mitigation for Citi several times over the past month and his genuine interest in helping homeowners impressed me and that is hard to do. I whole heartily feel that Citi, Mr. Bolton and their awesome staff are doing what they can to help struggling homeowners.

They have even set up a special email and phone number for Loan Safe and Citi Mortgage borrowers.

From Citi:

We’ve noticed that some of our customers have left comments about us on To help Citi customers who are finding they are having trouble meeting their obligations related to their mortgages, we have set up a new e-mail address: .

By using this address, our customers will be routed as quickly as possible to the appropriate area for assistance. We will typically respond within 2 business days.

Wow, two days! That is a pretty big commitment and it looks like they are holding true to it. If you are a Citi borrower and have been having difficulty, please try the email below and let us know your results.

Below is a grateful homeowner in Florida who I have never met and do not know their name, but they were kind enough to send me an email thanking me, and Citi for helping them save their home with a loan modification.

Please replace the below that has corrections in it for my post dated 11/12/2008 THANKS

Moe, I wanted to say how much I appreciate this information and it indeed helped us and changed our course financially. I contacted Citi via the email address you provided and got a response right away, they were so kind and polite…

Sue at Citi stopped all the collection calls, walked me through the down load of the MOD applications and responded back after I faxed over the information within 24 hours just to let me know that the paper work was received and they were reviewing. 48 hours later I received another call from Sue with Citi to let me know that we would be receiving a call from their MOD department to go over the terms….48 hours after that I get the most fantastic call from Rene with Citi.

They lowered our rate on the second mortgage by 4 points, extended our term which lowered our payment almost 400.00 per month AND took all the arrearages and moved them to the back of the loan interest free until the loan is actually paid off.


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  1. cckee says:

    OMG- You have to be joking with your comments commending CitiMortgage!

    Citi has been nothing but heartache and a huge blow to our budget! I’ve told my story so many times, to different Citi Representatives alone, the story has gotten very old.

    The trouble began when we asked our Primerica rep to assist us with the deferrment of last June’s payment. In short she old us that she had taken care of this for us and that our next payment was due in Auust 2008. NOT! The annoying phone calls began in mid-July and have not stopped since. We are currently 30 days past due, we have been since July 2008 (because we were told of the one month deferrment), and we will always be 30 days past due. The fees alone amount to an additional $72.00 a month, everything we send them goes toward interest and fees- nothing on the priniciple.
    I have been told lie after lie about our account; one person says deferrment is just a matter of paperwork, but the paperwork has to be mailed (through US Postal Service- cannot be faxed or e-mailed). This process took 6 weeks just to receive paperwork in the mail. But this was within their guidelines according to one Representative.
    We are currently waiting on yet another set of forms to be approved for deferrment. Citi employs the most rude, obnoxious customer service representatives that I have ever come in contact with!! And to think that our federal government used the working-stiffs hard earned tax money to bail out (in my opinion) one of the worse financial service companies in this country!!! I regret so very much our decision to refinance our home with Citi!!!! I’m not really sure you got your information when you wrote this article, perhaps a relative of yours works for them, but Moe you are sadly misinformed.! CitiMortgage is a NIGHTMARE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the positive article about CitiMortgage had to have been written by CitiMortgage itself. They have completely misrepresented themselves and the program – I’m sure to keep the government off their bank for a while longer. I have not fallen behind…yet, but will soon and have applied to the Homeowners Assistance Program for a loan modification back in November – let’s just say a nightmare and more of my time wasted. I have been given such a runaround – the bullshit was amazing. Once I was given a rep to work with, and I filled out the forms and faxed in my paystubs as was requested, it all ended. I could not get a phone call returned. I would leave messages and after six weeks of trying to find out the status of my claim, could not even get a live person on the phone to speak with. All I could get was another 800# to call – to date, I have been given 12 different 800#’s to call with that promise that each one would be THE correct number where someone would help me. FINALLY, I was told that my claim had been denied and my loan would not be modifed – becuase I was current on my payments. DUH!?!? OH, and the best, Raj, who I was speaking with, then asked me, “would you like to fill out a form to submit for ______,” whatever the new name of the Homeowners Assistance Program is now being called – they are using an acronym.

    I spent 1 1/2 hours each night after work on the phone for over 3 weeks trying to find out something only to be told that my claim was denied in December – before my paystubs were even submitted – does this make sense? And none of the conversations I had ever had with my representative were ever documented.

    It is a program in name only and the only thing it does is waste the consumers time – it will only cause us stress and needless agony and I wish I need who to write in government because I would start a class action suite against CitiMortgage.

    What will it take for them to be held accountable?

  3. Terry says:

    I have applied to citimortgage for a loan modification…that was in the begining of Jan. I have been waiting for a responce, called every week and just recieved a notice basically telling me they are going to forclose in less than a month if I dont come up with 8+ thousand…whats going on ?? I thought they got bailed out so they could modify loans and help keep us in our homes!

  4. ALICE says:



  5. andi says:

    I had exactly the same experience at the fellow above- kept getting told to call a different number, different office, submitted papers, wait 30 days, etc. etc. — it went on for weeks. In the end, after a lot of follow up, the request was denied and no reason was given nor was the person who denied it on the record.

    I was told I could start all over again. It struck me that no one really knew what they were talking about and each person told me something else. In the end, the only way to go is to ask for a supervisor- they seem to know the deal. That’s the only way I seem to be making any progress.

  6. ready for a heart attack! says:

    You have got to be kidding…. I have been working on a loan modification with citi sence October. They took my app on the phone. Updated in January, and her we are, Feb 20th. They won’t connect me to a manager and keep telling me my file is with a loan councelor. Same response for months and months now. I was actually told I qualified and there would be no problem. I was told three times I would get a call back and never did. I have spoke to east coast, Tuscon, India, and everywhere in between. They say they can’t give out extention numbers. Therefor, you can’t talk to the same person twice. I’m outraged. Especially after finding out I was fraudulentally approved in the first place. I am certain the first blog above was written by citi!

  7. Steve says:


    I had the same similar problems, but when I emailed the email in this articles, I was contacted the next day by 1pm. I was shocked. I had the same problem as many of you have had. I called back in July to see what I could do. I talked to a polite young lady on the phone who helped me do a hardship letter and a workable solutions sheet. I was then told that would also have to fill out the one that would come in the mail or by fax. I waited two weeks and nothing came. I called back and told them what was going on, and I was assured that I would get something in the mail in the next few days; I did at the end of August. I filled this our and faxed it in and followed up with a phone call a couple weeks later. I was told the process would take 45 days and the women on the phone told me she could put my loan in a 30-60-90 day forbearance. I opted for the 90 days. In this 90 days no phone calls would come in to my home, no late notices, and no fees would be added. Well I waited until the beginning of November and heard nothing yet. I called back and another young women told be that it was being processed and not to worry I should hear something back in a couple weeks, if not call back. I called back to get a hold of some moron on the phone that tried to tell me that nothing was in my file and that I needed to start all over, but he could help. He offered me some ridiculous payment ideas. I needed to pay like $4800 now and $3700 over the next 12 months to get my loan back to current. I then started to name the people that I have spoken to and dates and all of a sudden he found my information and told me that it would be a couple more weeks. I said this isn’t working and then started googling modification information and ran accross this site. I emailed the email address in the article and was contacted the very next day. I started the whole process over again with a young women named Christina at the Citibank Executive Response-18662553901. With this women’s help, they modified my mortgage to terms that I could really handle. I would strongly suggest emailing the email in the article or calling this 866 number. The help is there, you just have to be willing to work with them also. Good Luck.

  8. sue says:

    Citi residential lending is scam artist. I filed bankruptcy to keep my house and when I went to the gov of my state to get help with my mortgage. That is the only time Citi tried to offer me an assistance. They raised the principal of my loan almost 11k and lowered the interest to 6% on the inflated principle. I turned down there modification twice. I finally surrender my home and the funny thing they sold my loan to another division of Citi group and it became effective on my court date. They sold my house and raised my principal by 11k so now I am up side down. Now that my house is out of bankruptcy I am tiring to do everything I can to save it. Citi should go to jail for the way they are ripping people off. Just for the fact that they took 30k on a scam.

  9. TJ Willaims says:

    The fact is that most borrowers, unless they actually are an attorney or loan officer, do not have the skill, stamina, or expertise to get themselves successfully through the process. The lenders such as citibank, who have received the TARP money, are required to help the borrowers, but, they are not required to inform the borrowers how to help themselves. The lender will always try to give some sort of help, that benefits them as the lender, not you as the borrower. I can get mods done without all of the hassles, hold times, and hang ups that you have to put up with. I have over 15 years of mortgages under my belt, and can fight the fight for you, with the best results for all of my clients. Please contact my at 832-866-9091, and lets save your home today!!!

  10. Megan G says:

    I think Citimortgage is a joke as well. My loan was sold to them and they immediately paid $900 for water/sewer, which was not their responsibility, then raised my payment from 1805 to 1895 to compensate for the escrow shortage they created. I was only one payment behind buut they told me I had to be three behind to qualify. So I stopped making payments, at their suggestion.
    I was given a loan counselor by the name of Rachel, who was very nice and told me I would qualify for a Homesavers loan as well as a rate modifcation. The Homesavers loan went through in December but I could not reach Rachel to discuss the terms of the rate change. I even wrote to her via certified mail to get a response, but I did not. Then I was assigned another loan counselor, Jennifer Lllams, who never returned any of my calls or letters either. Then her voicemail said she no longer worked in loss mitigation, but I was never assigned another counselor. Now my payment has gone up again to $1935 from $1805. WHen I contacted loss mitigation about this they were not very helpful and said their ‘were no notes on my account’ about a rate modification. So now I have an even higher payment than I did before, I was just informed we will not get merit increases this year. I feel like its starting all over again and that I;m getting behind. Citimortgage totally lied to me and after my taxes just bailed them out and saved their jobs!

  11. andy says:

    i started the process on January 17 2009with Citi -right from the get go i was told your credit will go south if you don’t pay, why don’t you sell your home on your own -icalled cit 50 times to re tell the same story but i faxed a letter to them ccto attorney general banking commisioner my senator rep freddie mac and anyone who would listen -i got a call the other day and i have submitted everything but all they want to do is put me in a 40 year -i said up yours you sneaky bastards you put me in a 40 year reduce the intrest rate 2% and no escrow -remember its a loan modification -not a do over -i told them if they do not agree i will leave in this house right to the end and a foreclosure judge will end up modifying the loan anyway or citi will take a 40-50 loss- they try to push you everyone .call citis bluff and document everything and complain to attorney general and your represenative -pass this along to everyone -tell citimortgage up theres -remember document everything fax letters to the ptresident of cimortgage to

  12. m weston says:

    I have been trying to modify my loan since october 2008, I have called many phone # and spoken with many people, and have sent in all required paper work twice, but now I can’t even get a call back. I don’t believe that citi is helping anyone, but themselves. when i called in January i even started crying. They told me that they would extend my loan from 30yrs to 40yrs and lower my interest, that sounded reasonable, but nothing ever happened. I am to the point now that I don’t even want to make one more phone call to citi. Now I am just a the point of going to an outside company for help like Hope or maybe one of those loan Attorneys.

  13. m weston says:

    I am in california and have been trying to get a loan modification since Oct/08, i filled out the paper work twice and made many calls and talked to many people and have taken many names i even have a file, but now I can’t even get a call back, we have never been late and have been making many sacrifices we have changed our eating habits, and our recreation habits and are just trying to save our home from one month to the next. I really don’t think that the mortgage company is really trying to help anyone but themselves. I have decided to give up trying to work it out with citmortgage and either try to get outside help like the Hope program or Bankruptcy. Has anyone out there had any sucess with HOPE program?

  14. Anonymous says:

    There home loan modification program is another loan!!!

  15. Moe Bedard says:

    Please visit my forum at or go try this Email address and say Moe from Loan Safe sent you:

    Phone Number:

    Best of luck!

  16. Moe Bedard says:

    Please try this email and number and say Moe sent you. ;)

    Email address:

    Phone Number:

  17. Ang says:

    I too have Citi. I have had ALL the heartache the above people had. There is no way that the positive comments came from anyone other than a Citi employee. My story and all the above stories are almost identical. I am so sorry to all of you that are going through what I am. I wish you all the best of luck. I do not have one kind word to say about or to Citi.

  18. Robert says:

    Here’s what I have figured out about
    Citi. I first got behind in August 08. I got the paperwork for loan mod and was assigned to “Megan”. She asked me in Sept if I would like to have an interest moratorium until December. I jumped on this. At that point, Citi just went dark. Emails didn’t work, 800 #’s didn’t work. Finally in January I made contact with this guy who offered a 1/2 payment plan for five months. Jumped on that, have a written agreement for it. Pressed the guy who offered the plan about why Citi went dark. He said management was totally overwhelmed. I asked why I couldn’t contact my loan mod rep—get this–THEY DON’T HAVE VOICE MAIL!!!! Can you believe it?
    Now they have announced their brand new program in coordination w/Feds. Collection phone line refers you to website, but there is no information there–only old stuff from Nov.
    My plan is to beat collections up until I get what I need. Don’t let anybody put you off and don’t get discouraged. If it sounds like Citi doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s because THEY DON’T. You’re not talking to mortgage veterans, you’re talking to phone jockeys with minimal experience.
    Key elements to them: owner occupied; behind on loan (5 months preferred); not for sale and no plans to sell; remember, they don’t want your house.
    In theory, the new-new plan will help unemployed people keep their homes. I think you just have to persist. I call them every other day just to say hello. NEVER be rude. Just ask, ask, ask.

  19. Kat says:

    I have sent them an email today to see what kind of assistance they can provide. I will post the outcome as soon as I hear back. I too have a Citi mortgage but it is through their subsidiary CitiFinancial. I’ve been told by CitiFinancial on numerous occassions that they do not provide loan modifications.

  20. Kat says:

    I sent the email to address on this site at 2:30pm and received a response at 2:51pm. The representative said she was there to help and that she will assign my case for review.

    Not sure what the outcome will be, but I am hopeful as the workers in the CitiFinancial office aren’t helpful at all.

  21. maria d ruiz-flores says:

    I need help is an emergency I want citimortgage to modified myloan to a payment I can afford before it is too late but nobody is helping me tell me who do i need to talk to

  22. Anonymous says:

    It is horrid what Citi is getting away with. Ten years ago I suffered a breakdown after struggling to save my home/family from foreclosure. All was well until Citi took over the loan, wouldn’t cash my checks, then sent me through legal fees/ loan midification fees for 18 mo, amts that were unbearable to survive, but did…I have come back to reality, and it may have been 10 years ago, but I have saved every record and every name God help them.

  23. remain unkown says:

    I had been asking citi for help for a long time since I had a stroke and was not able to get any help.I got no were until I found this web page.I emailed and within days was sent modification paper work to fill out.It took a few weeks but they called me back and had worked out a deal I could afford.Thank you citi.

  24. Pete sprague says:

    I have the same problem with Citi.mtg. They are not willing or wanting to help My fiance and I out in this. We did a stated loan purchase in Otb. 07 we are upside down 125k…I lost my job…she is the one only working..we have a fannie mae loan and our payment is 2818.00 per month..we can not afford it. We are behind and Citi has not helped us at all. With the loan being reduced and the rate we would be able to stay. We have being trying to do this since 2008 of August. Still have not got no where. Please help, we have a baby on the way and we dont want to be on the streets.

  25. Billiebiz says:

    I’m writing on behalf of my son’s family, CitiMortgage are giving them the run-around, they were 4 months behind, there was/is illness in the family, they were promised 2 months ago the Loan modification program, did all the paper work, were promised an Interview with a Fannie Mae guy, he never called, not Citi says they lost the paperwork, we lend them money for 2!!!!! housepayments, so they could stay there.

    No one is helping them, as a fact, they were told now, since we lend them money, they no longer qualify.
    Hello, we can’t keep doing it, they need help NOW!

    I e-mailed to that address that I saw above on this page, giving plenty Info, so they can get up with my so or his wife.

    I hope it works, any help is appreciated!!!!

    I think some Government officials need to know about this.

  26. Moe Bedard says:

    Billie, please let me know how Citi responds to your emails for help? They set that up just for my blogs and forums.

  27. Moe Bedard says:

    thats great news! glad to see they are helping people!!!

  28. Judy says:

    I just found this site. When I read polishing a mortgage turd, I initially thought that it was an abbreviation for an organization or something, t.u.r.d, that I was apparently unaware of. Then I continued reading and realized that he was using his son’s description of a real turd… I cracked up, Too Funny!!! These guys must be the real deal, down to earth people.

    Anyway, as any attorney will tell you, ALWAYS GET IT IN WRITING. If you call a company or anyone about a problem or difficulty, be sure to send a follow up letter so that you have the call documented in writing. Verbal communications cannot be verified & if you, later, do need an attorney, you will be armed with written, dated ammunition to help win your case.

    I received a moratorium from Shitty-Mortgage without a problem, but I documented everything in writing via the postal service’s snail mail, certified return receipt. By doing so, the recipient (CitiMortgage in my case) is likely to respond to me via the postal system. I prefer this method because mail fraud is a serious crime & no company will be prone to bullsh_t denials, tricks, scams or deceptions, etc. Companies are fully aware that they had better be honest via the postal system.

    Remember, if you communicate via phone, be sure to document the date, time, who you spoke to and details of the conversation, Then Follow Up with a Letter. The first sentence in the letter should first state: This is a follow up of my phone conversation with Mr. Jones on ??/??/????. Then state your understanding of the verbal agreement and ask for verification that your understanding is correct. Best wishes to all. Hope this helps.

  29. Moe Bedard says:

    Great advice Judy! :)

    ALWAYS document everything you do during the loan modification or foreclosure process in one folder. Use conversation logs, copy emails, faxes etc so you have the ammo and proof to fight back if needed be. Also, if you hire an attorney, you can then give this ammo you have collected to a grateful lawyer who will intelligently rip Shitty-Mortgage a new legal hole……

  30. Kimberly Whitlock says:

    After Citi dragging their feet, me calling daily, sending information time and time again, being told foreclosure wouldn’t be an issue since I had filed my “package”, I received notice today from attorneys stating my home would be sold on April 7th. Citi refused to call it off after an hour and a half discussion; stating it was out of their hands unless a resolution could be made prior to April 7th. Oh! and my case has not even been assigned a case worker and nothing can be discussed until that time. “We are buried with applications and request for help so everything takes longer than normal” THIS DOESN’T SAVE MY HOME DOES IT??????

  31. Moe Bedard says:


    I understands your concerns and I would be a bit upset also.

    If you need help, please email me your loan number and name and I’ll fwd it to the executive dept at Citi for you.

  32. Judy says:

    Thank you Moe,

    I feel so sad for those who try to resolve a problem only verbally. has several articles archived about how, quote, “evil” banks and credit card companies have become. Remember that the so called credit card companies Are banks. It’s not just CitiGroup, it’s most of them. One should never deal with them or any company unless all is fully documented in writing… Document, Document, Document. Check out BankRate’s archived articles. You’ll be glad you did.

    For those who are in a mortgage mess, there is probably a way out. How? Because most mortgagee’s are Bank Fraud Victims in one form or another. It’s pretty easy to prove, simply by comparing the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and The Truth in Lending Statement (TIL) to the “Final” Settlement Statement. If the Final Settlement Statement didn’t comply with the other two, then a fiduciary duty was breached. It would be to any mortgagee’s advantage to seek an attorney to see if the mortgage company practiced predatory lending or breached a fiduciary duty. If so, the mortgagor will bend over backwards to avoid being labeled or sued as a predatory lender. I’ve audited a few loans and believe me, the odds of having something in it that is considered predatory are Probable. Have an attorney check it. Also, please read this website about bank fraud victims. IT’S AN EYE OPENER. Here’s the link:

    In the future, one way to choose a good mortgage is to get one through a small bank, credit union or mortgage company that services their own loans, meaning that the “Written Contract” states that the loan will NOT BE SOLD. It is much easier to communicate with a smaller entity on a personal level, and since they can’t sell the loan, they are more inclined to cooperate with their customers.

    Hope this helps and God Bless

  33. Jim says:

    CitiMortgage is indeed a scam of the highest magnitude. They sent me a letter in December reaching out to those that were not behind in payments, but are upside down or headed towards financial problems. I responded and the little jerk on the phone tried to basically sell me a new loan. The payment he offered was actually going to be $600 higher than it is now. He was obviosly acting on a commission and was not interested in helping anyone.

  34. Steve says:

    Some people are going to declare bankruptcy and have then see if the judge can modify their mortgage. The banking lobby fought hard to kill that provision every time it surfaced, but I do know that part of Obama’s recover act has that provision, but I don’t know the details. It’s worth looking into, and I think a lot of people will get their modifications done by a judge and not through the servicer/lender.

  35. Chris says:

    Did anyone ever go into a citifinancial bank and actually speak to a live person and get help? I’m thinking of doing this but wanna know if anyone ever did this as opposed to numerous phone calls and e-mails. Citimortgage has been nothing but a nitemare for us too and we need help like everyone else. To tell people to get behind 3 months(that’s what we were told) before they will help is incredibly irresponsible. Is there anything the goverment has out there to help us? Does anyone know?

  36. Kathy says:


    I live about 10 mins from one of their so called newer home offices for Citi here in Stl…..Have never gone to their office but have worked with their managers to audit files that have been charged off and placed for collections… Citi rather it be their high interest rate loans or home loans are notorious….For lying that is.

    So bad I’m in the process of taking the Dept of Justice on here in STL. possibly Nationwide…I’m one pissed off bill collector…

    How would you like me to pay you when I’ve done everything not to be a hard luck story but yet you just attempt to dissuade anyone about who I am or what capablility I may really have to pay my bills?

    I’ve taken them clients who could spend $150k to 50b and still can’t get business done. I hate it now that I objected to a mod but here’s the thing…The loans were initially so fraudently induced you wouldn’t of modified it either when you got a case like mine…

    So now I’m in the process of helping HOPEFULLY get some so called attys disbarred and Judges impeached…U can read about me under name david utiss…

    This is reality of what they like to do…When instead of being a hard luck story they refuse to do proper business as their laws are written!

    So decide! Do you have a way to pay if you can modify your loan? Is the set back rectified already? what does your tomorrow look like with or without the mod? What are your chances of making them different with a better outcome than what you’ve thought of already?

    Be Blessed,


  37. Kathy says:

    I believe this is a email to one of their loss mitigation managers…

    Their loan mods do nothing to help the homeowner…As far as going into bankruptcy thinking the judge will help…Get a CLUE WALK AWAY…JUST FILE CHP 7 AND START OVER!!!!

    The judge would just assume to lie to you and let himself and Citi commit FRAUD UPON THE COURT!! TRUST ME I KNOW

  38. Mike says:

    Citimortgage is a mess. Good luck to anybody who has Citi as their loan servicer and investor. I am in the process of dealing with Citi to get a loan modification. Rather then complaining let me tell everyone what has worked for me so far. THIS PROCESS IS ONLY FOR THE UNLUCKY LIKE ME THAT HAVE CITIMORTGAGE AS THE INVESTOR ON THE LOAN.
    First, go to and read the Citimortgage forum. It lists the email and phone number for the Citimortgage group that deals with accounts that have been escalated to the Citimortgage President. These people actually pick up the phone. They may try to get rid of you at first because you are not one of their assigned accounts, but if you are prepared and you have all of your documents ready to fax, they will probably help you and tell you that they are your office point of contact.

    Second, have all your documents ready to fax. You need to complete the Citimortgage Hardship Assistance Package and FAX IT … DONT EMAIL IT FROM THE THE WEBSITE!!! They wont even start the process if they dont have a hard copy. The package asks for a ton of documentation but your new point of contact only wants 4 things FAXED 1) 2 months of pay stubs 2) 2 years W-2 3) Proof of homeowners insurance 4) Completed Hardship Assistance Package. Dont FAX anything else.

    Once they have receive the FAX they input the data into a analysis program based on the INDY/FDIC model. The program will tell you if you qualify for a loan modification. Of course very few people qualify. At this point you really have to start being relentless with your call and research.

    This is the point I have reached. Hope I helped someone. If you follow these step you will avoid the 100s of transfers and dropped calls to every country on the the planet. You will have the name and phone number of your designated caseworker. Your data will be entered to determine if you qualify for a loan mod. Good luck to all.

  39. Karen says:

    I scheduled an appointment with the homeowners assistance program through Citi’s website for someone to call me on March 9 between 12 and 12:30. No one called. I scheduled another appointment for March 16 between 12 and 12:30. No one called. I called the customer service number today and conveyed that information and they transferred me to someone who took down the same information I had entered in the website and said that someone would contact me within 3-4 weeks. So just wanted to post this information in case anyone else is waiting for a phone call.

  40. Judy says:

    I guess no one read my comments above. You Don’t have to be on the mortgage defensive. As they say in football, “The best Defense is a Good Offense”. Most of you guys on this forum were victims of some sort of predatory lending.

    Go to the website that I myself gathered much information on. The site belongs to some attorney in Georgia who has shared info with the general public. Probably to get clients, but still, it is a very eye opening informative site. If interested scroll up to my previous blog; copy & paste the web address. I am Not affiliated with this site. I simply wish to share the valuable information that I know is true.

    You can put your mortage company on the defensive instead of yourself, ok? I can assure you, that most of you were probably gouged in some way via excessive fees, yield spread premium, etc. THAT IS PREDATORY LENDING! Not to mention Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

    You most likely have more power in your hands than you realize! If the mortgage company is suing you via foreclosure, perhaps you could counter sue them for predatory lending or breach of fiduciary duty.

    Most initial consultations with an attorney are free. Why not get free legal advice?
    You Can save your home or buy some time. Do you remember the docs you signed at the closing table. Did you fully understand all pages of the loan contract?

    Sometimes, smart is dumb & dumb is smart. Play dumb even if you thought your knew the facts because unless you are an attorney… Don’t act like you were fully aware of all the terms of the contract, most likely, you were Not Fully Aware.

    Although ignorance is no excuse for your mortgage default, predatory lending is also No Excuse. It’s very convoluted & difficult to understand. Remember that attorneys argue over the so called facts in court all the time. Stake your claim.

  41. Anonymous says:

    What is the payment address to send payments to once modification done?

  42. Surprised says:

    i thought it was just me untill i found this . all i can say is wow .just got off the phone with Jeff at citi who transferred me to Kinnisha who took my info for the third time . guess what 3-4 week waiting game . thanks to you guys i wrote down everything.

  43. Linda says:

    I am so scared now after reading all these comments. I just caught my 2′nd mortgage up and am still a month behind on my first with my 2′nd installment of taxes due in a few weeks!! I did the hardship online and faxed all the paperwork. They gave me a case worker, but said I wouldn’t be able to talk to her until next. We saw an attorney and they are not doing cram downs unless you file a chapter 13 and the President hasn’t even signed that yet so it is not in effect yet. We are now 200K upside down in equity since the house two doors down, match model just sold at auction. Sick doesn’t describe how we feel.

  44. Crush says:

    citmortgage is nothing but a large criminal base. Their sole purpose is to rip you off. They are a ecomonical extension of the government and not conserned about your welfare.

  45. cal830 says:

    I am also but a drop of water in the vast ocean of dispaired people who are looking for some help. Reading all the postings not only here but also in LoanSafe website. Why has’nt any action been taken against CitiMortgage. I to have called the number posted by LoanSafe, which got me to the Executive Desk Section, where I got a person by the name of Christian. He was the most arrogant person I have ever had to deal with. I am not in default or delinquent, I make my monthly payment every month as best I can. I’m just underwater on my 5/1 libor Int Only Loan, I am retired on a Disability, and I can’t sell or Refinance. All I got from Christian was a 90 day forbearance, and said it was the best I could get, I turned it down. I think we should all contact Alice on her E-Mail and really start thinking about a Class Action Suit. ( I just found out that depending on how the peoples hardship package are submitted to Fannie or Freddie for modification, determins how much citimortgage will get back from Fannie or Freddie for the Modification. Anywhere from 700 to 1,000 dollars for each modification.) FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

  46. cal830 says:

    In reading all the postings, from several web pages, why has no one started a class action suit against citimortgage. Maybe we should all contact Alice at her e-mail to inquire. It might be worth a shot.

  47. Sam says:

    I am sincerely sorry for all of you!!! I have been trying to deal with Citimortgage since March 2008 — yes 2008 — we have lost 5 count them 5 buyers because Citimortgage did not respond to ANY type of calls, e-mails, certified calls, faxes, etc….. until October when I was able to get through to the Executive response unit. In the mean time, our home has lost so much value that when we started to sell it two years ago when the subprimes started to hit we still would have made a substantial profit on our fixed 5% 30year mortgage — but we went through our entire savings and 401K trying to keep the home through a year of unemployment then moving out of state, now two years later the house is worth one third what it was in 2006 and only 1/2 of what we owe on it. If Citimortgage would have responded last March when we had four buyers chomping at the bit for a short sale we would have only been short a couple of thousand dollars!!!!! Now a year later with nothing left the house is only worth half of what we owe on it thanks to Citimortgages QUICK RESPONSE. We now have a 6th buyer interested so lets see how things turn out this time because I just found out the most of the mortgages that Citimortgage has that they are just the servicer on — they really don’t own hardly any of them at all!!!!! The majority of their mortgages are owned by you guessed it Freddie or Fannie!!!!!

    May God helps us all!

  48. DEE says:

    I have been trying to work with Citimortgage for the past month, and all the people who have posted comments are CORRECT! – These people are can never get the same person on the phone, even if you have an extension number, every time I call someone else is at that extension. CITI should assign 100 mortgagors to a single person and let that person handle only those cases, whereby allowing the individual people to speak with the same representative. I am only at the beginning of this process, PLEASE WISH ME LUCK!!

  49. RNEileen says:

    We have been working on a loan mod since 12/2/08. has been a tremendous support and resource for us. We were given a 3 month 1/2 payment moratorium. We made our last payment on that on March 20th. We’ve been calling every couple of days. We have been dealing with a very professional and polite young man named Deric McLoughlin with the Executive Response Unit. After dealing with Deric our file was moved on to Jamar Jenkins/Alex Harris. Our paperwork states that we should hear something by April 1st. We have refiled our paperwork. We have left many messages for Jamar and Alex. No one gets back to us. I called Deric this evening and he researched our info and spoke to Jamar. Our loan is owned by Fannie. Our current interest rate is 7.625 on approximately 250,000 with a payment of $1769 – no escrow. These are the terms they are putting forward: extending the loan to 40 years with 5.625 for 12 months, 6.25 for 12 months, 7.625 for remainder. This will only help us for the very short term. At 7.625 over 40 years our payment is still unaffordable. What really upsets me is that they are putting this forward to the owner without any conversation with us. Under Obama’s new plan, I believe our rate should have been lowered further before they extended to 40 years and pushed it back up to current rate. We are very, very disappointed. We will try one more time to reach out and try to have them see the folly in this modification. We want to stay in our home and succeed in making payments. If we do not receive better news, it is off to NACA we go. Good luck to all and thank you Moe, Cat, and all the wonderful folks at Loansafe.ore that dedicate so much time and effort in trying to help us save our homes.

  50. Katie says:

    The first time I called CitiMortgage for a loan mod, when I was current on my mortgage, they told me I needed to be at least 90 days behind. In the interim, I then had to file bankruptcy. Then I called again, they told me I needed to speak with someone in bankruptcy and they transferred me, the next guy said there’s no such thing as a bankruptcy dept, so he transferred me to the loss mitigation dept, but when they answered they said “Hello bankruptcy dept.” Then they said I had to be current if I wanted a loan modification and that I’d have to come current on my mortgage within 60 days to be given the opportunity to continue the loan after the bankruptcy. Then AFTER the bankruptcy they’d do a loan mod. I said how can I re-affirm (commit to carrying the debt after bankruptcy) if I don’t know what the new loan will look like? I’m sorry, but that’s our policy CitiMortgage says. So….here I am. I’m far from done fighting, be the beginning doesn’t look too good.

  51. Linda says:

    Just saw an attorney and he told us to let our second get charged off. All they can do is put a lien on the house. Too Bad, Soo Sad, the house is 200K Upside down in Equity and doubt it will EVER be that high again. Sooo, truly looks like I have two options, keep it or walk. Soooo, I file a chapter 7, throw the second in the Bankruptcy, they slap a lien on my house for the second which can only be collected if I sell.
    I’m in the process of trying to get a loan modification. But, looking at all the above posts, I’m getting a little concerned at this point.
    I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  52. M-WISC says:

    I am happy that others are getting great service from CitiMortgage for a loan modification. NOT ME! I have been seeking help since early 2008, beginning with a job loss then a legal separation/divorce. I faxed the hardship assistance package in Nov 2008, along with all required documentation; waited the 30-45 days, at which time they stated it wasn’t received. I have the fax confirmation as proof. As instructed, I submitted it again in Jan 2009. Same thing, waited 30-45 days, at which time they stated it wasn’t received. As instructed again, completed the application for the 3rd time, this time on the website, which sent me an email confirmation. I am tired of hearing excuses about the volume of applications coming in… if there was a more efficient process, they wouldn’t have to receive 2-3 applications per household. I have been attempting to get through to the lost mitagation department, but am on hold forever!! In the meantime, my mortgage is falling further and further behind – and the foreclosure letters are now coming. HELP – any suggestions.

  53. sherrie-colorado says:

    I sent the hardship packet in via fax in November 2008 and have heard nothing since. Same story as all of you-many calls placed to citi, having to explain the same things over and over again because you never speak to the same person twice, on hold for eternity, cannot leave messages, etc. They keep sending letters stating they CAN HELP ME but when I call all they want is their late payment and fees which they just keep racking up. I have spoken to some of their lovely reps in loss mitigation, what a joke. We have a high interest rate-7.9%- all I asked is that they try to lower the rate. I am scraping by to make the payments but I am a month behind. Thanks to them reporting me late every month, my credit is tanked and I doubt that anyone else would even look at me for a refi. What a freaking mess. Just about every house on my street for sale, places left vacant…WTF Citi? Wouldn’t it be much more financially prudent to work with the people who want to stay in their homes?

  54. sherrie-colorado says:

    I filled out the hardship packet and faxed it in Nov. 2008 and have heard nothing since. Same story as all of you…many calls placed to Citi, explaining the same story over and over because you never get the same person twice, endless time on hold, unable to leave messages/messages not returned, etc. They keep sending me letters, even one via UPS, saying they want to HELP ME. When I call in reference to those letters, it is simply the collections department hassling me about the payment I am behind on and all of their late fees. Thanks to CIti, my credit is tanked and now I couldn’t refi through anyone. All I asked them for is to lower my 7.9% interest rate to help me make my payments…you would think that would be easier than taking my home. They got THEIR bailout, but continue to screw their customers.

  55. Vivian says:

    I have the same problem with everyone here with Citi, I agree that with all of you that they are all of evils, rude, mean and liars, yes they do advice to everyone be late in oder to get help. I have no choice to do that and submit my hardship packaged to them and talked to 20 different people and different answer. I called them last month and want to know if they own my note one of the prep said they sold it to a private investor. And i’m not qualify for the refi program from President Obama due to that. Than last Friday someone in collection dept called me and ask me to pay for the mtg I told them I can’t due to my hardship and she told me in order for me to qualify for mod I need to make a payment within 30 days during the mod process. I told her my situation of salary cut and the house underwater. I can’t believed that she doesn’t know what is the term of underwater mean. She asked me is your house flooding and damage. I also mention to her regarding the note she’s screaming at me telling me the Citi own my loan that’s why she’s calling me.. and she said whoever tell me loan is wrong. …what is that telling all of us here, they don’t know what are they doing and we don’t know who is telling the truth here.. All our credit had been ruin it by their advice. We need to get this message through our President or the Media to know what Citi Mortgage has been doing to their customer. They are not helping us, they are give us more stress by having alot of rude employees and unprofessional.

  56. Vivian says:

    I have the same problem with everyone here with Citi, I agree that with all of you that they are all of evils, rude, mean and liars, yes they do advice to everyone be late in oder to get help. I have no choice to do that and submit my hardship packaged to them and talked to 20 different people and different answer. I called them last month and want to know if they own my note one of the prep said they sold it to a private investor. And i’m not qualify for the refi program from President Obama due to that. Than last Friday someone in collection dept called me and ask me to pay for the mtg I told them I can’t due to my hardship and she told me in order for me to qualify for mod I need to make a payment within 30 days during the mod process. I told her my situation of salary cut and the house underwater. I can’t believed that she doesn’t know what is the term of underwater mean. She asked me is your house flooding and damage. I also mention to her regarding the note she’s screaming at me telling me the Citi own my loan that’s why she’s calling me.. and she said whoever tell me loan is wrong. …what is that telling all of us here, they don’t know what are they doing and we don’t know who is telling the truth here.. All our credit had been ruin it by their advice. We need to get this message through our President or the Media to know what Citi Mortgage has been doing to their customer. They are not helping us, they are give us more stress by having alot of rude employees and unprofessional

  57. TseeNV says:

    Same story as the rest, I to have been trying to work with my mortgage lending company “CHASE” since 2008. Going through all the same phone tags, full mail boxes and numerous account “professionals” with there degrading attitudes. Difference is I have recieved a so called “Modification”! Funny thing the modification offer was never discussed and agreed to by me with anyone at chase! The papers “modification” were sent well after what they “Chase” set up for a required returned date! Naturally if not returned to them on the date listed then the so called discussed “modification” was voided due to lack of interest on my behalf! When trying to reach Chase to inform them that I had not been aware of the terms or conditions of the so called “discussed” modification and that I recieved it a month late with evidence of Fedex tracking they would not and have not responded! Surprise! Months later they did respond. I was encouraged to disregard any required due dates “to trust them, they are here for me” and to send in all monies requested and the “lateness” would be forgiven! LOL. The bulk of the modification states, in bold lettering if the “modification” is recieved beyond the due date listed then the “discussed terms of Modification” would be voided and forclosure would proceed! Obviously; “Chase” never wanted me to recieve documents in time so they had a valid justifiable {in there eyes} reason to proceed with forclosure! So I am still in the same situation if not worse than before since I “the lucky one” have a modification that I am refusing to sign and send money this makes me look like I am forgoing the offer! Now threats if I dont sign and send then will forclose and I am not qualified to get another modification offer since I defaulted on the first one! But no gurantees that they will honor the agreement because it is late! No doubt keeping any monies sent and not giving me the modification is the plan! Where does one file a complaint about so called “modifications” not discussed with homeowner and obvious conditions/demands unable to be met by homeowners due to lenders negligence! Chase wins both ways, they get my home and they get/got the money from the bailout program. They fulfilled there requirement by giving me the so called “modification” offer that I did not return on time! When asked if they could re-write current dates on modification paper work as any honest professional would want to do they stated; “the under writer would not want them to delay the modification” by recalculating numbers and dates! I find this hard to believe. Any suggestions or solutions?

  58. jack says:

    my mortgage is thru citimortgage as well thank good i am not behind, however i just had to write to say there is a lot of frustration on this website & i urge people to be patient, if you can only imagine how many requests they have right now, & on top of that how many people they have now laid off, it takes a long time.

  59. Dawn says:

    sent loan modification forms for hardship in November 2008 and again in Jan 2009 to CitiBank. No respone. They just told me I my loan has never been reviewed and I should reapply. Are you kidding me. I am going to have to walk away as I can not make the payments anymore.

  60. Linda says:

    Well, while it is taking a long time, people are losing their houses!! Citi won’t help you unless you are late. So, plan 3 now. Since the house is in MY name only. My husband is going to file chapter 7. I don’t file. I quit paying my second and after they do the loan mod on my first I then file a chapter 7 and throw the charged off second in the BK. I owe 230 on the 1′st. 60K on the second. My house is worth 100K. Makes no sense to pay the second. They can’t do anything to me with it being so negative equity. A lien can’t hurt you unless you go to sell and you have equity to sell. I won’t be selling this overpriced house in my lifetime.
    Another thing I don’t know if you’ve been experiencing or not. But, I keep being given people’s extensions and when I go to use them they are disconnected!!!
    I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  61. nancy says:


  62. JOHNinAZ says:

    Wow! Had written down the Homeowner Assistance number from CM website & was just in the process of getting all my required paperwork to call tomorrow to request a loan mod, but after reading everyone’s complaints I guess I’ll just forget ’bout it for now. Just not in the mood to deal with poorly trained dumbass customer service morons right now. Am not currently behind on payments, but am most certainly feeling the pinch. Just wanted to be proactive to see how CM could help me out since going through the original Primerica rep that helped me to refi a year ago wasn’t much help and was only interested in the commission she could get from me. Not sure what to do now, but am truly appreciative for all the info I got from this forum. Am highly disappointed in how this bailout business has gone to pot. The money should have gone directly to the people in trouble and not to the banks then we wouldn’t have to deal with all this red tape and b.s.!

  63. Laura G says:




  64. Vivian says:

    I agreed with Laura G, we should stick together to sue Citi for making us in worse situation and mentally abuse us day by day by giving us more stress without knowing what’s going on with our mortgage and those rude employees that they had. Someone please do something about this. We need our President to know all these. They are giving money to the wrong people.

  65. Annonymous says:

    Does anyone know if there has been a class action started against these people? I don’t understand how when your mortgage is sold to them that they can change your due date and add all kinds of fees and late charges and you never even signed any paperwork with them. Then when you get behind and can’t pay the late charges, they threaten foreclosure on you. They even took away any grace period I had to pay and want the payment on the 1st of the month and no later. What is preforeclosure? That is a joke also.

  66. an says:

    Here is what you do. Make sure before you request a modification you have a hardship. call 18007237906 or 8662724749. You are looking for a review to be done to see if you prequalify. Call in with your pay stubs, annual tax amount , home owners ins amount, w2s, total deposits for your business over the last 12months if you are self employed…..BE PREPARED!!! Waiting on hold for 30 to 1hr needs to be worth your time and theirs. Dont tell a long drawn out story, remember there are others that are waiting to get help just like you…most call volume is due to people complaining or telling a long story about the hold time.

    Most of all, be prepared, a review can not be done on guess, estimates or i think answers. A prequalification is based on what you say, if what you send in doesnt match, well, you dont prequalify any longer, and that is just a waste of your time.

  67. Debbie S says:

    I’ve read all of the responses above and it’s unreal all the horror stories we all have with Citimortgage. I attempted to extend our mortgage to lower our payments back in July 2008 after my husband had lost his job in March 2008. All I have gotten is the runaround and to make matter worse, we have a second mortgage with Citibank. If there is a class action suit against Citimortgage, Citibank, Citifinancial, I would like to know.
    I am in the process of contacting an attorney who specializes in these matters because what Citimortgage is doing just isn’t right.

  68. Linda says:

    Plan #4 !!! I am supposedly doing a *Forbearance* with Citi. I did do the Hardship Assistance online and faxed the required documents right then. It took 3 weeks to get a counselor. I was not even a month late at that time. She tells me they wont even talk to me about mod unless I am at least 3 months late. So, she tells me to skip the March payment and pay 960.00 for April and May. Then after I make the May payment to call her and she will start the mod. Then I get the written agreement in the mail. It states that I am agreeing to make the two payments of 960.00, but then it sais I will make a balloon payment in June for 3200.00. I never told her I could do that. So, I call her which took going through at least 5 people because her extension had been disconnected. Finally get her and she said, Don’t worry about the balloon payment because we’re going to do your mod in May. But, I had to sign the contract saying I would pay it. That’s Ridiculous because now they can hold me to that because I signed it!!!!!! This is so Scary!!!

  69. Annonymous says:

    I did the hardship assistance application on line. It took about 3 weeks for it to get into they system. They never called me. I called Citimortgage and got another company that is handling these apps. I spoke to about five different people – but after about 2 weeks finally got some help. The gave a loan modification to reduce our mortage (by only $25.00) but it stopped the phone calls. We have to have that payment in on time for 3 months (Apri, May, June) and then they are supposed to put us on a repayment plan starting in July. I hope this this is a real solution and they we aren’t being put in a trick bag.

  70. You brave people. Our home has lost 250K in value. Our Citibank mortgage is going to readjust in 2012. It’s a slow death as we end each month with exactly what we started with while waiting for our boat to swamp. We’re both working overtime while our kids grow up in day care. I wonder what the Citibank CEOs are doing right now. Where are those rampage shooters when you need them?

    PS: Moe is a Citibank plant.

  71. Jerry says:

    I would join it My servicer is Citi bank and there telling me my invester is Wells Fargo Im 3 months behind on my mortgage due the lousy moratoriam they put me in August I have been trying to keep up with the payments my wife has been on the phone for days and hours ony to get the run around . Last Friday I was told point blank your investor Wells Fargo will not do a modification when it was released on CNN Money that same day not only did Citi and Wells Fargo get billions from the government for the new hope for home owners modification program they where implimenting the program right away where is the help I say class action lawsuit or contact congress or one of the media giants Dateline NBC or 2/20 please help
    Jerry Alfano or Diane Alfano

  72. Jerry says:

    My servicer is Citi bank and there telling me my invester is Wells Fargo Im 3 months behind on my mortgage due the lousy moratoriam they put me in August I have been trying to keep up with the payments my wife has been on the phone for days and hours ony to get the run around . Last Friday I was told point blank your investor Wells Fargo will not do a modification when it was released on CNN Money that same day not only did Citi and Wells Fargo get billions from the government for the new hope for home owners modification program they where implimenting the program right away where is the help I say class action lawsuit or contact congress or one of the media giants Dateline NBC or 2/20 please help

  73. Jerry says:

    Coun me inon a lawsuit they suck

  74. Tampa,FL says:

    I swear these stories are all IDENTICAL to mine!! I was laid of in November 08 and contacted CitiMortgage immediately to notify them as I have always had excellent credit and wanted to keep it that way. I was put on a moratorium from Nov 08 – January 09 and told to fax in the workable solutions application. From day one I kept calling Citi for a status to no avail. Prior to the moratorium’s expiration I continued to reach out to Citi regarding my “loan workout” I was told that my mortgage was being forwarded to fannie mae and I should hear something in 2 – 4 weeks. I called to f/u and was told that my loan was not in fact submitted to fannie and it would be now – once again the same thing happened and then I was told that I wasn’t eligible for a modification. I have had four counselors of which I actually spoke to two of them the others never even returned my calls. The latest counselor is rude and not helpful at all. In one of my conversations a CitiMortage employee told me that once my account was on a moratorium it would not be reported to the credit bureaus. Well I received a job offer (for a slary significantly lower than what I was previously making) this past week and was informed that I had a negative item on my credit report – CITIMORTGAGE, they reported me as being delinquent over 120 days when they put me on the moratorium and did not provide me with a payment plan until April 1st – by the way my loan still has not been modified. No one calls me back and everyone I speak to tells me something different. Oh and to put salt on my wound I interviewed for a position basically at the salary that I was previously making and was denied employment because of the one and only negative item on my credit report – CITIMORTGAGE, so at this stage I don’t know how anyone is supposed to get another job if they report the moratorium as a negative item on your credit report and when the prospective employer checks it you are denied employment because of it; so how is anyone in this situation supposed to earn sufficient income again to pay their mortgage?

  75. Teri in Indiana says:

    I’m in the same sinking ship as all the rest of you Citi mortgagees. Applied for Hardship Assistance in December, 2008 and am still awaiting contact from a mortgage advisor at Outreach Services, whom citi has hired to assist them with loan modifications. I just got off the phone with Olivia at Citimortgage today, she had me on hold while she tried contacting Outreach, they would not answer the phone…all she could tell me to do was keep calling as they had my application and I had to work with them. Meanwhile, I have gone through all savings to keep my payments current (credit being trashed). I was also initially told to skip 3 payments but I’m trying to keep my credit as good as I can. Outreach also initially told me they would knowck 200.00 off my payments for three months but I had to repay that amount at the end of the three months, WTF? how is that going to help, if I don’t have it now, I’m not going to have it in three months. Does anyone have any contact numbers for Mortgage Outreach Services other than the 877-591-4752?
    I did send an email to President Obama today with my concerns/frustrations. Don’t know if he will actually get it though…maybe we should all March on the White House and get some attention!

  76. Jerry says:

    Whats the Pres email I will send him one also

  77. AN says:

    Here is what you do. Make sure before you request a modification you have a hardship. call 18007237906 or 8662724749. You are looking for a review to be done to see if you prequalify. Call in with your pay stubs, annual tax amount , home owners ins amount, w2s, total deposits for your business over the last 12months if you are self employed…..BE PREPARED!!! Waiting on hold for 30 to 1hr needs to be worth your time and theirs. Dont tell a long drawn out story, remember there are others that are waiting to get help just like you…most call volume is due to people complaining or telling a long story about the hold time. Most of all, be prepared, a review can not be done on guess, estimates or i think answers. A prequalification is based on what you say, if what you send in doesnt match, well, you dont prequalify any longer, and that is just a waste of your time.

    Update: call 1800-888-6001 for a modification request. Do not let someone tell you to fill out the package, its a longer wait! Better to just see if you prequalify over the phone and send in the required documents that are asked based on your responses. It Works, Trust Me…

  78. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    this is a copy of a post on another blog done by myself…

    My husband and i have ben fighting Citi from 2006. We filed a medical bankruptcy in 2005 and citi held all our mortage payments on some guys desk for 6 months. It took close to 25 phone calls in a one week period to get them to straighten that out. Then they tried to foreclose on us.
    We call the section of citi for a workout solution and spoke with a vary nice gentleman who was great. He got us into a plan that put the balance in dispute at the end of our loan. and tried valiently to get copies of citi’s payment record for our loanto us. That was when all hell broke loose.
    Turns out that citi was not paying our mortage insurance and there for could not do thier own modification on this loan. Furthumore the government did not have them EVER paying it…When they took over Prudential.. seems this info got lost somewhere. we kept paying our mortage, but now they were sending back the payments to us.. saying they could not find our loan # or tht the money was not sufficent to cover the loan. Go figure…?
    At this time our statements also stopped.
    All calls were now routed to India.. whos various people said that they did not send statements to people who owed them money, or that they would have a supervisor call us back. ( No One ever called). This went on for a year untill thier lawyers in OKC got involved.
    We answered thier foreclosures pro se.. and had an attorny who called us hicks and such while making fun of us to his secretary. He answered our answeres by pulling the foreclosure and then sent us the informational pages on another forclosure he was doing along with very weidrly worded interrogetories. BTW Jose rodriguez… i have your SS # previous adress etc.
    Repeated calles to thier office were also not returned… i reported this nonsense to the Barr.

    Now enter 2009.. this attorny has once again tried to revisit foreclosure…This time he mailed us papers postmarked 3/10/09 after telling the court they were sent 5 days earlier ( same firm diffrent lawyer).. and still no response from citi..
    we are still put on hold, transferred around the worls etc…. i think if its not resolvd in a week i’ll will this story and all those boxes of paper to CNN and FOX news.. bailout mu ass….
    The stress of this is killing me… literaly.. i have lupus and this is putting me into a grave… from this mess i have ended up with brain surgery( NOT A JOKE) and several complications…i just wanted my family to be able to keep thier house.
    If this happens to the people who pay thier bills what happens o the people who don’t?… bailout money.

    contact me at if anyone hears about a class action going on….

    PS today we sent yet another hardship app….

  79. sherrie-colorado says:

    A new twist to the screwing from Citimortgage….yesterday I received a certified letter stating that we are now in default…even though they told me at the beginning of this mess that as long as I went no more than one month behind I would not default. They want the entire amount due, about 5,000 with all of their late fees, etc. by 4/30, or they will begin foreclosure. They want me to contact them immediately. Funny, I have been trying to contact them since December of last year. They do not want to help people….they want your home…at this point, they can have mine. I am too frustrated to care. By the way, thanks Prez Obama for all of your promised help!! Things are so much better now!

  80. Bryan says:

    Those of you having trouble with your mortgage or are in or near default should call the Executive Response Unit @866-255-3901. Even within this unit, it seems to be hit or miss with respect to the service you receive. The first person I spoke with never returned any calls, I finally gave up on her and Christian (ext.52816) helped me throughout the process. He was very helpful and usually contacted me when he committed to. He kept me informed of what was happening throughout the loan modification process. BTW, it’s quite apparent the various departments at CitiMortgage don’t communicate with each other. We’ve been receiving letter after letter of “your loan is in default” type communications from the Collections Dept. Christian more or less told me to ignore them because he was processing the modification request. He indicated to continue to make payments to the best of our ability, but I suspect the latter advice is SOP, they want their payments.

    I submitted my Hardship Assistance package and had my paperwork to sign 7 weeks after submission. I suspect the delay is because they’re inundated with requests right now. We’re underwater by approx. $75K so we couldn’t refi on the open market, so Citi modifying our loan was our only hope. I had one of those stupid loans through Primerica as well and was intially told they couldn’t modify the loan because it was a “special loan” – technically called a CRMSI REMIC loan. This stands for Citicorp Residential Mortgage Securities Inc. Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit. My research seems to indicate this is a special pooling of mortgages that have high yields and the bondholders/constituents must approve any modifications.

    Long story short – my rate went from 8.58% to 4.8% and they waived the past dues and penalties. While I am very grateful they worked with me, I think they’re definitely looking at their bottom line. If someone is barely able to (or cannot) pay their mortgage because of unforseen circumstances and the property is sizeably underwater, it’s in the lenders best interest to bring the payments down to an affordable level, otherwise they risk taking a huge loss. In our case, after potential foreclosure/short sale fees and loss of value on the property itself, they’d stand to lose upwards of $100K. They’d only be able to recover a small percentage of that through the 1099.

    Best of luck to anyone else having mortgage trouble.

  81. Interested Party says:

    Did you have a fixed rate loan with Primerica? What made it stupid?

  82. Ms.P in Southern California says:

    I cannot believe what I am reading today. I have been in this same process since Jan 09 with the same results as all of you! Last week a counselor (for the second time) failed to return my scheduled appt. I received a call from collections though and she seemed to listen to my same arguments as all of you. She was nice and seemed geniune in her attempts to help me. I agreed to make a payment this week?! She took all the information that I have given 5 times now to Citi reps. After holding on the line for some time she actually came back on the line (I thought they had hung up on me as in previous calls) I was told to call back in two weeks after someone does a “drive by” of my home and compares it to others in the area…I was also told that they had all the documents necessary to help me lower my payments. I will keep you informed.

  83. Bonnie says:

    Been trying since beginning of March to find out about the government-backed assistance for Fannie Mae loans. Me and thousands of others, it would seem. See scores of others are experiencing the same “Citi-disconnect.” Every time I call, I too am givem umpteen 800 #’s who refer me to yet another 800 #. The phone “appt” on 4/3/09 was a joke. Gave my financial info AGAIN…no record of information when I have followed up;ask each person I speak with, and the standard reply is that it hasn’t “worked it’s way through the system.” I know I am qualified under Fannie Mae for the DU Refi Plus, bur cant’ find anyone at Citi to give me the time of day, because my home loan is much smaller than most (THANK GOD) and system showing me with 60-day lates erroneously from last fall, even though I was assured REPEATEDLY from Citi staff at the time that there would be NO adverse credit reporting. Spoke to Customer Srevice Supv in INDIA and he fired off email to credit department to straighten out, as to why loan was to be completely protected under GOVERNMENT Fannie Mae DECLARED DISASTER AREA MORATORIUM for 90 days….SHEESH…these departments absolutely have no connection AT ALL. Not only does the right hand not know what the left hand does, if you get a smart @ss, as I have countless times, you can tell INSTANTLY they ae going to blow you off. So now I was told by INDIA to give it until May 11 for the past dues to be corrected. He assured me (there I go with the word ASSURED again) that I would also get a letter about the correction. I will be sending the letter to the credit bureaus MYSELF if I ever get my hands on a letter. No direct phone number or extension ever given to follow up; everything is a shot in the dark. Not to mention that I can’t proceed with trying to get the DU Refi Plus until the incorrect “late payment” issue is resolved. Citi never sleeps? Are you kidding? They have been asleep at the wheel, using bailout money to prop themselves up for months while their customers sink, not swim and flounder if we’re lucky. Pathetic.

    of course not… the email on your website is not working ! big shock.

    BUT I see where you are requesting the agents/loan workout persons to give you feedback with regard to process with citimortgage…
    I am going to give it the ole college try !

    Ok… my experience so far:
    Got a listing. Seller has vacated house and quit paying mortgage.

    house was listed for a year prior by an agent ; did not sell at the 179,000 price.

    Dropped price to $169,900 about $5,000 more than value.. got a contract in 2months… been on about 60days now.. and have a qualified buyer and quick close….

    Offer is $165,000 but buyer asking for 3% in closing costs. Loan is at $163,000

    Seller cant afford to payoff loan and pay for closing costs/commissions… .of course !

    Seller owes $163,000 on loan… so, technically the bank would only be loosing about $12,000 on the deal… if that… which is less than a 10% loss to loan amount…

    Seller recently had hours cut.. so salary has been cut 40% over prior year.

    Easy decision, right ?

    Got on phone immediately to see what / where to send info… called short sale dept / collections dept… oh, wait, they don’t communicate with each other… so took 2 days to be told that I was calling loss mitig when I have to deal with collections first as the seller is only 60days delinquent.. not 120+ days. So back to collections… said want a supervisor.. to make a decision as to what we need further for citi to make a decision… what do we need to send.

    Send everything again… to the 3rd fax number now given to me. Sent all the fax to other 2 several times over last 7days… nothing. No call to say what is needed further.

    Called 2x every day to get update on file/ find out who to talk to.. nothing.. noone can tell me for sure what or who to talk to.. they are not allowed to give out extensions/names… they say.

    The ones that do give me extensions… they are to people that call me back.. after 3days.. and say they cannot help me as the file is not in their “check digit” whatever that is.

    Then told to again go back to collections.; as they have to be the ones that send an EMAIL to short sales… to noone.. just a short mail email box… to see what to do or who to get to call me.

    That never happened yet…

    I call again…. Loss mitigation… they say they are waiting on approval from a 3rd party investor/lender… whoever that is or when that became a fact they could not tell me… and did not know who was reviewing that information.. or if anything had been done…

    So since April 19th … here we sit.. not one stop closer to anyone calling me back or telling me what / when something can happen… OR AT LEAST WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED AND WHERE TO SEND IT…. and now today buyer wants to walk away… cause why would they be able to sit around to do nothing and not know when or if they can ever close…. They are renting and have to vacate too.

    Closing is scheduled for may 15th… so it was a quick close with a qualified buyer … but I am sure they will move on before anything can be done by Citimortgage.

    Will wait to see if this is of any consequence.
    Elisa Mullins, Broker

  85. vivian says:

    I called citi mtg again to do for my status talked to Terry from AZ dept. Again asking for my monthly expenses like 10 other people..back since Jan 09…I asked him are you really helping or just repeating like any other of your worker acting like you guys are helping people but really not. He told me this is a new processes of Citi Mtg just came out 3 business days..after he take down my infor, I’ll received a phone call in 2 wks. I ask him are you sure, he said yes…Let’s see everyone if Citi is really trying to help us or just an Act after getting our tax money. …this is a mentally abuse that’s what they are doing to us….I’ll keep you all posted.

  86. cathy says:

    citimortgage refuses to help me and i have talked to several people and the answer was no right off, i don’t qualify, my personal opinion is they don’t eant to help

  87. Julianne says:

    Am waiting on for phone call for appt I set up 3 weeks ago. Someone supposed to call between 8 and 10 EST. I am current but upside down and would live the refinance option. Cannot get anyone on the phone and only told to do the internet appt. and then no one apparently calls.

    We should all contact news media today (Dateline etc.) as well as the Treasury Department as well as the White House. This is a joke. The Obama Plan is a JOKE!!!! I cannot believe my taxpayer bailout money went to these idiots! Let them go under!!!

  88. Julianne says:

    Called 866-255-3901. Hector in Exec. Response unit told me to call 877-971-9710 to move forward with refinance of freddy mac loan under obama plan. this number only works if you are current and want to do refinance.

  89. Julianne says:

    person helping me now just takes info t o give to loan rep who will then call me. she says someone called me at home this am. the online aapt form we fill out is joke and does not get to them. i listed 3 phone numbers where asked and said in comments to call me at work. she said they only have my home number in the system and that is what was called!!!!!! they do not get our special instrtuctions that we fill out on the appt request online!!!

  90. Ryan San Diego says:

    So I filed for assistance with Citimortgage after my wife lost her job. Luckily she found a new one and i just heard back from the loss mitigation department about the Process.
    So far we have never missed a payment but since her new job pays significantly less we’re looking to have our monthly mortgage payment reduced. So i talked to the guy and he said that there is a 3 month TRIAL period where they will lower my payments and at the end of the 3 months citi will decide whether or not to modify my loan.
    BUT there is a catch, at the end of 3 months if they decide to not mod the loan I will owe them the reduced payment amount AND either way my credit gets wrecked in the process because now they treat me as if i have been late for 3 months….

    So here i am, I have never missed a payment and they want me to do this?!? for the chance that MAYBE they will help me? What? wreck my credit and send me to collections…. Their reason for this PROCESS is to weed out the people who dont need help. Has anyone here had this situation? I feel like its just a scam just to get a person backed into a corner

  91. Ryan San Diego says:

    So I filed for assistance with Citimortgage after my wife lost her job. Luckily she found a new one and i just heard back from the loss mitigation department about the Process.
    So far we have never missed a payment but since her new job pays significantly less we’re looking to have our monthly mortgage payment reduced. So i talked to the guy and he said that there is a 3 month TRIAL period where they will lower my payments and at the end of the 3 months citi will decide whether or not to modify my loan.
    BUT there is a catch, at the end of 3 months if they decide to not mod the loan I will owe them the reduced payment amount AND either way my credit gets wrecked in the process because now they treat me as if i have been late for 3 months….

    So here i am, I have never missed a payment and they want me to do this?!? for the chance that MAYBE they will help me? What? wreck my credit and send me to collections…. Their reason for this PROCESS is to weed out the people who dont need help. Has anyone here had this situation? I feel like its just a scam to get me backed into a corner with bad credit

  92. sherrie-colorado says:

    After calling the number that has been given out on the web for the “executive response team” at Citi, I was told that they DO NOT handle mods. They deal with people who’s mods were already denied through Citi. The rep I spoke with, Aubrey, told me to call the collections department, which I did. After an extended hold time, and explaining my situation to yet ANOTHER rep, I was told that there is a “brand new program” that I may qualify for in which Citi would lower my interest rate for 3 months. If I can make my payments on time for the 3 months, they will give me the lower interest rate for the remainder of the loan. I am supposed to call them today to find out about a “value assesment” they need to do on my property first….to see if it is worth them taking, I suppose….and they will tell me if I “qualify”. I have not heard of anyone being offered this sort of deal, I don’t believe it is anything short of Citi blowing more sunshine up my ass. Either way, I will post any results of my conversations with them today. Also, I am not unemployed so this is not the same deal they are offering to the jobless.

  93. Cheri Martin says:

    My Husband works for a UAW auto supplier. His income has been cut in half. He is working four jobs and we are still not bringing in enough money for the bills. We also asked for help from Citimotgage. I also heard from their lost mitigation department and was offered the same 3 month deal. I was not told that you are sent to collections and that your payements are showing late. I was told the reason for the three month trial is to give time for your loan modification to be reviewed and completed.

    I feel that this may be a way to say they are helping people but not really help them. How are they helping anyway? They will probably refuse the loan mod. and the homeowner has to pay a lump sum at the end of the three months. But, if you don’t do it, they will not even consider you for a loan modifiation. I feel forced to do this or I will not get help lowering our payments.

  94. JUST TRY IT says:

    Here is what you do. Make sure before you request a modification you have a hardship. call 18007237906 or 8662724749. You are looking for a review to be done to see if you prequalify. Call in with your pay stubs, annual tax amount , home owners ins amount, w2s, total deposits for your business over the last 12months if you are self employed…..BE PREPARED!!! Waiting on hold for 30 to 1hr needs to be worth your time and theirs. Dont tell a long drawn out story, remember there are others that are waiting to get help just like you…most call volume is due to people complaining or telling a long story about the hold time. Most of all, be prepared, a review can not be done on guess, estimates or i think answers. A prequalification is based on what you say, if what you send in doesnt match, well, you dont prequalify any longer, and that is just a waste of your time.Update: call 1800-888-6001 for a modification request. Do not let someone tell you to fill out the package, its a longer wait! Better to just see if you prequalify over the phone and send in the required documents that are asked based on your responses. It Works, Trust Me…

  95. JUST TRY IT says:

    I read all these stories, and I think of it as a joke. These complaints are either from people who have a housing ratio when reviewed that says they have the income to make the payment, but may have credit cards or investment properties that they just cant let go. If I had a choice from either Credit Cards/Investment properties or my home. I would choose my home. Stop whining and do something about it. It takes being responsibility and determination. Obama’s plan works, you may not agree with the outcome of a modification review, but just remember it’s not citi screwing you, its you not getting what you “want” or feel you “deserve”.

    Citiowned/Citi takes care of you..

    Non/citiowned…you just got to push forward and dont give up and take what the investor offers you. Hope for the best.

    A little of something is always better than nothing…that doesnt mean you stop at that point…take whats offered from the moratoriums/forbearance plans, and push forward to get more!

    There is help. Read AN reply…it works.

  96. Christa says:

    Who ever says CitiMortgage will help, you must be on drugs!! I have been helping my Father-in-Law for MONTHS with his mortgage and CitiMortgage has done nothing at all. He first filed his paperwork in Feb. of 2009, they told him they were working on it, then after 2 months of that, finally, they said they lost it. Needless to say, we had to do everything all over again. We have sent all the same paperwork several times to them, via fax, mail, email, and over the phone, and still nothing. He has 2 homes, between the 2, he is paying almost 2,000 a month. Mind you, CitiMortgage says they can help. They told him he qualified for a Loan Modification, GREAT! Guess what, that is not what happened. He had to fill out 2 packets, 1 for each home, in which we did, faxed them the same day. 1 week later, we were told a “consultant” was assigned to 1 property, that was even better news. Then today, I receive a letter in the mail that she needed more information. I had 1 week from the time the letter was dated to give her the information. The letter was dated 4-26-09, I called her as soon as I opened it, and she said that she already denied his application, not even a week later. During the past few months, we called constantly, just to make sure this didn’t happen, and it still did. The consultants name is Mrs. Williams,(I will not give her first name) and very rude. I have spoke to everybody in their office from, manager’s to representatives, and still nothing has been done. They were supposed to be his taxes, guess what, they haven’t been. We received a letter from the Government Office, that they are going to sell his properties due to taxes. My husband and I moved into his second home to try and help him, and he is still at risk because CitiMortgage can’t seem to do their job correctly. When I asked them about the “lost” paperwork, they said sometimes that happens. So I told them, well if he were to make a mortgage payment and it were lost in the mail, you would take his home, and I was hung up on instantly. So when it comes down to it, You are better of finding some 2-bit nobody company, I’m sure they would save your home. To be honest, I spoke to a manager today, nice man, however, even he told me that I probably have more names, phone number’s, and extensions than he has. Oh yeah, the extension numbers, I was told that most times they don’t even work, due them always being changed. So if anybody can help me, please help!!! To all CitiMortgage customer’s, get out while you can, or your home will be next.

  97. lee neal says:

    well. I have read all these responses. I don’t understand how there can be any confusion. Citi has no interest in the little lives that you all care about. We have lost something that can never be replaced. Citi does not care. I am afraid to use my real name. We lost our home after I was seriously injured and my husband can no longer make good decisons.We were treated so poorly by Citi that I was embarassed. I was told that no matter what illnesses we had sustained to get over it. They would not tolerate slackers.I don’t think that my husband will live long enough to see this through- but by god, I will.

  98. hurting says:

    I am having the same problem, I did the paper work, told the the whys, what I could do. I actually have someone that will make my payments until our soc.sec disability checks kick in. Every time I call I have to start the process over. Last Friday they told me I wasn’t approved, this is the first time I heard this, after hearing nothing from them.. they want me to get proof from SS if they would of contacted me I would do everything they want and need.
    I just hope it is not too late.

  99. hurting says:

    They have been very nice to me, I think they are overwhelmed with all the people that need help. It can get confusing if you have to talk to a different person each time you call.
    I do not want to lose my home, we are both disabled, and waiting for Soc.Sec. I have no where to go….

  100. Elvira Garcia says:

    I have been trying to work with loss mitigation since September of 2008, I got denied help every time. I loss my job since 1/2008 and still did not qualified for any help because I only received EDD benefit. Citimortgage is the most horrible compnay I have ever dealt with, at this point I have gave up dealing with citimortage due to the stress factor..I am currently in foreclosure. THANKS GOD FOR THIS BLOG I FEEL BETTER WRITTING ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY…

  101. The Truth says:

    This is to JUST TRY IT – Please stop fooling everyone and waisting their time, either you work for the bank and do not want bad press, let me tell you i’ve been there done that and the stories of all these people you read about have done the same. If the investors who bought the loan refuses negotiations in other words to modify your loan, you will be denied, plain and simple. This was told to me by the bank. The only progress you will see, if you complain to ABC, CNN, FOX and email the president, it’s simple go to president obama and you will see his site and email.

    Let me tell you, this is not only Citimortgage, all the banks are refusing to help, they give you alot of BLAH, BLAH. Total waist of time, then if you go to an attorney for advice, he then tells you, oh well, all i can say is, do a short sale, or foreclose, because there is nothing they can do.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Christa, If you received a letter about more information, its because the counselor has tried to reach you on the only possible numbers that are on your fathers account. The letter is sent as a last resort. IF you are left a message on the phone and no phone call is received back…the request has to be closed. No matter what the situation is. There are people out there willing and ready to do what it takes to make sure Citi has all that is needed to pass your loan through underwriting.

  103. Matt says:

    Been there, Citi sucks. We have been dealing with Citi Mortgage for months now (Nov 2008 and no payments to date). My question to you all is, has Citi changed your door-locks yet? They seem to be taking just as long to fore-close than to help with loan-mods. Give it some time it will work out. Just in case, you might want to downsize some of your belongings so there is less to move… In the mean time, buy your kids a new toy and go outside and play for a while, or work on your pool, get it ready for the summer. Its not over yet… Don’t give up, and don’t give in to a crapy loan-mod. Citi will have to fix this oneway or the other.

  104. Reserved says:

    OMG. I just googled for info. because I am having so much trouble with Citi Mortgage. 1st I read the article and thought I was doing something wrong. Then I read the comments and realized I am not alone. Citi is horrible! On the surfice they tell you anything you want to hear ( after hours of holding and calling different ph #’s) Then they say they will call you back and you never hear from them until you call them and then they say they just changed systems and none of the old info. carried over and make you go through it all over again! I wonder if I will ever get any help from them.

  105. sherrie-colorado says:

    No you will not ever get help from them….now I am waiting for the supposed valuation they did on my house. Yeah right…and still all they want to know is where is the late payment? No help. And to JUST TRY IT….I am glad that these people and their stories are “a joke to you”. You are a clueless A$$.

  106. Ryan San Diego says:

    Why is it that i am supposed to become delinquent on my payments? This makes absolutely no sense to me at all since according to the Loss mitigation person I DO QUALIFY Already. If i Qualify then I qualify. Whats up with needing to wreck my good credit. What if at some point i want to go out and purchase a new home in the future… Now i cant get a loan or a good rate because my credit report shows 90 days delinquent payments on my mortgage.

    Not only that but their mod program that they wouldnt comment on goes something like the following according to one person’s comments that i read who has gone through this process in its entirety…

    Say your current rate is 7.5%, they will give you a new rate of 5.5% for 12 months then 6.5% for the next 12 months then your loan adjusts back up to 7.5% for 40 years.

    For me this amounts to a savings of about $200 per month for 40 years. I am already 5 years into a 30 year fixed, it makes no sense to add on 15 years of interest to save a mere $200 a month. Has anyone else actually modded their loans or gotten offers like these?

  107. To RYAN IN SANDIEGO says:

    Do you have an Interest Only loan.

  108. Just Try It says:

    TO: The Truth

    TO be HONEST. I work for Citi. I have been through every change with that company for nearly 10yrs. Started in Customer Service and finally got out of that hell of a hole department. I know accounts from begining to end. Heard every complaint, lie, sad, upset client there is that Citi services.
    Now that I am in modifications, I see what the department has experienced. The department was overwhelmed with thousands of modifications that were coming through when the markets went bad, mainly due to irresponsible people or people that took on more than they could handle. Lets keep in mind, Citi didnt originate all these loans, we are the servicer.
    Its funny to me, that people fail to take on responsibility. I decline loans that try to get modified**Based on the Federal Housing ratio*** There are people that have a 17% housing ratio and I just cant believe they think its going to be modified because they have credit cards,or other debt…
    I see paystubs and wonder wow, you pay a mortgage of 1300.00 with tax and ins make 7000.00 a mth and want a mod…what a joke, I am a single mom of 3, with a “rental payment”(Have been saving for a home for 3 1/2 yrs) of $1325 and still afford my 2car notes/daycare/no childsupport/food and extracurricular activities for 1 of my children(they take turns doing programs)…These people are irresponsible and need someone to help manage their debt.
    Sorry for those who think I am an A$$. I know what works, I call people and say what I can offer, and they cry, and thank me. Its great to hear that. We all know you never hear the good things that happen.
    So every night, I come home to this site and put info to help people start their request the right way…I know it works, I am a dang good rep in mod. I enjoy my job. So take it for what its worth and say whatever makes you feel better, I passed up name calling when I became a forgiving, loving, responsible woman.

  109. sherrie-colorado says:

    OK JUST TRY IT…since you seem to be so sure that I am irresponsible and therefore resort to name calling….you don’t know a thing about me or my situation. FYI, I have NO car loans, very little credit card debt, and was completely capable of affording my mortgage payment when I bought my house. Fast forward to a crashed economy, family illness, lost jobs, and therein lies my issue. I completely qualify for the mod under the Obama guidelines. I cannot get Citi to communicate with me however, so that I can attempt to save my home. I am a single mom of 4, so I don’t need to be reminded how difficult it is to raise children. I have a 30 year fixed loan, I am simply asking for a mod to lower my incredibly high interest rate. I make just enough to cover my mortgage payment and have been doing so for the last year. I am simply doing what the prez said to do…contact my lender and inquire about the mod program. I guess it’s too bad I didn’t speak with someone as “forgiving, loving and responsible” as yourself, or I probably would be just FINE right now, huh? I think you should throw “holier than thou” into that description as well. You work for Citi, you know all of us irresponsible homeowners only want what we don’t deserve. Hey, look at the bright side….you have been saving for a home for awhile, there should be some great deals on the market right about now! Maybe you can snatch up someone’s dream!!!

  110. Ryan San Diego says:

    No I have a 30yr fixed.

  111. Anton B says:

    This praise is paid for. CitiMortgage is the worst ever in responding, helping you refinance and forth. The took tax payers money and scam off there good paying customers.
    They are bad news! If you can avoid Citi Mortgage!

  112. Michelle says:

    To: Just Try it

    After reading all these horror stories its nice to hear there is help. I am trying to get loan modification. I had a small business go under last year. My partner and I had to take on $65,000 in debt each from the business. Which sounds horrible but working tons of OT I had a plan. Now with the economy my job has cut all OT and some of my regular hours. My husband’s job too. Our income has dropped so much all I can pay is the mortgage, utilities and one car lease. Which that has even changed because Citimortgage just sent me an increase letter due to escrow shortage. Now my mortgage payment has increased. I will have to let the car be repo’d. I do not want to lose my house. I spoke with a representitive 3/27/09 who told me I should hear something in three weeks. I called last week and was told I would receive a letter in two weeks with instruction on the next step. What should I do? Please help.

  113. Bryan says:

    In Reply To “Interested Party”:
    Yes, it was a fixed rate. To be completely honest, I’m just as much at fault as the product Primerica is peddling, after all, I signed the agreement. I don’t want to derail this blog, so I’ll keep it short. Their reps claim of “the interest rate doesn’t matter because it’s simple interest” is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The way simple interest (actually called daily) is calculated is not very different from a monthly or even yearly amortized schedule – you’re still on an amortized schedule, the balance is just reviewed daily instead of monthly. But you only pay twice a month or once a month anyways, so the supposed benefit of daily balance calculation is by and large immaterial. Just google Average Daily Balance (ADB) and regular mortgage payment calculators and plug in your numbers. The mortgage calculated with ADB saves you hardly anything. So we went from a standard 30yr @ 6.25% to Primerica’s 8.58% in our refi. Like I said, I’m just as much at fault for signing on the line (ultimately, I’m 100% accountable because it’s my house and my finances), but I’m very displeased with how the information was presented.

    In Reply To “Just Try It”:
    You do make some good points. We all know the average American has way to much credit card debt (avg. of $10K). It’s not Citi’s fault people under heavy credit card debt are in the position they’re in.

    With that being said, a job loss, significant illness or other unforseen economic situation that materially affects your ability to pay your mortgage should be considered by any lender, not just Citi.

    An Update:
    After the loan modification came back approved, Christian handed my file off to one of his peers. (not sure why, but I can’t complain….see next comment) Andrea Seligman @ ext.52854, also in the Executive Response Unit in Arizona handled everything from there. I honestly can say I have rarely had the pleasure of communicating with someone as professional, courteous and willing to “go the extra mile” for a customer as I experienced with her. In fact, I wrote Sanjiv Das (CitiMortgage’s CEO) a letter detailing my experience with Andrea and indicated that CitiMortgage is very fortunate to have her as an employee.

    I’ll give you one example of her helpfulness. I was enrolled in the Equity Builder Plan (CitiMortgage auto-debited my account every two weeks) under the old loan. I received a .50% discount on my interest rate for participating in the plan. If I unenrolled, my rate would have increased by .50%) I didn’t want to do the Equity Builder plan any longer because I’ll invest in various securities for 12 months, then make a large principle-only payment once a year. According to the modified loan agreement, I wasn’t bound to participate in the plan to get my new interest rate and Andrea confirmed this. She did say however, that she couldn’t unenroll me – that customer service had to. As soon as she told me that, I got that that gut-wrenching sinking feeling again… customer service for this? If the question or issue at hand isn’t a vanilla issue, good luck getting anywhere with customer service. I call customer service and sure enough, they didn’t fail to impress me with their sheer ineptitude. First call I get a rep that’s clueless, then indicates my new rate will increase by .50%. I tell her the new loan doesn’t stipulate the mandatory enrollment for the .50% discount and the new terms replace the old. She brings on someone from loss mitigation and he says the same thing. I give him the same speach, they put me on hold for 10 minutes, then I get disconnected. I call back, get a rep from India and she says “no problem”, unenrolls me from the program and makes no mention of the .50% change. I logon to CitiMortgage’s website and see my new, modified rate increased by .50%. I call customer service back and tell them they’ve made a mistake and need to remove the .50% add-on they just did. She says she can’t, that my [old] agreement stipulates the .50% add-on, etc. and if I want to contest it, I need to fax the new loan docs to them, they’ll review it and respond to me in 10 days. I know if I faxed something to them it would go into the same black hole so many others have experienced. I call Andrea back and give her the run down. She tells me she’ll call customer service and call me back. She calls me back in 5 minutes and says it’s all taken care of, the .50% penalty is removed and will not return. I logon to the website again, and sure enough, my rate is back to where it should be.

    If I ever have to call CitiMortgage customer service again, it will be much, much too soon and I’ll probably have a few drinks prior to ease the pain. I understand they’re inundated with calls/requests right now due to the economy and housing market both getting hit so hard, but hopefully they’ll see this as an opportunity to improve. Give them 18 months and see if they still get the same grade. If they still fail miserably after 18 months, then shame on CitiMortgage upper management.

  114. oliveoylluvr says:

    To : Just try it

    WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You work for citibank & how dare you come on here bragging & being so uppity to these poor people. I too have list 100% of my income & my husband 50% of his in the economy . We happen to be in commercial construction which is a very badly effected industry when the economy is down. he has been several states away working for several months now away from his wife & children. My mtg with citibank is 2 1/2 mos behind. It all started when some vendors decided not to pay us, we neded up bankrupting our company & both lost our jobs. During all the bankruptcy process & 35000.00 in atty fees later we racked up a ton in credit card bills trying to save our business & support oir children & keep our home. The end result the lawyers did nhothing but pocket our money & we lost the biz & all our income. My husband got a new job making enough money to pay the bills but we lost health ins. My kids were uninsued for 2 yrs & now need extensive medical care. There are no jobs for me with healthcare that can also pay daycare. Essentially I would work for nothing every week. i amsure you get them great bonuses the GOV is screeching about ;) . In any case citibank is threatening me saying pay all the arrearage & fees by 5/30 or pay the mtg in full! there are many people in situations here who did not ask to bew in them & were living very comfortably prior to unforeseen circum so please held your tongue because your post is very nasty . You may not have a job young lady if it not be for these people . Wouldn’t that turn the tables ?

  115. ST620 says:

    To Just Try It,
    If you work in the loan mod for Citi and have read all these stories, which are all similar, perhaps you could give advise to all who are not getting any where in their loan mod request. What are we doing wrong? Why does’nt Citi respond? Do they want to take our homes?
    I too have been waiting for a loan mod since Oct, which was lost, and again had to reapply in march. I googled citi loan mod complaints and came across this site. How coincidental we all have the same complaints. What do we do? Can I contact you at citi so you can handle my file?

  116. sherrie-colorado says:

    Oh yes, and JUST TRY IT…..since you seem to be a miracle worker (” I know what works, I call people and say what I can offer, and they cry, and thank me. Its great to hear that”) why don’t you bestow your wonderful talents on all of us who can’t get ANYWHERE with your company? You seem so proud to represent them, tell us how they are helping homeowners. Yeah, there aren’t too many good stories out there about Citi. Give out your extension at Citi so that you could work your magic for all of us.

  117. oliveoylluvr says:

    i called a number at citibank this morning after finding this website. I too have been months with no help no matter I have done. I have filled out papers but sent all over heck & nothing. I called today & gave them Moe Bedards name & they could not have been more quick to jump. I finally received the appropriate information , channels. I am excited to sigh a breath & at least say they advised me to pay 1/2 mo to stop the foreclosure from the 3 mos mark since it had taken so long to get this far & gave me all the appropriate information & papers I needed. I will update as progress continues. Thanks so much Moe. You saved us truly. Bless your heart. I am at my wits end but not as much as my poor husband who is several states away from babies just to make any income at all. DISCLOSURE:




  118. To Sherri Colorado says:

    Never said I was speaking about you. I guess you feel you may be the homeowner I was speaking of. I was simply stating what citi handles in most situations.

    There are those who need help and qualify. But unfortunatly there are those that dont. The ones that are current, no hardship..other than the economy and their interest rate..its sad. AND all of us feel for them, especially when we run the numbers and work to get exceptions. There are no exceptions to Obamas deal. Its to “responsible homeowners” as he said that meet the exact qualifications. Okay so you lose your job, get unemployment***that would be considered as being responsible, per Prez****but we have people say, I dont have ajob and I have been looking***but they are still current? doesnt make sense.

    Not everyone is in the same boat, we know that. It takes an hour or more to work 2 loans, and thats if the client sends everything. I probably spend more time trying to call the client to get more info, without them avoiding my calls or hanging up on me, because they think I am a bill collector. I usually pass those loans up and put them to the side, because there are those who have it all and I would rather put the ones that want it, first.

  119. To Sherri Colorado says:

    And about my extension number, I dont even know if what I am doing is against citi’s policy. I am not going to jeopardize my job. But I would luv to direct you as much as I can…that is why I put up, JUST TRY IT, IT WORKS…because I know it does. I have been through the front to the end of citi’s program for refinancing.

    Not to mention, I approve loans and dont start the process.

    TO BRYAN< Andrea is an awesome person, I have dealt with her once when trying to exception an account. I have to say, she is an excellent Citi asset.

  120. TO oliveoylluvr says:

    I am sorry to hear about your difficult times that you and your family have endured.

    To the bonuses, no i dont recieve them, I didnt even get a pay increase when i moved posistions, nor this year at all. Even with the economy as it is, I didnt. But managed my expenses. I pray my family and I would be fine. I am sorry you feel you have to wish short for my life.

    I came here because I want to help. I said things about homeowners that arent responsible and some feel I meant it towards them, I in fact have come on here through AN and Just Try It. Because people kept stating how they cant get help, and yet, I put what excatly you should do to get it.

    But for your situation, thats touchy, if you filed for bankruptcy and didnt reaffirm, well there are certain things that can not be done. If you reaffirmed well its a go. We move along. I cant help you on that. I am still workin a loan that has been reaffirmed but I have some questions on it, gotta get back to you on that.

  121. JUST TRY IT says:

    I would call 800-888-6001 and have someone check to see if you have been assigned a loan couselor. Get their name and ext.

    If they say no. tell them to verify your fax has been received. Make sure if we dont escrow, you send your tax bill and homeowners ins.(most common delay). If you are self employed send in your 08 tax retrn, if you havnt filed, make sure you filed for an extension..send your last 12 monthly bankstmts for your business.

    Find out if your loan is Securitized/or has PMI. See if Citi owns the loan and there are no other investors.

  122. Kathy says:

    I live in Elkhart County, Indiana. I was recentl laid off when the manufactured housing company I worked for declared bankruptcy and closed. I went to a homeownership preservation company who helped me and my husband complete the hardship application for a loan modification. Months went by and paid our mortgage as we could. We called Citi several times a month since February when we submitted our paperwork. Nobody could tell us anything…until just last Friday when I called. They informed me that our modification had been denied. Unemployment compensation does not qualify as income. Even though I could continue to receive the compensation for another year and half, they deem it as not reliable. I received a grant to go back to college to pursue my LPN. I was told by Citi that I could forgo the college, accept a special forebearence that would reduce our loan payments by more than half for 3 months and look for a job making $10/hour and then maybe we would be elligible for the modification. After asking the right questions, CITI finally told me that if I couldn’t find a job in that period of time, our monthly payment amounts would probably increase due to late payment fees and the lessened payment amounts. Citi actually told me that if unemployment qualified as income, we would have been approved for the modification with no problems. So what is the stimulus for? Isn’t it for people like me? People who through no fault of their own became unemployed? People who live in a region where the unemployment rate is over 20%? I’m devastated. I have an opportunity to go back to college and earn a good living in a stable industry, but my lender is throwing up roadblocks. Can anybody give me some ideas of what to do?

  123. Anonymous says:


    How delinquent are you?
    Is your loan owned by Citi, or securitized/pmi Private investor?

    Sounds like you received a temporary rate reduction for 3mths if you are saying that “Citi said your monthly payments would probably increase due to late payment fees and the lessened payment amts” (1. late fees dont increase your payment, they accumlate on a seperate balance, 2. payments wld increase if you had a temp 4.99% rate till may1 or an arm adj.)

    Unemplyment does count as long as you can show you will be receiving it for 6 more months. Im thinking your loan isnt Citi owned, there may be something more to your denial.

    And about school, unfortunatly that cant be a hardship for your mortagage lender to give you a lower rate/payment. That is something many adult homeowners are realizing that they need to finish college. You just have to find another way to do so, night school, 1 or 2 classes at a time.

  124. Kate says:

    To the Woman Who Works at Citi:

    I googled this site today because I also feel I am having problems. My husband lost his full time job 2 months ago and I filled out the Hardship app. almost immediately and faxed as advised. We have great FICO scores, have always made payments on time (usually paid extra principal when I could) and I wanted to try to keep it that way by working something out before we went dilenquent. I had begun to save money for this when the economy tanked so I had a few months of mortgage money saved up. We are current on our mortgage and can stay that way in the present circumstances for maybe 2 more months. My husband, a senior level environmental consultant, is working part-time for a couple of firms and we have started our own small LLC (in April 09)to try to bring in some income, but he still only makes 1/2 what he used to most weeks. My hours have been cut some as well. We did not buy more house than we could afford and I financed with a lower interest fixed 20 year mortgage (800+ FICO’s don’t happen by accident). I have almost no non-mortgage debt, but I do have a HELOC with CitiFinancial. Total mortgage debt: 123K on first and about 33K on second. On hardship app: Current Expenses about 3,800/mo; current income about 3,000/mo. gross. We are obviously heading for trouble in the future is we can’t raise our income and full-time jobs in my husband’s field are very hard to come by in Florida where we live.

    My experience with Citi:

    App. faxed 3/20/09; logged by Citi 3/23/09

    I was told it could be 30 days until I heard from a counselor; then 45 days; then 60; then 60-90 days! At just about 45 days, I decided to get a little assertive (because if they tell me 90-120 days next time I call I will surely be delinquent by then)and was given the name of my counselor (Rovena…..) and a number beginning with 301 area code to reach her. Rovena is never there so I finally pushed ’0′ on 5/6/09 and got Connor, who ran the numbers for me and told me I did not qualify for a modification. I was very depressed because I have tried to be financially responsible all my life and a good Citi customer. I thought my figures obviously showed a need for assistance. so I spent that evening going through alll my financial records to hone my income and expense figures. On 5/7/09 I called Rovena’s number again; no answer so I hit ’0′ and got Shelina who started into a wordy speil about how I might just want to consider selling since I did not qualify. I begged to talk with a supervisor to see if my figures could be run once more, since I’d spent the evening trying to get as accurate as possible. Jayshre spoke with me and agreed to turn me over to another counselor, Kyrie, who ran the figures and said I did qualify for a HAM Mod. she said she thought Connor had run the numbers under an older mod program and that the HAM mod was new that week. Kyrie promised to send some paperwork in the mail in 10-15 days and gave me a number, 40954 as some kind of confirmation although she did not say it was exactly a confirmation #.

    One thing bothers me: I asked these people if some sort of modification might also be available to the HELOC. I was told no. However, I am now reading that part of Obama’s plan does include an automatic mod of the 2nd mortgage when doing a mod on a 1st mortgage. Apparently this is fairly new, info I found was dated April 28th, but it seems that if Citi agrees to a mod on the 1st they are supposed to look at the 2nd as well. Is it possible that some of this is so new the counselors don’t know about it?? I’m bothered that I am getting conflicting information.

    Most importantly, am I on the right track or would I move through this faster if I did something else…like calling one of the numbers you listed earlier?

  125. Kate says:

    For the woman who works a Citi, again:

    I made mistake in my post earlier today. I gave the confirmation # for my Mod. proceedings as 40954. That was the phone line extension! Sometimes my own notes are hard for me to read.

    Anyway, there are actually 2 confirmations and they are much longer numbers beginning in 005751—–. One is to confirm what they called a 251 Case- Est. Property Value request and the other is a 283 Case- Update to File.

    I spoke with an Ashley today and she verified that the HAM mod is approved (does this really just mean prequalified) and that I should get paperwork soon in conjunction with the 283- File Update.

    Still, I don’t really know how far along I am in the process or if there is reason to get my hopes up yet. What happens next? And after that?

    Ashley also said they had not talked about the 2nd lien mod (Hope for Homeowners) because the 1st mortgage has to be modified before the 2nd can be addressed. Is this correct?

    Again, am I on the right track and are my bases covered…or will I find out a month or so from now that an important step is missing?

  126. TO Kate says:

    The HAM is the new program. And yes you are on the right track, its good that you qualified. Now as long as what you send in matches to the income you gave Ashley, then its all good. Basically, since this is new and I just received minimal info since we dont recieve the file until after you 2nd modified trial period payment. If that makes any sense. You will have a mod payment. They will put you on a 3month trial period. After the 2nd pmt, your account will be forwarded to a closer, we will then review your docs for income verification and make sure what was given still matches for the qualification. And to be honest, I am not sure what happens from there, again this is new, so “we” have a month for traiining,BUT I PROMISE TO BE I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED .

  127. TO Kate says:


  128. Leo says:

    I am waiting for Citi to give me an answer on a modification. they took my info over the phone and said an apprasal would take about two weeks. I’ve bee calling for a week and they keep telling me it hasn’t come in yet. They say i have been pre qualified for the “HAM” program. Does anyone know the relevence of the apprasal to qualifiing for this program? The income and expence numbers were accurate but does being upside down help or hurt. What if i’m upside down by 100,000.00? This form was great help. I’ll keep everyone posted of my success/failure.

  129. Curious In AZ says:


    I sent in a Hardship Assistance package around April 15th, and received a letter that I was being forwarded to a loss mitigation specialist for review and should hear something back in 30 days, I called and was even given the name of a counselor and their phone number. This first letter stated that the request had been received on April 15, 2009. Today I got an identical letter, except that it had stated that the request had been received on May 8th and the name at the bottom of the letter had changed from Kyle Hedgpath to Mortgage Outreach Services.

    Do you know why this is? Is this Mortgage Outreach Services helping Citi to go through their claims? I also got a phone call from the same company. Is this for verification purposes?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  130. MICHELLE says:

    To Just try it:

    Thank you, thank you. I called that number you gave me and my loan modification is in the works.

  131. Just Try It says:

    To Curious in AZ,

    I am assuming that you may have either mailed in the package or faxed it or sent it in 2x some way or another. They may have just reassigned it to a different couselor and that person sent you an introduction letter. The package you send in, to me, is the longer process. I know there is a package they say to go online and fill out. But if you say you dont have internet, they will do it by phone. I believe the front line team calls it the HAM program.

    Things are changing so much, you guys have no idea. Every day I go to work, I stress about trying to close and book as many as I can. Today, I approved 1 loan. The rest of my time at work, I was hunting down people for their down payment. You would think someone who is approved for a mod, is delinquent by yrs, months, that when someone tells you hey, your approved, make your first mod payment and I will send you a package and we will change the terms, then you would do it. YAH RIGHT! I have to hunt people just to remind them they have 48hrs to pay so I can quit worrying about losing thier mod, and work on someone elses. 1 loan, pathetic, I usually approve 4 a day, if i have everything and the rest of my day, im tracking payments so I can send docs. Everyday this week I have gone to work 1hr before my shift, worked through my lunch and stayed 1-2 hrs, yah the overtime is great, w/out being taxed. Well, enough venting from me.

    When you become approved and you have a 1st down payment to make*usualy your mod paymnt*, MAKE IT, for heavens sake, make the payment. There are others waiting to be approved.

  132. Just Try It says:

    Kate: HELOC accounts are different than a second converted to a laon you cant pull funds from. HELOC is a credit line, 2nd mortgages are not that are handled by citimortgage. I wouldnt be able to tell you what is offered for HELOC, but I can tell you that your case#s are the start of the HAM program, found that out today. Apparently they open them up to get a full report of the property prior to further review.

    To Leo:
    A BPO is ordered(appraisal): this is to check at the current market value of the property(external and comparison to other homes in the market near you)

    Example today: CA home, loan originated for 480000.00. Client purchased in 07. Balance around 445800.00*roughly, I ran the review and he didnt qualify, income around 3000.00 Combined gross, not so good, Housing ratio over 31%, way over.
    Before I denied, I looked to see if a current BPO was on file. I about swallowed my gum when I saw the value was 140000.00, NO KIDDING> I couldnt believe it, i had to double check the address and make sure I didnt pull the wrong file. But it was right, i plugged in the current value and it passed, w/exception.

    So, let the BPO be ordered, we *modification dept* need it at times like this.

  133. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    So we have had the hardship PKG in for a month now….and no luck getting anyone to call us back… they all know the situation and i may end up hospitalized again.. help anyone?

  134. Anonymous says:


  135. CITI REP says:


  136. Leo says:

    Obama administration anounced today that he is putting another 75 Billion in incentives to encourage modifications. Is this going to help those that are uside down on their mortgage. I hope you all know Obam’s plan did nothing for those of us who’s principle to value is greater then 105%. There are other programs for us but hopefully Obama is putting something forth that may help me.

  137. Linda says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all the new posts!! I’m still waiting to start my loan modification. I am in a Forebearance and just made my second payment. I was told to call after that payment and they would begin the mod, but have been trying for a week to contact my counselor and keep being told to email her or they will email her and have her call me because she doesn’t have a direct line.
    I’m getting nervous though because the 3′rd payment on the Forebearance was a balloon payment which she told me not to worry about beause my mod would be done before then. My counselors name is Cheryl Glynn. Anyone heard of her??? I’m almost afraid to ask!!!


  138. Linda says:

    Your not going to believe this!!! Cheryl Glynn emailed me this morning telling me she was no longer in that department, but that she’d have someone call me!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

  139. Anthony says:

    I also spoke with Citi and they were so unhelpful. I am going to be unemployed next month and they have the nerve to tell me I don’t qualify for a loan modification. I can’t believe the BS the girl was feeding me. It seems the only way to get anything done is to get a lawyer involved. They say they are to help but when tell them you need help they turn you away.

  140. Dman says:

    What a scam! Citimortgage is telling people like me that have hardship from income reduction that they can help, oh for a non-refundable $100 of course. This Homeowner Ass’t program was put together from President Obama’s effort to reduce foreclosures.

    I was told I don’t qualify because my debt to income was too high. DUH!!! Why would I be coming to you if my financial situation was great.

    Banks once again walk away with all the money and we’re left with empty promises from Obama.

  141. Anthony says:

    I am also frustrated with citi mortgage I called and told I would be unemployed next month and they stiil said I don’t qualify for a loan mod. They say they are to help but they really don’t care. It seems like they could care less if they for close on your home. I sent an smial and we will see if I get a response from them.

  142. Anonymous says:

    GOOD LUCK, I’ve been working on getting a modification since NOVEMBER of 08….they claimed to have never gotten the first packet I sent via fed-ex overnite, costing around 18 dollars, even though my tracking # shows delivered. I started over in Jan.09 with a new packet filled out on line. Finally they set up a three month plan of full payments to be made on the 15th of March, April and May…I was told by the last payment I would get an answer to my modification. I checked up on it at the beginning of May, couldn’t get a call back by the person that I was told handled my modification after many many messages to her. I complained via email to the executive customer service team and I got a call from them asking how they can help. I explained what was happening, I was told they will now handle my business in trying to get me a loan modification. He asked me to RE-FAX all of my information to him, which I did yesterday…and he’d have an answer in one week. We’ll see!In the mean time, today is the 15th, my last payment is suppose to be made today for the temporary payment plan, I told him I’ve had a hard time in the past getting someone to accept a payment due to having fallen behind. He advised I wouldn’t have any problem. I called back to make that payment, the first person reviewed my account without giving me a chance to tell him the purpose of my call,he said he had to transfer me, without hearing a word from me, he transferred me to ext.0000, because a recording came on saying ext 0000 does not exist!The call disconnected me.I called back, was told by the next person, he couldn’t take a payment from me, the system wouldn’t allow him, I was thinking maybe the third time will be the lucky call I’d get someone that knows what to do…I called back a third time and was told I have to western union it to them. I told him I wasn’t able to get any where to do this today, and I advised him that I’ve made all of my other payments by check by phone, never had a check bounce and wanted to know what the problems was! I finally called the executive response person back that is working on our case, I was very aggravated by this time and he got someone on the phone to take my check payment by phone right away. Hopefully, with all that we’ve been through with this company and they’reloan modification process, this person will come through and make all of the frustration and stress that they’ve added to our lives, worth while! If they do not, I plan to go to the news with this story. I have every single person’s name and employee ID number that I’ve spoken with since November 08, I have pages of notes of the conversations I have with each, and all the conflicted information I’ve been given. No story was ever the same, every person that I was dealing with had different information, difference advice, leading me to believe the last person I spoke with didn’t know what he or she was talking about and so on. I’m sure you get the picture. It was very very frustrating as everyone on this blog has described! As I said, I’m hoping by the end of next week, it will all be worth while and some stress will be lifted! We’ll see!

  143. Anonymous says:

    To be on the safe side, LINDA, I would call 8008886001 and ask someone to see who the assigned counselor is and to see if anything has been looked at or reviewed. If you cant get help, ask for a manager to help you. “ESCALATE THE CALL” Let them know you were told you would have a Forbearance leading to a modification and now your counselor is saying she is no longer the couselor. If shouldnt take that long to be assigned to a processor from loss mitigation. Call today. I would.

  144. Bee Smart says:

    I’ve been working with Citi since Nov/2008 I finally heard today that my loan was sent to freddie mac for approval. they are asking for a 2% interest. I am in arrears 50k and it just keeps getting higher. i hear ppl say that they have no down payments and have been behind 3 months multiple times and getting approved via indymac. when i hear stuff of citi all i hear is be prepared to make a down payment. if i could me a substantial down payment for 50k arrears i wouldn’t be asking them for modification . i have no clue what a 2% is going to do when i owe this money. i know freddie has to tell me what the terms are. i’ve barely worked. i have nothing to really give. now tht i’m back to work i can afford my mortgage. why is it that some people get a lower interest and claim no down payment just send a check of what their first payments should be and others have to wire 3-6k . Anyone ?

  145. Lets just get this started off right. THE BAIL OUT ARE YOU SERIOUS…. COME ON PPL you need to take a step back and take a look in the mirror you did this to your self you took on a mortgage that you cant afford and you need to look at all the options here. You have to be able to show you can afford your house. the ppl who call in and make decent money that there grocery bill is 1200 or 700 come on stop eating lobster steak caviar and eat oodels of noodels its not hard.IM MEAN SERIOUSLY. If your unemployed go to fast food get a job citi is going to help you and by callin in and yelling. think about it your yelling at ppl for your mistakes in life and when you call loss mitt and yell we are there to help you but your not going to get help becasue your actin like a fool and were honestly think are they serious you are callin in yelling at us becasue you cant pay the mortgage. Look ppl you need to realize and that they recv millions of applications in one day ok not just yours. Theyvgo thru a process. I think citi mortgage does have its faults but thats becasue some of it we just get the info as much as you do and they floow with it. There is assistance out there for PPL THAT NEED IT unemployed yes its hard to swallow ur pride but ppl have more respect for you that you have a job and gettin by everyday. They get overtime cut out and they have problems and yes its nice tov vent to starngers but you need to be opened mined about it. And some of you ppl arent. The obhama planb works and your mad becasue you think the investors owe you. No we dont we all us americans made the economny like this not your mortgage companies by callin in and yellindoesnt workv yeah a loan mod may tqke 5 months but when you get thoes papers in the mail you feel great and the ppl thta have to sell rental OMG at least you have a home to sleep in the media isnt who you should listen to bc they are just as confused. think about if you work with them not agains them then you will be helped. If you believe in ur self then you can get by in this recession but as soon as you stop putting the blame on other ppl or inverstors banks and put some of the blame on your self then you might find life easier think about it ppl that live on the streets not ppl who are worie abiout oh my god my credit get over it you can build it back up take the hit its not the mortgage companies fault they cant stop the credit…. Think about it what is more important your kids life food for them to eat and a roof over there heads or you gettinvur credit ruined :( One more thing you should remeber about third partys come on they are taking your money ok they still go by the mortgage companis guidelines and you cant pay your mortgage but you can pay them to get you out of this mess. Remember this mortgage companies are huge and there a big company to sue. its all a scam call your mortgage company if you are honest and nice to them they will help you and save your home. These reps know what it is like to struggle to.

  146. Anon says:

    For those that are truly caught in a bad situation because of lay-off or job cuts, I really do feel bad for you.

    However, many of the screaming masses wanting a bailout are the very folks that do not deserve it. If you took out loans beyond your ability to pay, you are an integral part of the problem. If you want someone to cry to, then go to your real estate agent, appraiser or banker, they were right there with you when this foolish venture began. Taking a second out at the time of purchase or doing a re-fi so your wife could drive a fancy SUV are YOUR problems not the mortgage company’s. Yeah, you were riding high on the market value for a while, now you are stuck! Why didn’t you just gamble your earnings at the casino. Now because you made a bad decision the blame should go to everyone but you.

    Fact: Not all the bailout money from the government was intended to go directly to helping homeowners. A large share of it kept the institutions from bankruptcy.

    Fact: Not all homeowners in jeopardy of losing their home will get a bailout. The mortgage companies WILL look at the details of your loan and YOUR ability to pay.

  147. Leo says:

    Thank you to those of you who have information to share and take your time outside of work to help us understand.

    Now, i have a question. I owe taxes for 2008 equal to about two mortgage payments (i didn’t qualify for an impound account). I have missed aprl and may payment. I have scheduled a payment for may 30th (forbarence i think?). I haven’t sent in the signed agreement for the forbarence but i’m ok with making the payment.
    My question is, should i make the payment but not sign the forbarence agreement? should i take my future missed payments and take care of the taxes, or hold for any downpayment i may need to make? If i am modified will they do anything regarding the taxes i owe? I’m wondering if i should have not agreed to make a payment and taken care of my taxes with it. also, any word on Obama’s latest plan anounced on the 14th of May? Apraisal still not in. by the way, my total gross income is 8000.00 loan principle is 460,000.00 if that helps.

  148. Kevin says:

    To: Just Try It

    I need a loan modification (fannie mae loan) and the Obama program 31% is a modification from 6.4% to 2.4% for 40 years … have you seen these approved recently?

  149. Kate says:

    For those of you ranting about how homeowners deserve this: You are right that some people were irresponsible. But there are those of us who would not be in this situation if not for a job loss or a serious cut in hours. My husband and I have always bought late model used cars and bought homes within our means, financed with low fixed rate loans because we paid our bills and had good credit. We do have a HELOC because we had to repair a septic drain line and pave a road (the Florida county I live in does not use my tax dollars to pave roads–we pay) I never got a HELOC so I could go on vacations or buy anything extravagant. This problem has spread beyond the first wave of foreclosures to a new kind of victim, and this new victim is not like the one you describe.

    Just my two cents.

  150. Just Try It says:

    I actually handle only Citiowned accts, Kevin. But you can call 8002724749 to get more information on Fannie Mae Invested loans. I will see if there is anything I can find out for you.

  151. Just Try It says:

    Leo, Here Goes…..1. if you are delinquent on taxes, then citi should know by now. We usualy get notification from 1st American tax. Sign the agreement, take whatever is offered now. But push forward for a modiciation. IF youare doing a forbearance to mod, that means your 3payment is the final mod payment. Question: did they start you on the HAM program? If you dont know, ask!

  152. loosing it all says:

    i’ll try not to rant..
    5 years ago i bought my house 7.25 interest 30 years fixed, i though not bad i was 28 years old married kids. wife and i made 80k
    at my closing found i had a 756 PER MONTH PMI.. I TRIED TO STRANGLE MY BROKER
    i was stuck homeowner was going to keep my deposit she was ruthless i think she works for citi. 3 1/2 years ago i filled chapter 13
    mortgage payment and trustee patyments were 3,800 PER MONTH i fell behind job lossess etc. i ate oodle of noodles and my ate pb&j every day!!! this year i filed chap 7 to d ate i have paid citi a ton of money. i have written 40 plus times for a loan modifacation. i will not give up i have stopped paying my mortgage and i am saving all (MY MONEY) i see 1 of 2 things happening citi actually modifies my loan to or i hit the lottery in which case i belive my chances are equal. so i will continue to save MY MONEY until they evict me and in a year or 2 buy another home.

    remember the banks only care about MAKING MONEY ESPICALLY YOUR MONEY….

  153. debrasmith says:

    i found this article and read the posts, i am so sick for some of you for having to go through this. but just a bit of advice, my parents are/were having trouble, two months behind at times. almost three and we have a family member who is an appraiser and is married to someone who knows how to talk to lenders, my parents signed a form giving her permission to talk on their behalf. They are in a hardship, and on paper it’s apparent so i would they would qualify, but ya never know. anyway, it’s been less than a week, she had not only talked to them, faxed all the paperwork they wanted, and just this am found out they are working with my parents on this HAM modification and are getting a fixed verses the variable rate they had. it’s a miracle. but i am sure it had alot to do with knowing what you are talking about. i honestly believe her talking on their behalf was what done it. good luck!

  154. ? From Michigan says:

    I have a ? for Citi Rep. My husband and I are getting a divorce. He wants to remain in the home. We have never been late on a payment, but he will be loosing my income, so he is going to have a very had time making the payments. We tried for the HAM and were turned down, I think because of the ratio’s, still not sure. We have just sent in for the hardship, will a divorce with loss of income qualify you for a modification? He can not refinance because he has just retired from GM and his ratio numbers will be way off.

  155. Leo says:

    The agreement is just to bring my payments current. I postdated a check for the 30th. The request for modification is seperate. I have not been placed on or offered a modification yet (still waiting for the apraisal). I was told by the person that answered the phone that i was pre qualified for the HAM modification. I’ll go ahead and sign the agreement and keep calling to see if they have made a descision yet. Any word yet on who Obama’s latest plan is intended to help?

  156. Leo says:

    I’ve heard some stories too, like my boss who got a call from her lender saying she may qualify for a modification. She faxed him her info and the reduced her principle by 100,000.00. she hadn’t even though of asking for a dodification. she makes 100K per yr. My other boss got a 100K principle reduction too. I’ll be happy to get a fixed rate 30 yr loan i can afford.

  157. Wolfemark says:

    Wow! I just spent the last 2 hours reading all of these posts. I work 13 hours a day to pay not only my mortage, but all of the other expenses and credit card bills. To the lady that works for Citibank…good for you, for trying to help those in need and taking your time to write on this site. The only reason I’m on this site is because I was thinking about a loan modification and Citibank is my lender. After reading all this, I changed my mind. I am working as many hours as I can or want to. If I can’t keep up with the mortgage because I lost my job last October, I’ll just let it go. Life is to damn short. Yes, I have a hardship story, but I am so grateful for all that I do have, that I am not going to complain. To all of you that want to keep your homes, may I suggest that you just keep swimming. You won’t drown. If you have to be late or even miss a payment so you can feed your children, do it. If you have to downsize, do it! Because when all is said and done, do you want your tombstone to read…”Here lies John, he had really great credit, but he died of STRESS”
    There is help out there, all you need is WISDOM, STRENGTH AND COURAGE and if I had lots of money, I would help each and everyone of you. As a matter of fact, when I win the lottery, I’ll be back to see how you are doing!
    Read “The Secret” it can help. And always remember to BELIEVE!

  158. Just Try It says:

    ? from Michigan: Divorce decree w/loss of income wld qualify, Havnt had a Ham mod yet, those just started this month i believe, so i wont see one for another month or so, after the second payment is made. But I just did a mod for someone using the divorce decree so I didnt have to use the co borrowers income.

    Best of luck and dont stop checking up on your ongoing requests that you send in. Never want your account to slip through the cracks.

  159. Exhausted but Not giving UP! says:

    I know you all may see things on the outside that Citi doesnt care. But I want to encourage you not to give up on getting help. I just worked a 13hour shift today, only to approve as many loans as I can. We have atleast 2meetings a day in the mod dept just to touch base and be informed of new changes that take place to help homeowners.

    We are now going full speed*lightening speed* to close as many loans. Just to give you an idea as to what Citi targets our group(just 1dept in 1 location) 4,000 loans to be booked(thats processed/approved/doc’ed and booked.

    I dont even own or have purchased a home yet, but I have a full sense of the urgency that is behind each homeowners issue. Every rep there is under “STRESS”…thats your stress, our stress at work, and the importance of our job to not have it taken from us.

    So although the new program may seem like a long drawn out process, follow it, and ifyou are asked to send something, send IT ALL! Trying to get something thats missing once in closing from a client is the most challenging part of my day. Just about everyone thinks your a bill collector for citi and either never returns your call or just hangs up on you
    . And it unfortunate, but when that happens, we have nothing else to do, but send a letter and hope you respond or put it to the side and move to the next eligible client.


  160. anna says:

    Citi’s collection agents are the worst customer service I can’t image. Last month, one correction agent yelled at me that i have stopped the payments. I told him that I can’t talk to him because he is yelling at me and asked him I wanted to talk to a manager or supervisor. He said he is a manager. I was suprised that he is a manager of collection dept. I got shocked. I told him “Don’t yell at me. I am still your customer! I don’t deserved his yelling at me because i couldn’t afford to pay. I said I want to talk to someone else. He said “Who?” I said I don’t know who. He said “Give me the name”. I said “How would I know who’s working at your company” and he said “You want female or male?”. I said “Female”, still yelling. I was so so shocked. Stephani got on the phone and we went everything smoothly. I think those people works at some other company which Citi gave these kind of collection works to. I don’t know if they were thud or what. Since I am not the only one compaining about Citi’s service, I think Citi really has to look inside what’s going on. I will NEVER work with Citi in my life ever again.

  161. Floundering says:

    The last re-fi we had to get due to me having 2 major surgeries with-in a few months was with….are you ready????? AIG!!! They immediately sold it to Citi (of course Citi would be insane not to buy a mortgage with a 10.21% interest rate). We paid $24,000.00 in interest last year. Due to my husband’s income being cut at the minimum of $1,200.00 a month we are having financial problems. A great credit rating has gone down the tubes. Does Citi listen??? We are on our third application for a modification loan. We keep getting turned down. I finally told them after receiving 6-8 phone calls a day, sometimes as late as 9:00p.m. on a Sunday night, please, just foreclose on us. I don’t care anymore. I just can’t take the pressure. They do not want to work with anyone. I can feel everyones frustration with this company. I just hope there is someone out there who has some luck with these people. “Sure Obama, bail out the banks. Forget about the American public that is hurting right now”.

  162. JEP says:

    I was hoping that Citi would prove these posts wrong but that is not the case. Even dialing the number above, 866-272-4749 did not help any. I have submitted my hardship info and I have given the same info over the phone several times and each time I call they want it all over again. Citi contracts out a lot of this work so the information that you think you are sending to Citi is actually going to another company, and, as Citi’s representative told me today, they have no access to your information in these company’s computers. Now that’s nice to know isn’t it? I don’t remember giving Citi permission to hand my info out to whomever it chooses. I am so frustrated with them. I just want to be able to lower my monthly payment. They make it sound so easy on their website but trust me, if you haven’t dealt with them yet don’t do it. When I sign on to my Citi account online it shows me that my modification is under review and will be answered within 30 days. The rep today told me that 30 days is not true, it’s more like 45-60 days. And I’m still getting these letters from Citi everyday and they have the nerve to say in their letters: “without talking to you, we can’t help you.” They can’t help you even when they DO talk to you. I’m not sure what to do, whether to go to an attorney, complain to every agency that I know of or find out the CEO’s home phone number and give him a call and see what he can do for me. :(

  163. JEP says:

    Yes, as the rep told me today, Citi contracts out this modification work to other company’s so you may think you are giving your info to Citi but you’re not. And then when you call Citi they can’t find the info you gave previously because it’s not in their computers and they don’t have access to the outside contractor’s information.

  164. JEP says:

    To Just Getting By: First off, you need to learn how to spell before you go and leave a post on a website. It’s just proper etiquette, obviously something you don’t possess. True, the mortgage companies are busy, extremely busy, but they have brought this upon themselves by selling people on the idea that they can help everybody. Just go to Citimortgage’s website and read the Homeowner Assistance Program information. It reads as if you’ll be approved in a matter of seconds. They mislead you so in some cases they do deserve to be yelled at. It’s such a frenzied situation inside these call centers that nothing can be kept straight. The fact that Citi sells it’s work out to other companies removes them from any of the decision process, which is wrong. I have called three different people at Citi in two days and gotten three entirely different stories, and the information that I have previously given has mysteriously disappeared from their system. And the entire time you are on the phone with them the main thing they are asking you is when you are going to pay. I had hoped Citi would be different from other companies but there is NO difference whatsoever. They are batting in the dark.

  165. JEP says:

    Citi has a terrible habit of calling you and NEVER leaving a message. I work in a lab that is enclosed in the middle of a building and get NO phone reception. I see that I get calls and when I attempt to call the number back I am put through to the “hold” graveyard. So Citi, I know you are busy but you could alleviate a lot of the problems you have by simply altering the way you deal with customers. And leave a message next time. Trust me, I want to talk to you.

  166. J says:

    I spoke with someone yesterday and they told me that since my loan was backed by Freddie Mac and that my house is worth less than the mortgage, then I should go to the Homeowner Assist and fill in the paperwork. I will be doing this this weekend, if I don’t hear anything in about a week, I am actually hiring an attorney to do this for me. Has anyone else tried using an attorney for this?

  167. marcy says:

    A reply to that Citi LO:
    You may be one in a million…Citi reps are not helpful AT ALL.
    Let alone that sometimes when you call someone from India answers and this guys is supposed to know about refi. programs from Freddie Mac..Seriously. Really???
    I have called almost every day for the last couple of months to find out when will Citi start the refi. program for Freddie Mac loans. Each and every single response was different. It seems as though no one at Citi knows what the heck is going on.
    Citi got our tax money but yet is not showing and effort to help homewoeners that are current with their pymts. to refinance…
    Citi will have the worst reputation ever when this will be over.
    And let me tell you I will do whatever I can to let everybody know what a HORRIBLE customer service Citi has…

  168. Wow says:

    Slaming Citi must really make you feel better, when its homeowners such as yourself that have cause all of us good responsible tax payers suffer from your issues. Its life, people get sick, people lose their jobs, life happens. Then there are the people out there that sign contracts based on “stated income”, which thank the lord, you cant do anymore. There are people who get to closing and wonder,wow this isnt what was offered, but continue on with the closing like morons.

    Citi had to hire third party agencies more than likely due to all the people trying to get modifications to take advantage of the fall of our economy.

  169. Kate says:

    To Just Try It:

    You mentioned in a reply to me that my HELOC might not be subject to the second lien mitigation program that is part of the new HAM program….at least that is what I gleaned from the post. The online information I read did not really make distinctions between HELOCs or true second mortgages; it just talked about ‘second liens’. A HELOC is a second lien against my home, right? My first mortgage is with Citimortgage and my HELOC is with Citibank N.A. Have you all been specifically told that HELOCs are not eligible for 2nd lien mitigation under the program? If so, I need to start looking at other options. Thanks.

  170. Kate says:

    Just a Heads Up on some confusion I had with my HAM mitigation:

    My HAM mitigation seemed to be running smoothly; I had been given confirmation numbers and told that an estimate of my property value had been ordered on May 7. I was also told that I would receive paperwork within 10-15 days of the May 7 date (by a young lady whose name and ID# I noted in a file, along with notes on the conversation). I was told that I should fill out this paperwork and mail my first, reduced, trial period mortgage check in with the paperwork. I have this documented.

    On May 18 I called to check on the status of my file. (my advice to you is to call, call, call…..never wait and hope everything is going fine. You take responsibilty and follow-up) I had not received the paperwork yet and just wanted to make sure it was indeed in the ‘system’ to be sent. The representative I got this time informed me that the paperwork was now taking 30-45 days to get to the homeowner so I would get it 30-45 days from the May 7 date. However,…and this is the part to take note of… I was told that my trial period had actually started May 7 and that my first payment had to be in by June 7, whether I had the paperwork in hand or not. If I did not have my first check in by the June 7 deadline I would be ‘OUT’ of the program. Now, I take very good notes and I listen, so I am telling you the young lady on May 7th did not tell me this; she gave me no drop dead date by which I had to pay, or else. I was waiting on that paperwork as the next step because that is what I was told…I was anticipating sending in my money WITH that paperwork. It is a good thing I called because the information was totally different and I had not received one thing in writing informing me of this difference. I could have done nothing wrong..been trying to do what they told me to do in total good faith…and still been bumped because I didn’t have good information.

    Now, I don’t think the lady on May 7th was doing anything malicious. I think they tell you the latest thing they have been told to say in the last meeting or training they had in an attempt to understand new programs. So, what they say one week may be different if you call next week. They are learning and maybe in a state of chaos with all of this themselves.

    The moral here is to take control of your mitigation. If you’re in the early stages call different numbers until you get someone who listens and gives you the right number–I spent hours doing that. When you get the right number and things seem to be progressing, follow up at least once a week to make sure your information is still current and that your application is still progressing. If you are told you are not eligible, ask why. Find out what programs you are not eligible for and do some internet research on those programs and soem of the new programs out there, like the Making Homes Affordable Program. Sadly, not everyone will be eligible,but many are. Even in good times not everyone was eligible for rescue from their choices. Fiscal irresponsibility is fiscal irresponsibility in any economy. However, many of us are in bad times right now even though we have lived a life trying to make good fiscal choices. These programs should help us, but you do need to follow up on them or you could fall through the cracks, like it seems I almost did!

  171. Kate says:

    To Wow,

    What you say is horrible. There are many of us right now who were responsible and smart about our finances. I never went into a closing accepting things like a moron…I insisted on my disclosure at least 24 hours before so I could study it. I bought with low interest 20 year fixed mortgages and bought what I could afford, not what the lender said they would give me. My husband and I both still have FICO scores of 800 or better…how is yours? But we are in trouble and in imminient danger if the economy does not pick up. He lost his job in March. He is a Sr. level Environmental Consultant who has worked every day of his adult life to until now, unless he was in college. In a normal economy he would not have lost a job and if he had he would have been able to get another within a week. It has always been like that in the past. But we live in an area where foreclosures are high (Florida) and construction is hurting. This means jobs in his specialty are very scarce. he is working part-time for several firms right now at a good hourly rate, but definately nothing near full time. To top it off he is 55 years old…not a great time to lose your job for the first time in your life. We have all heard that age discrimination is certainly a factor in hiring right now.
    Anyway, you are being very narrow minded when you lump everyone who is having trouble with a mortgage into one ugly little category. I have paid my mortgage on time for decades, had even developed my own accelerated schedule to pay it off years early. You are just wrong in your ASSumptions.

  172. Navy says:

    I have been to trying to get my loan modified with citi. I am $140K down on my home. I am just asking them to refinance to the current interest rates. I cannot because I am underwater…According to Obama’s plan I am eligible to refinance if I am underwater….Anyone in my situation who is going thru’ this? Please let me know if there is any class action suit with Citi.

  173. Navy says:

    I called up Citi’s loss mitigation department to refinance my home which worth less than loan amount. My loan is also Freddie Mac account. Citi told me that I have to fill Home Owners Assistance application. Why do they need this to refiance?? I checked Obama’s affordable home program and I am eligible for refinance if the home value is less than the loan to the current interest rates..Does any one know who got help like mine? Is there any class action suite?

  174. TO NAVY says:

    First of all I am in the Citi loss mitigation dept and we dont refinance. We only modify terms. And due to the fact that we arent the investor on your loan, we have to go by that investors decision as to what can be done for your loan. Research more on your investor, call them directly. Also, if you are trying to refinance, you dont have to refi with just Citi, you can go anywhere. Refi for citi is 1800Mortgag.

  175. Just Try It says:

    Hey Kate, I can honestly just tell you what Citimortgage can do, I am not sure about Citibank. Although we may be affilates, there are certain things that Citibank*a financial instituition can do for you. Like you were saying dont stop checking on your mod, you dont want it to fall through the cracks.

    I ran into a HELOC just the other day, which reminds me that I still have to call the client. I actually cant pull up those accounts since they arent found in our system. Borrowers sometimes think because we are affilates we can help with a modification, but its not true.

    Its not like we do it intentionally, but its so tough to keep up with the changes,focus on a mod, making sure you get the docs right,be called into meetings though out the day to get updated and still feel pressure of losing your job to a third party they have you competing with. I hate when I forget an account, i have 200 accts assigned to me. its tough

  176. freaking out says:


  177. Johanna says:

    I do have a citimortgage. I have sent a application for a modification 3 times with a counselor. Now the last time I called there was only a record of conversations no app. I was told it was being sent in and I qualified each time.

  178. LAs Vegas says:

    To Just Try it:

    After 6 months and hunderds of hours on the phone and 2 forebearnaces. I did get a mod, but they only added years to the note and added all the missed interest.

    I am still upside down 100K after putting down 20% and making 2x payments on my orignal 15 year loan. I am 100K invested.

    Question will Citi give me a reduction in principle or just want the house back at a bigger loss? Will they entertain a short sale?

  179. Cheryl says:

    I just want to let you all know that i applied for the Obama affordable Loan Modification and was turned down so I was told by loss mitigation that i really need to do the hardship package online and fax my proof of income… I did that today afteri was turned down from the other program and not only did I submit the app online but I faxed a copy of the app plus all the other income infor they asked for..It seemed to work because i just called the loss mitigation Dept back and they have already received the info and it is under review… They also put in my file that they will be calling me on Thursday…
    the fellow I spoke with said they get 12,000 or more apps a day and they are working on better ways to try and service us quicker, frankly he couldnt believe that they already had all my info and reviewing it when i just sent the info a few hours ago…. STAY PERSISTENT with them… Dont just send online send to different fax numbers too… he did say the quickest way was to send online and to fax the proper income information right after you submit the application… I wish you all good luck in gettting everything straightened out… Be sure to call and bug them as much as you need to and be sure to do what needs to be done and send the right information and it should work out for you, hopefully in a timely manner!!!! God Bless!!!!

  180. Hopeful says:

    Just Try It

    I have spent many many hours on the phone with loss mit looking for a win/ win with Citi. I have a primary and secondary mortgage with Citimortage and understand they need to make a fair amount of interest/ profit on my loans. I am not behind yet but without I mod I will be.

    My wife and I had a baby, with some complications on Christmas of last year. Baby is doing well, but the medical bills and economy might prevent us from making our mortgage payments. My work has slowed and she is having trouble finding work.

    I managed to reach a supervisor- Franciso in loss mit who was helpful. Unfortunatley he said that I do not qualify for HAM afterall because the appraisal came in much higher than the mortgage balance. Is this correct? If so, what should I do to pursue another program or option?

  181. Just Try It says:

    I am glad that you and your family are doing well now. Unfortunatly its true about the HAM program. When your appraisal comes back and it says your home is worth more than the mortgage it means you have enough equity in your home for other opts.

    Just call 8667513691( i hope that number is the right number) i always forget it, but if its wrong call 8008886001 and ask to see if your account can be ran through the FDIC program…some loans cant if they never have been.

  182. Just Try It says:

    TO Las Vegas,
    Well if you are upside down we will know. We will do a BPO on the house under the HAM program. If you are qualified and its to the companys benefit we will do so, but I have seen little accounts that I do hat for.

  183. Anonymous says:

    I was trying to apply for refinancing and after a few calls finally got a live person. This guy wasn’t even interested when I said i would like to speak with someone regarding refinancing our home. The guy asked me a few questions, thought he’d be able to help me out. But all he did was give me a number and say “call that number and someone might be able to help you”. Huh? Makes me wonder what will happen when our loan term ends next year with them. I bet they won’t be so slow and uncooperative when they want more money from us even though our house value dropped a lot.

  184. Las Vegas says:

    To Just Try It:

    Thanks for replying. At least someone on the inside is truly trying to help us out here.

    I not sure what you mean. I am upside down I assure you that by 100K even with my 100K i have paid into it.

    You will do what if its in the companies benefit?
    Reduce principle or accept a short sale? Which have you seen little done for?

    The last thing I was told is I cant even apply for another MOD for a year, so I will list the home for a short.

    Is this true I cant even apply for another mod?
    I was told I could when I felt pressured to agree to the one they offered, which is not a long term solution.


  185. Linda says:

    Okay, I got my counselor and he was Very, Very Nice!! He said that the mod would be started by June 1′st and he would be the last person I talked too. I am so excited. I’ll let you all know. :o )

  186. Linda says:

    Dear Kate,

    Yes, I agree with you on your response to *wow*. We’re going through enough right now without some Idiot getting on the blog trying to bash everyone.

    Thanks for your post above.


  187. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    So we recieved papers from the court today saying our loan was foreclosed on… even though Citi’s loss mit department had SWORN this would not happen….
    We filled out the hardship papers… we filled out all the forms so they could track the payments they had lost.
    Thier lawyer and the court did not even notify us there was going to be a hearing in our case… we called citi and were told that we should not worry, that we qualified for several programes…What a bunch of liars!.

    So now i don’t even get to die in my own home… one we saved for years to buy… nope for me when my time comes i’tl be Hospice…
    Citi i hope you and yours get EXACTLY what you deserve… i hope all misery that you have heaped on the rest of us comes right back to bite you.

    BTW.. I’ve forwarded copies of this case to CNN, Fox news and the White house and my Congresman.

    They should have let you fail.

  188. DH says:

    I feel everyone’s pain.
    I have found a few tips helpful in dealing with Citi.
    First, even though it is difficult, hold your cool them stay calm don’t let them get you going. It is also important to hold your ground when speaking with them. If you need to go over somebody’s head do it and keep going up the ladder until you get results.

    Educate yourself on all available housing and modification plans through the government websites.

    Document every phone call, emails and faxes, be specific including the time and date. Ask them which office you are talking with. Ask them which office is handling your account and get the direct number to that office. Always write down the Citi rep’s name and their ID number, they by law….. have to give you their ID number.

    This will hold the reps accountable for the information they are giving you and taking from you. Every time you call make sure you request that they note your account that you called them today. Follow up with them as often as possible.
    Ignore comments on this page that are RUDE. People are ignorant and have no clue what they are talking about. Don’t let anybody bring you down and don’t give up that is exactly what they want you to do.

    Pray for strength and guidance.


  189. Kate says:

    To Freaking out and Just Try It:

    Freaking out: why is the balloon payment so high? Do you have a fairly high monthly payment anyway? That is a scary amount. I’ve heard all this talk about baloon payments so I asked the rep I talked to last time if that would happen with my HAM if the 3 month trial ended before they had completed the modification. i was assured that would not happen. Just Try It: is that correct? Were the balloon payments part of another program out there before HAM?

    Just Try It: I have started the 3 month trial, but I am concerned that Citimortgage has sent me NOTHING yet in writing. In the ‘old days’ I know they would not have entered into any agreement of any type without contracts and signatures everywhere. As a former business major myself, this lack of documentation makes me very uncomfortable. What is up? My first trial payment is due June 7th, but I already paid it. When I expressed concern about having nothing in writing and asked what might happen if I reached the end of the 3 month trial and they had not processed the mitigation- I was just told we’d cross that bridge if we came to it. What does that mean? I’d like something more definitive.


  190. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    Citi actually contacted us yesterday in regards to my last post… we will see what they can do to fix this mess..

  191. Kate says:

    To Those Worried about being ‘underwater’when they still have income to make payments:

    I’m really not trying to be confrontational but I wonder if there are some on this blog who still have jobs and adequate income to make payments and other expenses, but are just very worried because they bought a house at the height of the market and it is now (on paper) worth less than the mortgage they hold.

    You are not really in financial hardship or in danger or losing a home, you just have an investment that really stinks right now….kind of like most of our retirement accounts!

    If so, you do realize that this market will bottom out and begin to go back up, right? Maybe not back to where it was because those were false gains anyway. But if you are not planning to sell right away and you are not close to retirement and had planned on that equity for living expenses, you really may not be in a bad a shape as you fear. Home values only matter when you want to sell or borrow more money on the home. If you can hold, things will look better in the future.

    Is the governement really offering programs to adjust the ‘value’ of your mortgage just because it is worth less, even if you still have income to pay for it? or are you all just talking about ‘refinancing’ at what you hope is a lower interest rate?

  192. CURIOUS says:


  193. FREAKING OUT says:


  194. DH says:

    This Press Release came off HUD’S web site. It might be helpful to some people. Lenders have 30 days from May 20th 2009, when these new laws (THE HELPING FAMILIES SAVE THEIR HOMES ACT OF 2009)was signed by the president. So by June 30th all participating lenders must be up and running with this program. This is huge for people with FHA loans that need help!

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    HUD News

    HUD No. 09-068 For Release
    May 20, 2009


    WASHINGTON – Today, President Obama signed into law the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009. The law expands the reach of the Administration’s Making Home Affordable Programs, improves the Federal Housing Administration’s Hope for Homeowners program and streamlines how HUD supports thousands of homeless support programs across America. To read more about the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, click here.

    The following is a statement from HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan:

    “Today, President Obama signed into law the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009. This is another critical step forward in this Administration’s effort to strengthen our nation’s housing market and help millions of American homeowners stay in their homes.

    “Specifically, this law improves FHA’s Hope for Homeowners Program, making it a more flexible and attractive option for homeowners and lenders alike. By reducing the cost of this program and easing the eligibility requirements, we believe Hope for Homeowners is better able to help struggling families. The law also permits FHA lenders to offer families more substantial loan modifications, similar to those currently provided under the Making Home Affordable program.

    “FHA will now have more authority to keep bad actors out of the FHA programs and additional enforcement tools to police those lenders who employ false or misleading marketing tactics.

    “Finally, this law allows HUD to take a giant leap forward in our ability to help thousands of local homeless housing and service programs across this country. Local communities will have much greater flexibility to put federal funding to work in a way that makes sense for them. I applaud the Congress for its hard work to give us the tools we need to meet the modern challenges that confront those who would otherwise be faced with living on our streets.”

  195. DH says:

    Sorry, I made a typo.
    The date is June 20th, “2009″ that the lenders must be up and running with this new program: “The Helping Families Save their Homes ACT of 2009″. It is mandatory for Citimortgage to participate. If you are someone who has been denied on an application for “Making Homes Affordable” try again, because the rules have now changed for requirements for that program. If you have an FHA or a USDA loan, they are now included in the “Affordable Home Plan”. This new law has changed a lot of rules and regulation regarding refinance options and modification for all loans. So educate yourself on this new program. It might be very helpful.


  196. Some Just Dont Get It says:

    Really, some of you just don’t make sense. You want to argue and complain with Citi. You do realize they make money when they modify your loan. If they are able to do so, they will. Don’t blame them because you bought more home then you can afford, half of the people I know are in interest only loans, and can’t even afford that, what will you do when the principle kicks in.

    The fact that your home lost value is not a hardship. Your home is a long term investment. In fact, that’s part of the problem now, no one wants to stay in their home for 30 years anymore, everyone wants the bigger better home, too much home for them to even afford in most cases. Then complain when they can’t afford it. That is not Citi’s fault, that is your fault. Plus in most cases, Citi is not your investor, they just service your loan to investor guidelines. Plus, Citi does not have to modify your loan, the fact of the matter is your investor will do it if it makes financial sense, if not, it sometimes is cheaper to foreclose on your home then modify it.

  197. brooks says:


    I have done many applications on line for citi but each time
    its say an error. Citimortage have given me the run around.
    Is this program for real. They said that I had to pay for an appaisal but remember I do not have money. My house note is $2,000.00 per month. My husband was an auto worker I am
    the only one working. Each time we get the payment up its late and each time I talk to customer service and each time I explain that we need help and I love my home but these people (rude)and they don’t care about your problems they just want that payment.Let me know if you have any suggestion for me. I may have many typo. But I need some
    assistance or relief.

  198. DH says:

    To brooks:

    Citi reps are experts at giving people the run around. Don’t allow them to treat you that way. You don’t have to yell at them, simply hold your ground and ask to speak with a supervisor, they do have to put you through one.

    When Citi added the on-line application, they removed their printable download and fax option. If the on-line application does not work (error messages), requested a hardship application be mailed to you. If you don’t get one in a timely manner and they have told you, it was sent, but you never receive it because it was in fact never sent. The next step would be to request to speak with a supervisor. A supervisor can e-mail one to you. Only a supervisor can e-mail this form to you. Make sure you document your problems and attempts and problems you are having with Citi in your hardship application. That is documented proof that you are working hard at trying to save your home and Citi needs to step up to the plate and fix these millions of communication problems. I know they are very busy as everyone is, but it is essential for improving and saving not only our homes but our whole economy. Everything has a domino effect. There needs to be more effective ways of handling help for these homeowners. This new legislation hopefully will help in that process.
    P.S. I have found that even when Citi is the investor, they are reluctant to tell you they are.

    I hope you find this information will be helpful to you.

  199. Tina says:

    I have been working with Citi Mtg since Dec-2008 to modify
    my existing loan. I have gotten no where @ all.All I get is rep’s calling me saying that I qaulify for the Govt modification and have sent in all the paper work twice and still have not heard from anyone. But you will sure hear from them if you are behind on your pymt by 3 days.They just keep saying it is being reviewed. I have talked to so many different reps it’s crazy. No one knows what the other one’s have done. It’s like a dog going around in circles chasing his tail and getting no-where. They just tell you what you want to hear @ the time you are calling and that’s it. If they do not know what is going on they just say it’s being reviewed. That answer is getting old. Ist there anyone I can talk to @ Citi Mtg that does know what is going on there? Then you talk to someone that sounds like they want to help you and they give you their direct ext. you call and it is not even them it’s a diif. rep. that answer’s.I’m so tired of wasting my time with them and getting no where I can’t stand it any longer. I want to save my home but they do not seem like they care @ all.

    Thank you for listening.I feel a little better getting this off of my chest.

  200. DH says:

    Read This!!!!!!!!

    Cops enforce illegal bank foreclosure
    Homeowner dies resisting eviction
    By Kris Hamel
    Published May 27, 2009 1:55 PM

    Mark D. Fussner died May 22 after an hours-long shoot-out with police following the bailiff’s unsuccessful attempt to evict the 44-year-old homeowner. Two 24th District Court officers had come to Fussner’s home on Anne Street, in the working-class downriver Detroit suburb of Allen Park, to carry out a writ of eviction after foreclosure.

    Fussner reportedly ordered the bailiffs to leave his property and said he would open fire to defend his home. They left but returned with armed cops determined to carry out the eviction. The bailiffs’ provocation led to the shoot-out.

    Fussner was the author of the 2004 book “The Zen of Permanent Weight Loss,” which chronicled his struggle and method of conquering obesity. A short biography of the author on states: “Educated in public schools, Mark designed his first invention at 16 years of age. In 1989 he received an Associate’s [degree] in Science from Henry Ford Community College. Working his way up from the bottom, he has made his career in Design and Project Engineering. … He has owned and co-owned several businesses.”

    After a five-hour stand-off, Fussner was found dead in his basement from a gunshot wound. It is not yet clear if the fatal injury was self-inflicted or if a police bullet killed him. The homeowner had barricaded himself inside his dwelling and exchanged dozens of rounds with cops from at least five cities, including Detroit’s “special response teams” and Michigan State Police. An Allen Park police officer was shot in the arm, leg and stomach early in the stand-off and was released from the hospital the same day. (Detroit News, May 23)

    Neighbors and cops reported anywhere from several dozen to hundreds of shots fired by Fussner and police during the incident. People were told to stay in their homes, and schools in the area were put on lock-down. The state police have taken over the investigation, and the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office will perform an autopsy on Fussner.

    Moratorium must be enforced

    What is missing from the limited stories in the big-business local media is that Fussner’s death and the entire eviction situation should not have happened under the law.

    On May 20, two days before the visit from the eviction bailiffs and the ensuing gun battle that ended Fussner’s life, President Barack Obama signed public law no. 111-22, the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009. By placing a moratorium on subject foreclosures, the law enhances provisions of the Making Home Affordable Program instituted in March.

    The MHAP already requires Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other major lenders–which together hold approximately 75 percent of home mortgages in the U.S. and which have been bailed out with hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars—to work out loan modifications in order to avoid foreclosure. These lenders are to lower at-risk homeowners’ monthly payments—including property taxes and insurance—to no more than 31 percent of gross income.

    Some of the 14 banks and lenders included under the program are Bank of America, Chase Home Finance, CitiMortgage, Countrywide, Ocwen and Wells Fargo. The MHAP guidelines apply to any homes that are owner-occupied, including homes that are already in foreclosure. (

    Section 401 of the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act states that it is “the sense of the Congress” that there be a “foreclosure moratorium” in that “mortgage holders, institutions, and mortgage servicers should not initiate a foreclosure proceeding or a foreclosure sale on any homeowner until the foreclosure mitigation provisions” of the Hope for Homeowners program and Obama’s “Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan” have “been implemented and determined to be operational by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the Secretary of the Treasury.” (

    Where were the headlines on May 21 in the capitalist-owned press about the just-signed Helping Families Save Their Homes Act and its foreclosure moratorium? There were none or very few.

    Jerry Goldberg, a Detroit-based attorney who represents homeowners and renters in foreclosure and eviction cases, told Workers World: “The Register of Deeds records show that Mark Fussner’s mortgage was owned by Chase Bank, which had a duty under federal law to work out a solution that should have prevented the bailiff from coming to his home on May 20 to evict him.

    “This eviction should not have happened. Fussner’s death should never have happened. It was entirely preventable except that banks and lenders don’t follow the law until they are forced to.”

    It took a protracted struggle by activists around the country to win the new federal moratorium on foreclosures. It will take even more struggle to publicize this law and stop more deaths from occurring, as well as other drastic actions by homeowners who face the life-altering, heart-wrenching process of losing their homes in record numbers to foreclosure and eviction.

    Articles copyright 1995-2009 Workers World. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved.

    Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011
    Support independent news

  201. DH says:

    Sorry……I didn’t mean to send a shock wave.
    If you read the article carefully, no foreclosure are to be taking place right now!
    New help is available! :-) There are new laws are out there to help homeowners.
    Educate yourselves. Know your rights and the new laws.
    Even people who work for the lending institutions are not educated properly on how they can help you. They are in the dark.
    Protect your rights. Know your rights!
    DH signing out…….

  202. MAGGIE says:


  203. hiltonesio texeira says:

    i have a citi group mortgage 1 and 2 loan first is 9% second 13% my house was purchase 2 years ago for 360,000 now is worth 270,000 i stop making payments because is not worth paying all the money goes for the interest,i aply for modification back on february now i receive a letter offering me 4.75% for both loans but for only two years,i call them and say i will sign papers if they gave me 30 years fixed but they told me take or leave,i dont know if i should take or wait for better offer from them.

  204. CURIOUS says:



  205. Linda says:

    Update on my modification. I talked to my counselor today and he said it should be about two weeks until I get the call again and have new docs sent to me. He said they are going to offer me a very low interest rate the first year, I want to say it was like a 2.5 (I was in shock) and then a little higher the second year and a little higher the 3′rd year taking it up to a 3.5% fixed for the life of the loan which is awesome, I would say.
    I also would like to add to someone who wrote above stating that this was basically our fault for buying over priced houses. I can agree to a point. But…… house appraised for the price I paid for it. The bank loaned the money based on the fact that my house was at market value. I have no crystal ball. I had no idea that the economy was going to turn to shit and my house would be 200K upside down in negative equity in as little as two years. We actually thought we were being safe with a 10 year IO. Ha!!! Jokes on us. The whole street has foreclosures up and down it. And for your information, we bought our house to raise our two older daughters in. It’s a whopping 1660 square feet so I wouldn’t say it’s Too Much House.
    So far, so good with Citi. They’ve done good so far and they’ve kept to their word. I’ve answered every single call from them though and I call them at least once a week. Stay in contact with them. That way if a problem comes up you can nip it in the bud. But, they really seem like they want to help now.
    I am holding you all in my thoughts. And I’ll let you know how it goes. .


  206. Sad in San Ramon says:

    We are trying to refinance our 1st Mortgage, and need to have Citi “approve” the subordination as we are keeping our 2nd with them (believe me I’d change if I could!).

    The problem is that we locked in at the low rate, based on someone at Citi telling my broker that it takes 5 – 10 business days to get the subordination complete. It is turning into more like 15 – 30 days… it took 7 business days for them to scan the paperwork into their system!

    We have made numerous calls to no avail. Bottom line, my locked in 1st Mortgage rate of 4.875% ends tomorrow… and Citi will not even call us back.

    We will miss out on saving money on our 1st, which would only help us pay our 2nd!!! I’m intereseted to find out if anyone else has had similar issues with broken promises, and deadlines being missed due to the Citi subordination dept not having enough staff to take care of business, and due to misrepresentation of the department’s timing on getting things done. Any class action going on here???

  207. Linda says:

    Dear Sad in San Ramon,

    I hate to say it, but we stopped paying our second mortgage with Citi. Our second was 60 K and our first is 230 K and our house is worth 100K!!! So, it wasn’t worth even paying it anymore. I talked to an attorney and as long as we keep our first up, all they can do is slap a lien on our house which is never going to be over 288K again. At least not in my lifetime. The Banks have learned their lessons with handing loans to anyone with a pulse.
    Ya, I know, my credit. Well, my credit is crap now anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. If the second tries to garnish my wages, I’m going to file a chapter 7.
    I tried to work out a lower interest rate with Citi, but they didn’t have anything available. They do now, I think though. Have you talked to them about a Forebearnace Plan??? We’re almost done with our modification, but before they will do that you must do a Forebearance.

    Good Luck. They’re being really nice and cooperative with us now.
    I can’t imagine them wanting your house to go into Foreclosure.

    Let us know how this goes.


  208. Happy Citi customer says:

    I would like to Thank You for this article in here. In my searches for what to do to get help I came across this article. I immediately sent an email to the email address you provided. I got a response within a day, faxed info to them a couple of days after that. Within 1 month our modification had been approved and we are saving $500/mo!! I really couldn’t believe it!! I had been on the phone with sooo many people before that and was so done with the process. All it took is 1 email and we are worry free again. If people would just try it they would see!!

  209. Michelle says:

    To Just Try It:

    I posted a while ago(early May) and you advised me to call another number since I hadn’t heard anything. After I called and spoke with Donovan everything sounded good. They were just waiting for Estimated property value and I was to call week of June 7th to lost mitigation(bankruptcy dept). Well I called that Monday gave them all the info, gross income, expenses etc and I was not approved. The income wasn’t high enough. Its been hard but I am making every payment as high as it is every month, having little left over for food/gas and I have never missed a payment. So the rep tells me my case will be sent to the Fannie Mae department and I should hear something in 2-3wks. Where the hell was my case to begin with?? I thought if your loan was owned by Fannie Mae there was help. I just want to lower my interest rate and extend the length of my loan to lower my payments. And at this point I have no idea what else to do. I have zero hope of ever modifying my loan. I have been trying since the end of March…..

  210. lw2lw says:

    To Michelle,

    Could you please be more specific about your current mortgage amount, your monthly payment including taxes and insurance, your gross income and the total of the expenses you have given them.

    What was the original purchse price and how much do you think your house is worth now?

  211. Las Vegas says:

    Where is ” To just try it” Been?

    Waiting to hear from you on the inside.

  212. Michelle says:

    Our current mortgate amount is around $190,000 with a monthly payment of $1791, which had just increased due to escrow shortage. It was $1678. The monthly payment includes taxes and insurance. Our gross income is $4800. Our expenses not including the mortgage is around $1800, not including Quarterly bills we have: Water, sewer, garbage and city taxes. Those total $550 every quarter. And we have yearly association fees of $550. The original price of our house was $167,000 and is worth atleast what we owe, but houses in our development are selling for way less than expected so I couldn’t say for sure. I know Citimortgage did an estimated property value. Let me know if you have some advice on how to modify our mortgage.

  213. Jana says:

    call 866-751-6913 just push any ext….

  214. Just Try It says:

    I have been reading all the latest submissions but havent had much time to relax, but since my children are away for the summer I am enjoying every bit. :)

    Okay, so the HAM program is suppose to hit hard at the end of the month( due to most people who started 2months ago on the HAM are coming to their third payment, which means I may be speaking to some of you out there about your modification. I am the closing end of what you have been on pretrial for.

    The main thing to remember is if you gave numbers(money figures) that don’t match your documents then you were never pre-qualified in the beginning. Also, if you DO NOT send everything in that is required, such as, W2s, 12 months bank statements if your are self employed, Tax returns for 08 and 07(both just in case you are self employed) last 2 consecutive pay stubs, and proof of homeowners insurance and property tax bill( if you are not escrowed already)…..then you have a problem. ITS SO MUCH BETTER TO SEND EVERYTHING THEN TO FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS BECAUSE YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING. IT HAPPENS TO EVEN ME>

    I try now everyday to call people and even overnight simple letters to call me, but I never get them to call. I even have 2 approvals for modifications and not once have they tried to contact citi, I even sent them a modification agreement thinking they would get that we can help, but nothing. So if you get to this last step, stay in touch. Dont call everyday but atleast 2x a week so say, Hey dont forget me! I am taking vacation and will be back at the end of the month since its going to be hectic at work. Bear with us, Its new to Citi and Closing hasnt touched a file yet. Are we ready? I think we are prepared better than when the housing industry first got hit.

    Also, I would suggest to send a reason of hardship letter for your file. Any single one of these things missing can cause you to go back to the first step, which is being setup on a new trial period and waiting another 2 months just to find out if you are qualified for a modification….definitely not a good thing.

    Best of luck and will keep you informed when I start getting the files, till then I am off and enjoying my vacation.

  215. vivian says:

    Please help me. Please got denied from Citi and all the tell me was my income is too low….PLEASE HELP ME WHEN YOU Are back from your vacation. I”m in my 4 months late already….Enjoy your vacation.

  216. Leo says:

    To just try it,
    You are the bomb. I just got the apprasal in and it appears i qualify for the HAM program. If any of you want to see the details of this plan just go to the govt website detailing Obama’s plan. you can even calculate what your payment will be. My payment will actually go up 100$ per month but taxes and insurance will be included. the reason my payment didn’t dramaticlly drop like some peoples is because in am being switched from a interest only payment @6.53% to a fixed rate interest and principle @ 3% per obama’s plan. payment is 31% of gross income. I haven’t received anything written but my 1st payment will be due 7/16. I’ll be checking in to see what insights i get from those farther along then i. good luck to the rest of you and i’m glad i didn’t pay 3000.00$ for a lawyer to do it. if you qualify for obama’s plan, no lawyer is needed.

  217. Leo says:

    I called Cit to see if my 1st payment can be made for Aug 1st instead of July 16 so i can get caught up on some bill. i was told that my 1st payment isn’t due until 30 days from when i receive the paperwork and that may not be until after the 1st of july. this seems to contradict an earlier posting that says 1st payment is due 30 days from the date you are told even if you don’t get any paperwork. Hmmm. I’ll call them again on the 1st and see what someone else says when asked the same question. unless anyone here knows the answer.

  218. vivian says:

    To Just Try It and everyone

    Just try It, my previous posted for you was on Jun 19, 09 I don’t know if you still can help me or to late. On Friday I received a letter from Citi Mortgage they transfer my loan Servicing company to Bay View Loan Servicing effective July 01. I”m 4 months behind and been working to Citi Mortgage now they transfer my loan to a different company…Now I have to re do everything again…Instead of helping me Citi mortgage make my life is more stressful ..I don’t know what to do next…I’m so lost…I do search on Bayview Loan Servicing don’t have much information about them. I”m so lost and stress…I start to get sick because of all these. Please anyone have the same experience like me…Please help me out….

  219. Michelle says:

    I responded to lw2lw with my mortgage info and they haven’t responded. Jana wrote a number to call but was that for me…. Does anyone know how to modify your loan?????

  220. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    have been in touch w/ executive office and they have been sent another copy of what we sent to loss mit… They have also said that the sale of our home is on hold unhtill they straighten things out… hopefull but wary at this point.

  221. Anonymous says:

    call 866 751 6913

  222. Michelle says:

    I called the number above and you need an ext or the connection is disconnected.

  223. DH says:

    The Helping Families Save Their Home Act of “2009″ was signed by the president and made into law on May 20th, 2009, but very few lenders, FHA and HUD are acknowledging it. There seems to be an issue with HUD not releasing updated Mortgagee letters to the public and to the Mortgage lenders and even their own staff. Does anybody know WHY or when HUD/FA will update their Mortgagee letters to reflect these new laws to help people save their homes? This is very frustrating as this information has already been made public and it was suppose to be up and running no later than 30 days from May 20th 2009.

  224. Teresa B. says:

    For all of us inclufing myself, unity makes a difference when we face with thieves such as Citimortgage. I was promised over the phone I was approved for loan mod. of $1,600.00/month, starting 7/11/09 and to sign affidavit when packaged arrived. Never received it called a million times it was never approved. Here I am 2 months behind. I am in the same hole as all of you. My idea is to write to Barack Obama and with the millions of letters to him and congress will receive, I am positive some help will come. We are the people who vote for those who represent our rights. I guarantee if we take this action they will regret the day they opened up their business. Whom ever wishes to do this even if its not citimortgage but other companies involve let our voices be heard……..I will search for address post it and set up a date where all this thousands of letters will be mailed.

  225. Teresa B. says:

    Lets write millions of letters to Barack Obama and tell him what this idiots are doing……

  226. Linda says:

    Okay, you all have to do this!!! Fill out the *Hardship* info on Citi’s Website and FAX everything in that they require. Then follow up with phone calls every day until you know that they have recieved your info. *Faxing* is quicker than mailing.
    They will assign you a counselor who will put you on a *Forebearance* Plan if your not 3 months behind. If you are, then not sure.
    This is everything that I did. Once we were into the 3rd month of the forebearance a new counselor called and said he would be the final person I would talk too.
    He called a few weeks later and made me a verbal offer over the phone and I accepted it. Later I recieved 5 pages of a Modification that I signed had notarized and sent back (Came UPS). VERY SIMPLE!!!
    Our first payment is Aug. 1′st. Our first year is at 2.5%, second year is at 3% and 3′rd year is 3.5% for the next 27 years and it’s all FIXED!!!

    This is exactly what I did. And you can be where I am TOO!!! Do Not Miss Picking up the phone calls from them though. If your not home and see they called, call them back, keep telling them what your doing.

    We are keeping our home now. You can be too.
    Also, I’ve posted from the beginning of this and you can look above to see all of my posts from beginning to end.

    Take Care,


  227. LAL says:

    I have just emailed Citi at the referred email address. Let’s see how long they respond.

  228. LAL says:

    I just emailed Citi at the email address referred. let’s see how long it takes for them to respond.

  229. Joe says:

    I am not that far into the process yet; however, I notice this statement in the modification agreement: “If all or any part of the Property or any interest in it is sold or transferred without Lender’s prior written consent, Lender may, at its option, require immediate payment in full of all sums secured by the Mortgage.”

    Anybody know what this is suppose to mean? Do we have to obtain written permission to sell the property in the future 10, 20, 30 years down the road? If we don’t have written permission, does that mean we have to pay the “original” mortgage in full or the “modified” mortgage in full? I do understand why the lender would like to ensure the real estate market is not overloaded with houses for sale in trouble times like we are in, but what concern me is 10, 30, or even 50 years down the road. Will this lead to problem for the borrower down the road? Will this become an instruement for the lender to secure whatever the lender desire in the future within the confine of the law? Any thoughts?

  230. Linda says:

    Dear Joe,

    In regards to your question above. When I did my modification, I don’t remember reading that. But for one, if your upside down, it’s going to be quite sometime before your going to be able to sell your house anyway unless you have money to pay to sell it. In my case I owe 230K on it and it’s worth 100K and we haven’t bottomed out yet.
    Also, you stated 10, 30 or 50 years away. For one, your loan should be paid off in 30 years and there are no 50 year loans. I doubt you have anything to worry about on this one.

  231. Joe says:


    Thank for your comment. When did you receive your modification agreement? Perhaps, this statement is something new? I don’t know. Anyway, my main concern is the requirement to receive ‘written approval’ from the lender ‘before’ the property can be sold. 10 or 20 years down the road, when we have to ask for such ‘written approval’ and given there is no stated condition under which the lender has to provide the approval, it may lead to pain later on. Yes? Can the lender demand something additional to what is in the modification agreement when the time come? Like you have to be in such and such financial condition or do such and such things before lender will give you the written approval or else you can choose to pay the original mortgage back plus the interest over the years. …Of course we have to pay back the mortgage before any sales can be completed and title transfer. However, is it the original mortgage prior to the modification or the new modified mortgage we have to pay back if we are unable to meet any additional demand in connection to getting the ‘written approval’ when the time come? Our property is our only property and primary residence. I do not expect to sell it anytime soon, not even 15 years from now. But with such open statement as ‘get written approval’, it may lead to pain later on. Thoughts?

  232. a says:

    20391 or 20392

  233. A says:

    maybe it was 20353 i cant recall what the young lady told me.

  234. Melissa Newman says:

    To: Just try It

    I was told that Citi needs to do a valuation on our home. This was around July 1, 2009. The rep said to call back in two weeks, so we called back on July 15, 2009 and was told that they are back logged on home valuations. In CT, how long is the back log for home valuations? I don’t want to waste my time and the reps time to call back just to find out it is still not done. How long should I give Citi before trying to call again?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.

    As for Obama’s plan, it does not make sense. A person has to have a loan to value ratio of 105%, and the loan will only be modded down to a debt to income ratio of 31%. Who fits into that category? Only the borrowers who did interest only, less than interest only, variable interest rates, and outright scam mortgages. In other words, it only helps the borrowers who caused the problems in the first place.

    Buying a home is not hard mathematics. If the interest rates are high (8% or greater), your loan should not be higher than 2.5 times your income. If interest rates are low (6%), your loan should not be higher than 3 times your income. If everybody followed this basic mathematics (borrowers and lenders), the country would not be in the current situation. It is ironic that everybody plans everybody else, except the one group of people that could actually make a different — the high school consumer education teacher.

    But what about the people who were affected by the ripple affect? Are we are going to be getting help? My husband and I took out a standard 30 year fixed rate at 25% debt to income ratio in Feb. 2007 (right when everything started to fall apart). We are religious and want religion in our chidren’s education. Paying for private school tuition was part of the original equation.

    Since then his income has been cut by 20% and the value of our home has been cut by 20%. The income cut is due to bad economic times. The home value cut is due to the housing games ending and everybody having to go back to sound economic principals. Houses now have to be sold for what people can actually afford.

    If my husband’s income was not cut, we made an agreement based on my husband’s income — not the value the home. If value of the homes (whole community) were not cut, we could just sell our house and downsize. But with both happening at the same time, things become difficult.

    I know that right now I am very angry, because if the situation stays the same, we will be spending the next 10 – 15 years paying for the previous home owner’s retirement. Because that is how long it will take before we begin to start paying equity towards our house. Plus, the only thing that we could have done differently was to have just staying out the housing market. If we did stayed out the housing market, what would have happened? We would have brought my next door neighbor’s house that is currently for sale instead of our current house. Our income dropped, but so did the housing prices. The end result would have been a similar house in a similar neighborhood.

    Will citi help us? I don’t really know. A lot will depend on the gut feeling of the rep handling our account. We went into our mortgage with a mutual agreement. Cit would lend us X amount to pay for our house. We would then pay back Citi X amount plus Y interest over 30 years and in exchange we would increase our share in our home by Z amount every month until after 30 years the home would be truly ours.

    The day that the final clause was no longer valid was the day that we were no longer home owners. It was the day that we became renters, but instead of renting from a landlord we are renting from the bank — Citi. But it is worse than being a renter, because we have none of the protections of being a renter and none of the benefits of being a renter (landlord pays for home repairs).

    I never signed a contract agreeing to be a renter of Citi for 10 years before becoming a homeowner for 20 years. And I am furious that the people that caused this to happen are the ones that are being helped by Obama’s plan.

    Obama’s plan helps the creators of the problem, not the true victims — the people that are caught in the game of others.


  235. Melissa Newman says:

    We were contacted back about the valuation. We do not qualify for the Obama plan (no surprise there), but Citi does have their own modification program. They told us that it will take a month to go through that process (until we should try to call them again).


  236. Linda says:

    Dear Joe,

    I’m going to look over my modification papers and get back to you. It won’t take me long. I believe it was only 6 pages!!! I signed about 7 weeks ago. I just made my first payment for August 1′st at 2.5%. And you know these are all so new, I just don’t know about selling down the road. I don’t remember reading anything about having to get approval, but I *get* what your saying.
    For us, we aren’t planning on selling maybe ever. It’s going to be a very long time for us to ever have enough equity to sell.

    Take Care,


  237. Linda says:


    We didn’t qualify for the Obama Plan either. Your loan has to be backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to qualify for that. Mine was not. So, we went through Citi’s Modification which was good too. They didn’t reduce the balance, just the interest rate and we are now a fixed principal and interest. It’s not a bad mod at all. We’re very happy with it.


  238. Coolhip33 says:

    I live in Southern California. Just spent the last 2 hours reading all of the posts. I too have my mortgage serviced by Citimortgage and owned by Citibank. I was VERY sad to learn that my 20 yr fixed was not sold off to fannie or freddie as I would have qualified for the HASP program. I was not behind in payments yet but knew it was coming and was trying to be proactive. I downloaded, completed and mailed in the “workable solutions” application along with all of the attachments requested. This was at the end of May, 2009. Shortly thereafter I was called by Citi about the “new” program that was a 3 month trial. Unfortunately I didn’t qualify for it. I guess my income/expense ratio was off kilter. I was called a couple more times about this program.

    I did get a letter in the mail confirming that my application had been received. 2 weeks later I received a letter stating they tried to call me and write me and got no response. I had 7 days to call them or home would go in forclosure. Funny thing is…the number in the letter was no good. I think it was prolly that third party they contracted with. You would sit on hold for exactly 20 mins and then you would get disconnected. i did this 3 times just to make sure. i then jumped online and called the homeowners assitance #. The lady was helpful and confirmed the receipt of my app and then ordered the valuation assessment on my home. She told me to call back on 7/8. I did and went through the “HAM” process on the phone with the rep from the loss mitigation dept only to find out that I did not qualify because I had too much equity in my home. The program told her “short sale”. Mind you she advised she is just the (what i call) the “first line of defense”. My app was still sitting back in the 2nd layer where a real person would look at my app and my situation.

    I have talked to many different reps and been told many different things. My account was updated on 6/16/09 online to state that they have my app and it is being reviewed. Yes it says 30 days but read carefully. It states 30 BUSINESS DAYS. That equals 6 weeks…not a month. I am at about 6 weeks now. Yesterday 7/30/09 they told me still no update… call back in 7 days. I can do that.

    The thing that drives me crazy is the calls from the collection dept. Anyone been drivin absolutely mad by the “we need to verify your account info”? property address, home phone # (duh – you called me), work #, cell #, email address and last 4 numbers of your social security #. I am sick and tired of giving all that info like a broken record. I am more than happy to answer their questions about why I haven’t made my payment but to have to go through all of the info that they already have has become unbearbable. I now tell them…. “I’ll confirm the address and last 4 of my SS and that’s it. Everything else remains unchanged.”

    So I sit and wait. Monday I am going to call that # for the “executive offices” and see if that will move my app along quickly. I am hopeful because of Linda’s story. Diligence is key and have all your paperwork in order to respond quickly to what they need.

    CALL, CALL, CALL. They need to know you care about saving your home. Get names with employee ID #. Take notes and don’t believe everything they tell you on the phone. some of them don’t even know how to read the notes in your file. i went through a bunch of crap becasue some reps were looking at my loan “gandled by the home equity dept” and then stating that my loan was a home equity loan… when in fact it is not. So believe me… although they are trying.. they don’t always know what they are doing. Best thing to do is to call back and talk to someone else and confirm that what the last person told you was in fact the truth.

  239. Kate says:

    Linda and everyone else in trail period or beyond:

    I have not heard any discussion about what the modification process has done to your credit rating. We went into the HAM trial period in June and Citi is reporting us delinquent to the credit bureaus. My FICO score was 801 in April, it is now 635! We are current on everything and went into the trial period current on our mortgage payments.

    Now the holders of my business and personal credit accounts are writing me nasty letters taking my limits down and citing the Citi reported delinquency as the reason. This is very bad because my husband and I have tried to start our own small consulting business since he lost his job in March. It is difficult if not impossible to run a business without a credit line.

    What are we going to do when the business fails for lack of beginning capital (can’t get a small business loan with this my current credit score!) and jobs are still not available for my husband? The HAM mod will be the very reason we lose our home anyway.

    Does anyone else have experience with this and know if it really will correct after the trial period is over?

    Citi says it will get better, but I’ve read some financial gurus saying the credit hit could be with us for awhile. They say it is fair to report us negatively because we did not fulfil our original obligation. Believe me, with an 800 credit score, we always fulfilled our obligations. I guess we are to be held responsible for the situation which led to my husband losing his job.


  240. Ginger says:

    Wow, these comments are amazing. Citimortgage is full of crap. I worked with a rep. named Heather for 4 months getting all my numbers in line. She asked me for my expenses over 4 times. She put me on a pre-modification that reduced my payment about $213.00 for 3 months. If I didn’t accept this pre-mod, I could not even try to qualify for the real modification. The only catch was that it would show I would be one payment behind on my mortgage. I am never late on any payments, but took this offer because I had hope that I would qualify for the real modification. The next hurdle was getting a value on my home. It took over a month but she kept answering her phone and telling me when to call back. Finally, last week, I caller her and she said that I did qualify for the real modification and my mortgage payment would be reduced to over 1/2 of what it normally is for 5 years. My interest rate would lower from 6.25 to 2.0 for 5 years then go up 1 point each year. The last I heard from her was she would call me back and let me know when to make my modified payment and what the cap interest rate would be. Well, I can’t reach her. Seems she has vanished off the face of the earth. I got in touch with Another rep. named Michael and she ran a few of my numbers and said that I had been rejected for the modification. He suggested I borrow $15,000 from Citimortgage to help me out with my mortgage. I was outraged!!!! I have left Michael numerous voice mails but now he won’t call back and I can’t get through to anyone at Citibank today. If I look online at my account, it shows me behind 2 months. I feel I’m screwed. They screwed me and now won’t even call me back. It’s an aweful feeling. If my credit it not too screwed up by this pre-modification, I am going to try to do whatever I can to get out from underneath Citimortgage.
    They are criminals as far as I am concerned.

  241. Kate says:


    Was Heather reached at the same phone number and in the same department as Michael? Are you actually dealing with Citimortgage’s Loss Mitigation department or some type of 3rd party vendor? Is this a Freddie or Fannie loan and a HAM modification, or something else?

    Your story is very bizarre and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. It is scarry news for those of us who are still in the trial stage.

  242. anonymous says:

    We first applied for a modification back in January. (As soon as Obama started his spending spree with taxpayer money). It finally got approved Today! (First week of August). Lowered our interest rate to 2% and cut our monthly payment by $800 a month. We had gotten $5000 behind in our payments but were told we were not responsible for it. So I guess after a lot of sleepless nights it was all worth while. We first signed up for the “in-house program”, but they switched it to the HAMP after a couple of months. It did not work, so they went back to the original one that finally went through.

  243. anonymous aslo says:

    We got “pre approved” back in May for the ham program. We made two of the trial payments and then they said we should have never been approved due to our income.

    They orig. only looked at my husbands income since he is the only one on the loan. No “co-borrower” but since my name is on the deed of trust, they consider me as a co-borrower.

    Does anyone know if this is correct information?

    Any information would be appreciated.

  244. jfenton says:

    CITI is to say the least very confused internally and very confusing to us as well!

    I had a pay cut back in April and in June, finally reached the point where I couldn’t make my full payment. I was told by a rep at CITI not to send in a partial as “the computer wouldn’t know what to do with it” and once I was officially 30 days late, to call them back…which is exactly what I did.

    I spoke to a very pleasant rep on 6/30 who took all of my financial info, advised that she was ordering a BPOE (whatever that is) and that I should sit tight and check back on 7/23. She also asked that as a backup, I fill out a hardship assistance application on line, which we did.

    When I called on 7/23, I was advised that I had been approved for a modification from our existing rate of 8.40 (it was due to adjust in 6/09) to 6 3/8 and that I had to make a payment by the end of July so that I didn’t fall 30 days behind……so I did just that. I was then told to await the package they were sending me via UPS….and it did arrive.

    The package stated that I had no further payments due until 10/1 with subsequent payments due for my trial period on 11/2 and 12/4….I thought all was set.

    A week later, just to be sure, I called and spoke to a rep who told me that the paperwork was wrong and if I didn’t make another payment by 9/1 that I would be in default of my trial period! I was further told that CITI is “confused” as this is a new government plan.

    Today, 8/10/09 I called again to double check and was told that new information is being sent to me today which we clearly spell out the interest rate, terms and payment dates and will request additional information which actually gets sent to the treasury department.

    I’m getting the feeling that nobody has a clue as to what’s really going on and I’m guessing that this new paperwork will muddy the waters further.

    I’ll bet I’ve been on hold for over 20 hours though this process and that I’ve been disconnected dozens of times while either holding for a supervisor or actually speaking to one.

    One would assume that since they ask you to verify your home phone and cell #’s that they could actually call you back when this happens?

    The one real positive I will say is that when I have actually gotten to speak with a rep at CITI…they have been polite….it just seems as though no two of them are on the same page.

  245. Loretta Creech says:

    Boy are you people right about citi being confused. Every time I call I am told a different story. My loan is so messed up that I don’t believe I will ever get it straightened up. I am only one payment behind and I have become disabled and they won’t give me a loan modification. I barely pay my bills because my mortage is so high. You would think this program woould help someone who is disabled but it does not. There are no programs out there for the disabled and if you become disabled you are just lost. Citi has no sympathy and I believe they are more cruel to me than they were before I became disabled. I’m not very happy with them either and the only people who promise to help me are lawyers who want to charge me a big lot of money.

  246. steph says:

    My Citi mortgage story has been going on for 9 m0nths. September 2008,we contaced Citi in regards to not be able to keep up with increased mortgage payments due to income loss. They told us we were not behind so they could not help us. No we weren’t but we stressed we were down to our last 2,000 and it would happen shortly if we didn’t get some relief on our increased mortgage . We were told to sell or find an investor to buy our mortgage at current value. As a realtor and heavily affected income, I am very aware of the programs offered and I tolod the guy that there was recently a law passed to help those who were current but were in need of help to save their home. My income dropped 95% as a realtor therefore we were perfect candidates for a modification. My husband makes a steady income but it isn’t enough without my contribution and 3 kids, 3 people with medical conditions that require monthly dr visits, meds, and testing. Unable to keep up with our mortgage, we had to cease the 401K contribution taken out of my husbands check to make ends meet-that was still not enough without my income. In January, we called again and were told to fill out the hardship letter- we did so and faxed in paperwork. of course when we called they hadn’t received it. I also kept the confirmation that it was received by fax confirmation.

    Like everyone else-we sent it again.l This time they received it We received our letter that we would have a counselor call us about our modification from loss mitigATION. No one called us for 7 weeks. unable to keep up with 0ur outstanding medical debt and trying to keep oour house we had to file bankruptcy7 and guess what we received a call from our loss mitigation person 7 days after our BK petition was filed. & weeks after we received the letter from citi regarding a workout–guess w3hat now they couldnt talk to us because we were in BK…
    In our paperwork, we stated we were reaffirming our house. Guess what the paperw3ork never came because Citi wouldn’t reaffirm with us being 2 month behind. We were still making payment but got behind on 2 and I asked citi if we could send partial until the 2 months were cawught up and she said no-it had to be the full amount. I told her if I had the 2 months then I wouldn’t be calling her for help.. Now we had to wait another 60 days until our BK was discharged. I expressed to her we are doing everything we can to keep our house. We are upside down 60K and as a realtor I know that they don’t want to take this house back if they have willing homeowners who want to keep it. Still no help. After our discharge in July, I called again stating We have income to show but my husbands pay has been reduced by 10% and our house payment takes half of our monthly net. We are wanting to keep our house and minimized all expenses to be able to make our house payments because we want to keep our house. She looked up our file–oh she couldn’t get anything because her computers were down-likely story. She just wanted to get us off the phone. My whole life has been turned upside down this year and I am trying everything I know to get someone from Citi to talk to us because we do have a steady income and have always paid on time for the last 12 years except for twice when we hit a rough patch. As for the lady that works for Citi-we don’t spend frivalously-my childrens wchool clothes were bought at Goodwill so that we can stay in our house-these are the stories of people who have hit rough patches and no one from Citi is willing to help and we helped yall and gave you guys all that money that we will never see again and we’ll be kicked out of our houses because of lenders greed. Yes I am pissed. I have been trying for 9 months to get help from citi and still can’t get the same answer from anyone.


  247. Howard Spindel says:

    Citi has been nothing but a complete pain to me. Read my story published in the Oregonian here:

    Still fighting them.

  248. Ann says:

    Just Faxed my papers for the modifacation with CitiM. will keep you all updated.

  249. ernestoq says:

    I wish I can buy another house and leave this things behind ……..

  250. Kitty Holiday says:

    To: Just Try It!
    Any idea when FHA is going to give the go ahead to the mortgage companies (especially Citi) for their HAM? I’ve read on the FHA web site that their plan is effective as of Aug. 15, 2009. When I spoke to the Citi Loss Mitigation dept. on Friday Aug. 28th, I was told that FHA has not given them the okay to start implementing the plan.
    Please help, I’m running out of time!

  251. Michelle says:

    Check out this article on How They Fared: Treasury Releases Rankings of Mortgage Units. Its from August 4th and has a lot of insight into the monitoring process the government is doing. Banks and mortgage companies were rated an F!! Big surprise to all of us. Also check out , click on helpful resources and read Home Affordable Modification Program(HAMP) outline and guidelines from March 4th, 2009. Knowledge is power and these resources tell us what Citimortgage is suppose to be doing. Still trying to modify myself since March. I know it might not help but I emailed my state’s senator/governor and the President letting them know what Citimortgage is doing to us all. Some hopeful info in that article I mentioned in the beginning of my comment states that if the lenders do not increase their numbers of modified loans the government will start to pass legislation to make them. They have a November 1st deadline to improve.

  252. Rick vanH says:

    It took a long time (6 months)…multiple contacts at Citi…persistance on my part…and I finally got hooked up with a AWESOME person at Citi who took the ball for me and scored a Grand Slam!! This one person and the loan mod I got will change my life forever…I am incredibly grateful. CitiMortgage came through for me in a big way!! Thanks a million to D. Shelton…My man of the year! rick

  253. Liz says:

    We just got our call and “offer” from citibank yesterday. I don’t feel it’s a great deal at all! $300 off our current payment. 3% for the next 5 years, then 1% added every year until it gets back to 6.75%.
    My husband asked if they could do better and the guy said, that was all he was “authorized” to offer. We had to say yes or no on the spot, no time to talk to each other about it. We said yes because if we said no, then what? We just lose our house? $300 doesn’t help us with our situation. We have a 2nd that cost that much. He also wouldn’t help us with our 2nd because it’s with another bank.
    Our house is worth 1/2 or less of the balance.
    The paperwork on this offer is on its way. Not sure what to do now.
    Does anyone know what happens if you say no and can’t afford the offer? Any advice.
    **Rick vanH, do you mind me asking what kind of Grand Slam you got???

  254. Wishful Thinker says:

    So this is HAMP? Have a 1st and 2nd, house is now worth $79,00 we owe $300,000. Income is down 1/2. Submitted hardship paperwork via NACA (the WORKS, 2 yrs taxes, hardship letter, bank statements, etc.) CONFIRMED they had it in their system in June. Two DAYS later rcvd a HAMP offer: 3 month trial lowering my 1st by $400, to be followed up by a review. 2nd Mort not addressed. No interest info included and vague threat that if our income wasn’t low enough we may end up with higher payment. Sent our “polite no thanks, please look at our original proposal” via Fed Ex. Called Citi a zillion times (documented), finally told that they had my “verbal” ok to lock in the HAMP but that they had none of my paperwork on file. They told me the details were 3yrs at 2% then up and up to current rate at year 5. HELLO! This is an interest only loan, by the 5th year it would be resetting and the payment would be through the roof. ALSO, the system showed a “verbal authorization” to modify my 2nd with an INCREASED payment of guess what – about $400. 2nd is also interest only with a balloon payment. As of September they claim they have no other paperwork, hardship packet or otherwise, basically HAMP trumps anything else? Even if it won’t work. I still have NOT been assigned a Citi counselor and suspect this is all for nothing. Continued to make my proposed payments which ended up directly in an “unapplied accounts” fund. They are showing that I am 4 months behind as of yesterday. Personally my crying days are over but my husband and kids want to stay – I just wish I could get a STRAIGHT ANSWER so I could be done with this!!!

  255. Robert Hirst says:

    Our FICO is over 770 and we never missed any payment on anything. I lost my job and wrote my first letter to Citi in Oct 2008…no response.
    I went online in Jan and filled out the hardship info…in Feb I called and they said they had nothing from me…the person said “about 50% of the time the online service doesn’t work.” I re-submitted everything in Feb.

    Waited 30 days, no update…on subsequent calls I was transferred, cut off and got a busy signal…never any information.

    In April I called my senator. I got a voicemail a week later saying I didn’t quality for modification.

    THEN…I didn’t receive a statement for two months so I called Citi. They told me I was in the load modification program for the past two months even though I didn’t know it and was making full payments.

    The person took my update info over the phone (I now had a job after eight months) and they said I now didn’t qualify. I said but, I was qualified for the past two months so does that count in reducing my payment at least for May and June? They said no because I never signed the papers. Of course, they had never sent me any papers.

    Finally, this month in Sept I have not made the payment and don’t plan to make another one. Does anyone have experience in how long it takes from the first missed payment until you have to be out of the house?

  256. Liz says:

    Is there a guideline that Citi follows to determine what modification you will receive? It doesn’t seem like any of our expences were put into account.
    I wrote my offer above, I forgot to add that he said we need to pay the new payment for 3 months on time or the deal is off.
    Is this deal final or will I get a better, worse or declined offer after the 3 months? Are the 3 months for them to look over our paperwork??
    Any Citi reps or Someone in my same situation out there??? Thanks!

  257. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    Update… still working with Citi… the hospital that put us into bankruptcy has a lien on our home… stuill going through the courts to try and have it removed as the lein and the debt were discharged in the bankruptcy…Everything is on hold untill Muskogee regional drops the lein or the court in the county where we reside removes it….this whole thing is rediculous….
    BTW they want to take out a piece of my brain… go figure.

  258. Rick VanH says:

    Hi Liz, Sorry it took so long to post back to you. I know that everybody’s situation is different, and my plan from Citi…based on my situation…could be way different from the plan everybody else is offered. I offer this as help so everybody else out there knows what has been happening.

    I have a jumbo loan with Citi. I have a FICO over 800. I was laid off in December of 2008. I continued to make my REALLY HIGH (6.875% interest) payments on time by using funds from a unsecured loan that I have with my credit union. That money ran out in June so I could not make my July 1st paymnet. They have a intermediary company (not a citi company I believe) reviewing all the “Workable Solutions” applications. Their person who reviewed my package couldn’t offer any help, only to say it was processed/approved on their end and it would now be forwarded back to Citi. Then D. S. from Citi called. At that point I was at wits end, and had accepted the fact that I was probably going to loose my home. I also had just started back at my old company, but now at about 1/3 of what I used to make. David for Citi assured me that there was a solution…and that he would help any way he could. His first offer back was incredible…1.5% fixed for two years…2% for years 3 through 5, then 2.5% for the balance of the loan! You won’t belive this, I said no. I was so frustrated with paying so much for so long, and I was really scared about the future. I at this time wanted long term security. So I asked David to go back and ask for 2% fixed loan for the life of the loan. Did I take a chance or what! He got back to me when he said he would, and said that the best he could do was his original offer. I accepted. I just made my first payment September 1. They also added the interest from my missed payments to the loan balance with no late fees. David even stopped any reporting to the bureaus for the missed payments of July 1 and August 1. To verify this however I will need to obtain my current credit report. David and Citi did indeed change my life. I am so grateful I what to tell the whole world how great Citi is…but I know that for every one person thay make happy…maybe one or two are mad at them. I hope that you, and everybody else gets what THEY NEED that will change their life. Hope this helps…rick

  259. Liz says:

    Rick, thank you for replying. I’m really happy for you. I understand everyone has a different situation and circumstances.
    I’m still hopeful…thanks!

  260. Kay says:

    I’m in the process of going through Citi’s pre-trial loan modification. I’ve UPS’d over my package and am waiting to hear of a final approval. I can say it has been a lengthy process, I started back in March 2009 but my BPO (home value) finally came back after 2.5 months and I was told that I was approved for the loan mod, contingent upon my 90 day pre-trial phase (making the new set payments on time and submitting the required documents, paycheck stubs, tax return, application, etc.). My payments have been dropped significantly and prayingfully my loan mod will be finalized with the new set pre-trial payments that I am currently making. All in all through out this process, I have ran into a few inconsistant answers from Citi reps but mostly all of the reps have been very warm and nice. I remain(ed) persistent on following up with them to make sure that they do what they said, to make sure all my ducks are in a row (as well as theirs) and to make sure that each rep was/is telling me the same thing. So far so good. I’m so sorry to read about the many horor stories pertaining to Citi’s unprofessionalism towards the many homeowners. I would say continue to try and get a loan mod via it be through Citi or NACA… The Home Assistance Program set by President Obama is for us homeowners so continue to be persistent…

  261. Liz says:

    Hi Kay,
    How long did it take for you to receive your pre-loan mod paperwork?
    We still have not received anything and the rep said our 1st payment is due Oct 1st.
    Do they do home value checks on all modifications?
    Please keep us all informed on your process and progress.
    Thanks, Liz

  262. Kay says:

    Hi Liz,

    It took about 3 weeks for me to receive the pre-trial loan mod paperwork (3 weeks after I spoke to a rep telling me that I was pre-approved for the loan mod). The rep also told me to make sure I make my first pre-trial payment by the first due date even if I haven’t received my paperwork. So, taking her advice I did… my first payment was due on 9/1 (she told me that over the phone and keep in mind this was before the paper work was UPS’s over to me). So Liz, I would say if your first payment is due 10/1, go ahead and make that payment even if you haven’t received your paperwork as of yet. Call Citi (866-272-4749) and ask whichever rep that answers your call to give you your payment amount… that’s what I did because I was reassured that if I missed any of the pre-trial payments I would be put out of the program.

    As far as the home value checks (BPO /home appraisals) I think it depends on the loan mod program you are in. My loan mod is with the Pres. Obama homeowners assistance program and that particular program (from my understanding, what the Citi reps told me) requires a BPO for my home. As long as your home value is below the price of what you were financed for you should be ok and pre-approved contingent upon other documentation.

    I hope this info helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    P.S. I have a PDF copy that I found on the internet of the President Obama’s Homeowner’s Assistance Program guidelines. It’s very interesting and helpful. It explains in great detail what is needed/expected via mortgage companies and homeowners pertaining to the loan mod. If you want a copy le tme know and I can email it to you or try and get the URL and post it on here.

    Thanks and be persistent! :)

  263. Teresa says:

    Please Liz dont believe them they told me to skip payment and pay First payment by July 1st for my new mortgage payment. Ofcourse it was a little over my regular mortgage. I waited for this packet I never received. When I called to check status 5 days prior to July 1st they told me I was never approved and here I am 1 month behind. Used all monies to pay other debt. I am now delinquent 3 months behind. I tried loan modifications one time after another and they wont qualify me. Please continue to make your payments on time until you get documents in writing. Citimortgage are liars and they continue to scam people until they loose their homes.

  264. Teresa says:

    The Worse Help in My Life!!!

    Applied for loan mod pre-trial to reduce payments for 3month starting 7/11/09. According to rep they would send documents in mail. Never received them. Called 5 days prior to 7/11/09…..Guess what I was never qualified. Here I am a month behind. Used my monies to pay other debt. I asked for a forbearance plan while I look for a solution. Tried 3 modification loans and got rejected for all of them. I borrowed money from my parents to catch up and all of a sudden the rep says “Wait a couple of days to try again”. Common!!! 7 months gone by and they keep repeating the same story. What I dont get is why not let me pay my full outstanding balance…..there is nothing they can do. Im frustrated Ive done it all. Im tired and exhausted I wish there was a law to force them to help you. I feel alot of chest pain and anxiety attacks. I just want to die and forget this nightmare.

  265. Kay says:

    Teresa, I’m sorry to hear about your misfortunate experience w/Citi. I am aware that every persons loan situation is different. My experience w/Citi loan mod was different from yours and others as I explained to Liz. I hope that things will work out for you but wishing to die over this is an extreme cause of measure. Check out NACA (I’ve heard that they’ve assisted many homeowners w/loan mods) and see if they can assist you w/a loan mod. Your health and mind set in this ordeal is very important – trust me, trying to get approved for a loan mod is very frustrating but try to hang in there. I’m not officially approved yet (I’m praying that I will be) but until I do I am going to remain persistent by reaching out to Citi as much as I can.

  266. john says:

    Guys where can I get loan modification docs so that I can fax them out. Everytime I call them they just say “someone will get back to you”.. I want the web page where I can download citimortgage hardship assistance docs to atleast get the process started.
    Thank you!

  267. Karen says:

    Hi all,

    I have a second loan with Citi. I have been told since sept of last year that they would modify my loan but that the 1st loan had to modified first. I received a modification for the first loan ! Citi took a few months but kept reassuring me that alls good. Guess what in Aug. I recieved a modification package from Citi. I UPSed it back and I thought my nightmare was over (at least for 5 years). Nope a couple of weeks later Sheila Hackman calls and said that Citi made a mistake – someone accidentaly signed my paperwork thinking it was someone elses file. I started to receive collection calls again – I must know everyone in that department now! Anyway the collection department stated that Loss Mitigation made a mistake and my file should have been fine and asked for another payment. I don’t believe anyone at Citi anymore – truly a disorganized mess. My credit report reads “charged off” , I continue to make my modified first loan payments. Citi has threated that they will garnish my wages for the rest of my life – but i’m self employed so not sure how they will do that. Won’t they have to pay the first loan if they foreclose on me? Any advise is appreciated.

  268. Kay says:

    Hi John,

    I think you have to be approved/pre-approved first before you can get loan mod paperwork. But there’s some homeowner’s assistance documentation that you can download from Citi’s website regarding homeowner’s assistance. I hope that helps.


  269. Juni says:

    I have been talking to Citi mtg since May.. I have submitted paper work and they keep wanting it again saying its outdated, thats because they wait so long to act. Has anyone else been charged a $470.00 application fee…? Not only was there no service but now Im out money too.

  270. Margie says:

    I have been calling Citi since March. I am getting the run around faxing paperwork calling back only to be told to call back in 10-15 days to find out more info and then nothing just keep waiting , they told me that my investor CMSI REMIC is not working with the modification program. But someone will call me in 10-15 days, that was earlier tonight I am not behind i have good credit but salaries are down everything else is up. We are struggling and just want some relief. I don’t believe a word they say. I thought all companies were to help homeowners stay in there homes.
    I feel like if i stop paying i will get help. I was actually told that by a phone solicitor that wants to help me get modified. I don’t want to pay someone to make phone calls.

    I am sick over this. Stress level is horrible.
    Has anyone really been helped?

  271. JDW says:

    Citi is unreliable. If they DID NOT accept government money, then I would appreciate their refusal to “do business”. But they made poor financial decisions, suffered for it, and asked for help from the government. They got help. However, if you, the individual, made poor financial decisions, suffered for it and asked for help from Citi, you will not get it. The help they offered me? Lowering my payment $63.00 a month, but only after closing costs of $4000.00. YUP! Better yet, “I’m too responsible”. I have a FICO score over 800 – no debt or car notes – just my expensive mortgage. Because I am responsible Citi figures I’m an easy mark. Lesson? You take care of yourself, your family, your bills – and the one time in your life you ask for a break, for some help? Nope. You don’t deserve any help. Eff Citi. For the record, I’m now putting a nice down payment on what is basically the same house I am already in – getting it about $78,000 cheaper and with a better rate. Once installed in the new home with a much lower payment I’m walking away from the other house. What care I if a lifetime of good credit doesn’t get a person any help when the ask for it? I pay cash for everything else anyway. Citi can eat that house. In fact, they can shove it up their ******.

  272. Cindy says:

    Amen to JDW. Same experience with Citi, and I feel the same way. They took $60 billion of taxpayer money to help THEM out, but they can’t be bothered to help the people who need it. I lost my job, and had planned to use my Citi stock to fund my unemployment. Oh, gee, that’s right! My $60 per share stock was then worth $.97!!! So, needless to say, I couldn’t use that money to keep my mortgage current. I got so much run around from Citi, I’m still 60 days behind. I wrote my Congressman, and all he did was refer me to a department that has yet to work with me.

  273. Cindy says:

    I want to know how much the author of this was paid to write this nonsense. CitiMortgage has been completely irresponsible, and no one in government has the ability to do anything. It’s an insult to our intelligence to suggest that CitiMortgage has helped a number of people. They haven’t and they won’t.

  274. Moe Bedard says:

    I wrote this approx. 1 year ago and it was what was happening at the time and Citi was helping those who came to my website and needed help. From the looks of things, times have changed for the worse.


    Obviously I am not paid because these comments are not censored in Citi’s favor and if you look at all who I am or what I am about, you will come to find out that I am on your side 110%. It is unfortunate that a lot of you are not getting better service and are feeling frustrated. I care and hope it changes because I have been fighting for 2 and 1/2 years and it still is the same ole, same ole.

    Peace to all and if I can recommend one thing, don’t let this consume you and focus on making more money and looking for opportunities.

    Money is now like water and food in our society. Without it, we perish. Sad but true.

    I feel that if homeowners really want to find culpability, blame the Federal Reserve, finance committees in government and the CEO’s before that took off with your money. That is the root of the problem and still is.

    Vote all of Washington out in 2010 and let us on Main Street form a new party.

    That is the answer.

  275. Eric says:

    Citimortgage is the worse ass company I have ever encounter.
    I don’t blame them but blame the Presidents stimulate package without any supervision. The president has put his hands in his enemies mouth to chew him badly and to destroy his effort. If I were the president, I will send task force to go houses to see how many people have been helped who do not have mortgage with Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac.
    Why is it that people who have mortgages with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being helped. I thought we are all US citizens and we have been scammed by these mortgage companies. I challenge the government to buy most of the loans from the private mortgage companies to see how much money they going to make and improvement in the worse economy.

  276. Marshall says:

    And I thought I was the only one…………………………………..

    Since I was laid off, we are currently in a negative cash flow situation. We contacted CITI mortgage during the middle part of June to initiate a mortgage modification. We filled out all of the proper documentation and faxed it as requested. We heard nothing for weeks so I contacted CITI’s contracted servicer the first week of July. Apparently, the information I faxed was never processed and subsequently lost. In a ten day period, I gave the same financial information to four different people. Obviously, I had questions about the process and as hard as it is to believe, I received different answers to my questions every time I asked them. Each individual gave me an extension number that I could contact them at; each time I called I was forwarded to their voice mail. During the third call, I asked the worker “if I leave a message, will you call me back”? She said matter-of-factly “sir, I have two weeks of calls on my voice mail, I do not have time to call anyone back”. On the fourth call I worked with a woman who stated that they just received new software that day, they did not know “how to really use it” as they were not trained on it, and during the middle of the interview, the software stopped receiving input deciding we were not qualified. The worker then went into the old software system which did in fact pre qualify us and I was told that CITI would contact us about the modification. I logged into CITI’s web site and the message I received was that they would contact us within three business days, and that the modification was in the final review process for approval. CITI contacted us FIVE business days later and imagine my surprise when I was told we did not qualify for a modification. I asked why and was told that since I have not been on unemployment for nine consecutive months, they could not that as income; they could only use my wife’s and that would leave too large of an income gap to get our house payment in the 31 % range. I then asked if this was a CITI policy concerning income and was told that she did not know however since they could not use my unemployment income, we could not modify our mortgage.
    My next move was to call HUD , and Hope Now. I worked with a woman who was very knowledgeable about the mortgage modification program. I asked her if she was aware of a government rule that forbids the use of unemployment as income in order to qualify for a modification. She stated that this is not a government stipulation; that the mortgage companies are able to make their own rules. I then proceeded to answer all of the financial questions for the fifth time. We qualified for a modification by HUD’s standards. In the end, she said she would write a letter to CITI asking them to review our application. She wanted to do a conference call with CITI however since Hope Now records all conference calls between mortgage holders, myself, and Hope Now that CITI refuses to take part. The irony of this is that CITI records all phone conversations with their customers?

    We are hoping that Hope Now will be able to help us. The only month I have worked this year is March. I was employed by a tier 2 automotive supplier for better than ten years. Like most of my peers I was permanently laid off since my job was eliminated. I understand this and I feel fortunate that I was able to hold onto my job for that long. I saw this coming a long time ago and did put money in the bank to augment my unemployment and my wife’s wages. Our money is starting to run low and I see a financial nightmare down the road. My intention was to receive a mortgage modification in order to stem this from happening. I do not know what will happen with the mod and I am hoping that we do not have to withdraw money from our 401 K’s. Our intention for the loan modification was to protect our good credit that we worked so hard to establish, and the plan is in jeopardy. It would appear that CITI will not grant mortgage modifications unless you are delinquent and I am thinking that this story is consistent with other people who are current with their bills and are attempting to receive a mortgage modification. In addition, CITI stated that our home was worth the same exact amount that the county says it is worth. CITI will tell you that they will perform a drive by to determine the value. This is simply not true either. Here are the facts:
    The home next to me sold recently for $123,000.00, 2600 square feet. a home three doors down sold for $108,000.00, 1900 square feet. My home? They say it is worth $148,000.00, 1044 finished square feet? This is laughable!

    UPDATE: 8/04/2009

    We finally received an approval from CITI for a mortgage modification however the approval came better than five weeks ago and we are waiting for the paperwork, which they said would arrive in four to eight weeks. They could not give us the modified terms on the phone so we have no clue as what the modification contains. Meanwhile, we are still in a negative cash flow situation and we face the prospect of two additional “full” mortgage payments. In the meantime, we have cut expenses as far as we can and are hoping that the modification happens soon. As of this writing, it has been nearly three months since I originated this process and it would seem that CITI is in no hurry to help which is contrary to the article on last week in which CITI was singing their own praises about how many people they have helped. Who are these people; whom have they helped and how have they been helped? How long did it actually take for CITI to help these people?

    UPDATE: 9/23/2009

    After waiting better than a month, I contacted CITI Mortgage today (09/23/2009) to inquire about our loan modification. I was told by the person whom I was working with that we had been denied since the underwriter would not allow it due to the fact I was on unemployment. This comes a month after they said we had been approved. The person whom I was working with stated that a letter had been sent out the first week of September however we never received it. When I asked how communication could have gotten so fouled up she apologized profusely, but had no answers. I am in total disbelief at the moment; we were counting on the modification to alleviate the stress on our finances and now the options are few. I am waiting on a call back from her however, I am assuming that there will be no help coming.

  277. JW says:

    I have had the same experience with Citi as everyone else here. They do not/are incapable/or have no interest of helping you on your mortgage. The people you talk to on the phone are clerks who have no power other than to make a note in your file. They will tell you they do not want your home and want to help you, but sadly those are only words.There is no one you can talk to, or ask to talk to that can make a decision.

    I have a sale date next week and have given up on the modification they said I was approved for, and now would just be happy with a re-instatement of the mortgage. Paying money down and catching up with the arrearage.
    My call to Citi this evening is a good example of some of the things I have been dealing with for the last 8 months: First call I could not hear them very well and had to call back(I have had many dropped calls from their system). Second call I explained everything, they agreed with me, said they were showing payments I am approved for, but they would have to transfer me to someone else, on hold for a long time, then someone else picks up who knows nothing about who I am, so I start over, explain everything again, ask if I have been transferred to this person, they answer no but tell me to hold and they will connect me with the right person, on hold for a long time, then I am cut off. Third call, I seem to find someone who is intelligent which gives me hope, I tell her what I’m looking for, she says the department I need to talk to, she cannot transfer me and does not have a number for, says there are a lot of people in the company that do not have direct lines, but she says she can e-mail the person I need to talk to, she does that , I thank her, end of call.

    I talked to an attorney today about filing CH 13, but at this point I think I’m going to walk away unless by some miracle they (or me) can get in touch with me to work something out. I am willing and able to send a down payment on the past due amount, and willing to send a larger monthly payment, but they seem incapable of doing anything. As it is, I don’t see how this company can survive other than fleecing taxpayers. Screw Citi….I’ll spend the rest of my life campaining against them.

  278. Rick VanH says:

    I must have been the only one in the whole world to have a POSITIVE outcome with CitiMortgage. It took 5 months but the Loan Modification I received was awesome. I truely feel for everyone out there who is having diffuculty.

    I just finished helping my sister-in-law with hers. It was a FannieMae. It took us 4 months for hers. Great plan…2% for the next 5 years. Maybe I have the special touch. She ended up being 3 payments behind.

    I don’t undestand the unemployemnt thing…the rules seem to be constantly changing.

  279. beth says:

    I have just been asked to fill out the hardship assistance package. We are in the middle of our trial period and they have all of our paperwork. My questions is, should our net disposable income be positive or negative? Mine is down as negative now, but I can’t remember the exact figures I used and since it is within a few hundred dollars, I’m worried they’ll deny us now if we are a little too high or a little too low.

  280. Paul Suplee says:

    Interesting how someone on the topside made the comment that people such as I just got ourselves into too much home. Not the case. We have never had any payment issues until I had to change careers due to my wife’s cancer. We are now single income with four kids, and we still make every payment. We qualified for the HAM and tried it, and CITI screwed up the paperwork. I have their admission of guilt in the form of cases which have been opened to fix the erroneous entries on my credit report. It has had devastating effects on my finances, with credit card limits dropped among other things. This is a nightmare, Citimortgage is a nightmare and a fiasco, and whoever wrote this article is so far into the Citi payroll that it’s not even funny. I have been fighting this thing since June and it’s still not settled. How in the hell is that customer oriented? I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing “I apologize for the inconvenience.” They have ruined my credit, and while it is in the slow, slow, slow process of being fixed, it has made my life hell for months, and my wife, with kidney cancer, does not need this crap. And all of this after we made every single payment in good faith. Period.

  281. KG says:

    I started the same thing with CitiMortgage back in April. I actually thought they cared, because I too was one of those that cared about her credit. I had lost my husband of 20 years to cancer and was left raising 4 sons on my own, with two being in college. I called Citi and was told they couldn’t help me because I was current on my payments and had never missed one. So I fell hook line and sinker when they told me, we could help IF we put you on a Forebearance Plan for 3 months at a 20% reduction in my monthly payment and change the due date of my loan by 25 days. Here I am in September and have never received not one call from them…I called them every day/week up until August and to this date, have never received a call from the Loss Mitigation Dept, but I sure have from collections. I have gone thru every single scenario from people on this site. All I can say is CITIMORTGAGE YOU ARE CROOKS AND COULD GIVE OR CARE ABOUT ANY OF US. SEE MICHAEL MOORE’S MOVIE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND! Who ever that person is on this site from CitiMortgage is PAID to monitor this site I guaranteed you, because why if she supposedly works so many hours would you want to come home to read this and you have children and are a single parent? SHAME ON CITIMORTGAGE FOR DOING THIS TO PEOPLE! I have cried so hard that I don’t know what to do. I have decided to not fight this any longer. My children need their mother and my health and sanity.

  282. KG says:

    I started the same thing with CitiMortgage back in April. I actually thought they cared, because I too was one of those that cared about her credit. I had lost my husband of 20 years to cancer and was left raising 4 sons on my own, with two being in college. I called Citi and was told they couldn’t help me because I was current on my payments and had never missed one. So I fell hook line and sinker when they told me, we could help IF we put you on a Forebearance Plan for 3 months at a 20% reduction in my monthly payment and change the due date of my loan by 25 days. Here I am in September and have never received not one call from them…I called them every day/week up until August and to this date, have never received a call from the Loss Mitigation Dept, but I sure have from collections. I have gone thru every single scenario from people on this site. All I can say is CITIMORTGAGE YOU ARE CROOKS AND COULD GIVE OR CARE ABOUT ANY OF US. SEE MICHAEL MOORE’S MOVIE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND! Who ever that person is on this site from CitiMortgage is PAID to monitor this site I guaranteed you, because why if she supposedly works so many hours would you want to come home to read this and you have children and are a single parent? SHAME ON CITIMORTGAGE FOR DOING THIS TO PEOPLE! I have cried so hard that I don’t know what to do. I have decided to not this any longer. My children need their mother. I have ended up with ulcers due to this.

  283. inthbiz says:

    I’ll make this as quick as possible. I lost my job which I was making $4500. a week. Then the new job I was able to get nets meI have been trying to get a loan mod due to hardship with CM since April 2009. Before that I was on a forebearance plan which I paid, then the balloon payment came do I had no choice but to apply for a loan mod. Got the complete run around over the phone (yes I qualified,never heard back,called back, no you don’t qualify, on and on) until I final came upon a Carol Martin (w/Loss & Mitigation) in May who initially was my angel, my savior. I have a large loan and don’t qualify for the Obama plan. I was close to foreclosure. On May 11th after sending in all the docs (back in April) she phoned and said I did qualify for a modification, and that she was able to remove my home out of pending foreclosures ( I was there because I had not paid my original loan payment ($5000.) since December 2009) But in order to get me out of the foreclosure arena and into this loan mod I had to make a payment of $746. which I immediately did. Then to cut to the chase she said I qualified for mod at 2.5% $2500. and blah, blah, blah. Paper work would be coming in the mail. No paper work arrived ever. I emailed her up until June 23. My loan mod rep who had been talking off and on with kindly angelic Carol over these months got her on the phone at the end of June and she was a completely different person. My payment went from $2500. to $4107. all of a sudden. My rep was blown away he tried to find out what, why and she ended up hanging up on him. I called her a day later and she acted as if I was her enemy and told me to talk to her supervisor. He never came on the line (Michael Peterson) never answered a call or an email. I was left hanging. I then (thru blogs) found the wonderful Executive response unit and a young man by the name of Christian (no last name,hmmm) who some said had helped them. I found out that Carol Martin had me on the Obama plan which I never qualified for and now I can see that she must of been reprimanded for implying that I was getting a mod. I still don’t know why she hung up on my rep and was angry with me. In any case the experienced Christian first told me to just sell my house (of 19 years) a short sale. I tell Christian, no I want to stay in my home. So I email,fax, send all the docs, paystubs, etc to him to go over and then to submit if I pass the test. Days or a month later he phones my rep, he tells him I do qualify for a hardship mod. It’s 3 payments at $3909. they will drop $106,000 off of the loan and after the 3 month trial I will be locked in at 3%. Oh my god! I am golden! Docs will sent in 2 to 3 weeks. Not so fast. That was the end of August. The only docs that arrived where from the mod (that was incorrect/obama plan that I don’t qualify for) for $4107. for 3 payments. My rep called Christian and he said oh that was a mistake. Your docs should arrive soon. Got a call from my rep September 26th from Christian things had changed. My payment was now $5600. a month for the life of the loan @ 4.8% take it or leave it and they will not drop any of the excess fees,etc. The $106,000 Christian had said would be subtracted remains. My loan mod rep has spoken with Christians supervisor and he says that the FDIC will not allow them to subtract the $106,000. I just don’t get it because first he said it was the initial investor or whomever put the money up for the loan disallowed the subtraction of $106,000. My point in all of this is that event their Mission Impossible highly trained Executive Response Team is F@%^D up. And I don’t know if there is anything or anyone to turn to. I am going to contact as many execs at citi as I can and complain. I do have word out to Senator Feinstein here in California. I am going to contact the attorney generals office and us attorney in hopes someone will say HEY, look at this guys file so he doesn’t bother us anymore.
    Thanks for caring.

  284. KG says:

    I started the same thing with CitiMortgage back in April 2009. I actually thought they cared, because I too was one of those that cared about her credit. I had lost my husband of 20 years to cancer and was left raising 4 sons on my own, with two being in college. I called Citi and was told they couldn’t help me because I was current on my payments and had never missed one. So I fell hook line and sinker when they told me, we could help IF we put you on a Forebearance Plan for 3 months at a 20% reduction in my monthly payment and change the due date of my loan by 25 days and take a relook in August. But by the way, don’t pay attention to that park where it asks for the balloon payment at the end and your credit won’t be affected. I was thrilled!! Here I am in September and have never received not one call from them…I called them every day/week up until August and to this date, have never received a call from the Loss Mitigation Dept or my counselor. BUT I sure have from collections, even on Sundays. I have gone thru every single scenario from people on this site. All I can say is CITIMORTGAGE YOU ARE CROOKS AND COULD GIVE OR CARE ABOUT ANY OF US. SEE MICHAEL MOORE’S MOVIE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND! Who ever that person is on this site from CitiMortgage is PAID to monitor this site I guaranteed you, because WHY, if she supposedly works so many hours would you want to come home to read this and you have children and are a single parent? SHAME ON CITIMORTGAGE FOR DOING THIS TO PEOPLE! I have cried so hard that I don’t know what to do. I ended up with heart palpations and ulcers. I have decided to not fight this any longer and have just stopped making payments. My sons need their only parent and I need my sanity to go on.

  285. Leon Gray says:

    Wow. Wow…. Wow! This is amazing!

    CitiMortgage has done it to me also folks! Just got a letter 2 days ago stating my home will be sold at auction on November 2, 2009.
    I have never been so frustrated in my life. My son is no longer in my home. CitiMortgage used his disability check of $600 to approve a modification of this loan from $1400 per month to a reduced payment of $1300 per month when he was in the home. The interest rate on this loan went from 6.8% to 6.5%. (huh?) Since this is a VA Guaranteed Loan, I suppose this was acceptable. The whole point of this is after numerous calls and submissions of hardship packages, etc. April Whyatt, Brandi, Robert and other representatives all had different stories on why I could not receive a restructure of this loan. My son moved out…the supplemental income is no longer in the home…I had bad financial management. Whatever the case may be, I have 5 children in this house now…Government Bailout money was given to assist people to stay in their homes. I was told not for me and my family because we were not as bad as others. WHAT part of assistance did CitiMortgage no understand. Still working with organizations that may be able to help me save our home even when we have this sale date. I will keep you folks posted. I hope that people are strong enough to stand up and hold CitiMortgage accountable for all thier actions.

  286. bryan says:

    message for rickvanh.

    please give us some advice. how did you do it? we try and try. no one knows what the story is at this company. citi. i feel sorry for the employees, telling lies all day. i know i couldn’t sleep at night. the truth will prevail, but it is going to take all of us to collaborate against them. we’ve payed our 4th month trial period to re modify, still no paperwork in the mail. citi rep’s. “against the law to fax it. don’t know what department sends it, don’t know what shipping company we use… um,um,um.” it’s is very funny! wish i could get payed to know nothing and could give people the run around all day. (not really) to rick, please if you read and have a moment give a couple of details in how you got it done, because we are losing faith in humanity here. thanks a million

  287. CW says:

    Everyone needs to be taking notes and/or recording everything you do with Citi. People need to take their anger and follow up with your investor (Freddie Mac or Fannie) and also to state Attorney Generals and your Congressman. This is not the end of this story, big changes coming down the pipeline for the crooks at Citi.

  288. Dale says:

    I would just like to echo the comments that so many others have posted. Citi Mortgage is a scam ! They bought up all of these mortgages and made millions. Now they are letting people loose their homes at a alarming rate. If there is anyone that knows of a attorney that would know what grounds and is willing to start a class action lawsuit, please contact me..Together we can bring them down !! It would be a win for the people that really need it..

  289. Rick VanH says:

    Here is what I did:
    My loan is not a Fannie or a Fanny, so the “Making Homes Affordable” (Obama) Plan didn’t come into play. When I applied back in March of 2009, there was the option to print out the Citimortgage “Workable Solutions” application from the Citi Web site. I did that, filled it out and Faxed it to Citi. I just tried to find it on the Citi site but it seems to be gone. There was also the option to set up an appointmnet with a Citi Loan Mod Representative. I also did that. After talking with them I soon realized that the Rep. was a different group that received the Workable Solutions Package. I decided to not work with the rep. over the phone and go with the Workable Solutions Group. At the time I could not understand why they had two separate groups working loan mods. I basically flipped a coin on that decision.

    I waited 10 weeks before I made my first call. I was assured that it was in work. I then received a call from a third party. They were reviewing these packages for Citi. So Citi received my package, and sent it to this third party for more review. I finally received a call in June, and was told that I made too little and had too many bills. Essentually told that a loan mod was not an option. This rep was very tight lipped about what numbers they were looking for. They told me they wouldn’t even send it back to Citi unless certain parameters were met. I told the guy that I could eliminate some unnecessary items from my monthly nut. I did that and re-adjusted the financilal portion of the application. This did take a couple tries, but finally got it to the point to where they would “Approve” it to be reviewed again by Citi.

    A couple more weeks went by and finally received a call from my HERO at Citi. His name was David. A had been supplementing my income with a HELOC loan, but that had run out. I could not make my payment due July 1st. It did seem that they took more interest after I missed my forst payment. David was EXTREMELY helpful. From that point forward everything he said he would do he did. They put together a package that I could not refuse. I made my first payment under the loan mod. on September 1st. They used UPS to send the docs back and forth.

    Maybe since my loan was a Jumbo, I’m out here in Washington State, or ??? made the difference for me. I do not know. It is frustrating for me to read how difficult it is for everyone out there. In fact i just helped my Sister-in-Law complete her loan mod. Hers was a Fannie.

    My only advice…You hear that you only have one chance when submitting your packagae, i.e. the numbers you show on the financial portion. In my case and my in-laws, they allowed us to make some spending habit changes, document them, and re-submit our forms. (can you find cheaper car insurance, cut back/eliminate cell phone, etc). They are definetely looking for certain numbers for them to move forward…and these numbers seem to be all over the board. And…as hard as it may seeem, don’t give up. Pry them for the numbers they are looking for. My in-law already worked full time, but tooks a second job to pay off some CC bills, payed them off then quit.

    I really feel for those going through this and I hope everyone has a positive outcome. It does appear that the application process has changed since I applied. There is the online application for you fill out now, and like I mentioned, I couldn’t find any reference to the “Workable Solutions” package that I used. I think that is gone in lieu of the online form?? I hope any of this helps!!


  290. tommy says:

    I work for CitiMortgage and I just want to say that this is the most un professional shit I have ever done. We are not trained correctly at all and our procedures change on a weekly basis so if U do learn how to do something, it will change as soon as U learn it. If U have CitiMortgage as your mrtg co. Good Luck, You will need it. I work there and I see how fucked up it is. Beleive me, U have no idea

  291. Goe says:

    Tommy, I would not be surpise that CitiMortgage is choatic. I wonder if Citi or whoever it be “purposely” permit or “even promote” the choatic atomsphere to flourish. It is like some retailers purposely permit or even promote the “merchandise return” line to be very difficult to work with so as to “discourage” consumers to return items they brought. Regarding CitiMortgage, I am just guessing. No proof. If Citi really care about helping homeowners, I would believe their assistance program would run a lot smoother. I guess, once Congress make whatever CitiMortgage accountable for what CitiMortgage representatives said over the phone or wrote to homeowners, then perhaps, Citi will change. Until then, taxpayers, we have to suck it up.

  292. Artiec says:

    That is such BS!!!! I just got off the phone with the mitigation dept at citi motrg. Since I have been out of a job for 7 month, I asked them if they would do a loan modification. I was told by Ashley that there is no such thing and they don’t do that. She said my only course of action is to short sell my house. So much for HELPING PEOPLE.

  293. Ellie Cutler says:

    Citimortgage is a joke! They hold my second mort (11,000). When I got laid off last January, I immediately contacted both them and my first mort. holder (TBW). Citi told me to go modify my first, then come back to them. It took my first 7 months to modify my first – it was sold twice in the process, and finally landed with Saxon, who just installed the HAMP software in Sept and I am now in trial mod payments. I was in contact w/Citi *EVERY MONTH*, updating them on progress w/first mod. Now that I had my first trial payment w/first mort. in September, suddenly I find that my 2nd w/Citi has been charged off! No notice to me. I spent 4 hours on the phone w/citi yesterday in a round robin of homeowner’s assistance, customer service, load mod., loss mitigation, and recovery departments. They all had different answers – some said recovery dept could get loan back into citi, then recovery dept (they were the nastiest) said the loss mitigation dept. didn’t know what they were talking about and obviously needed more training! I couldn’t get the same person twice on the phone. They must make more money charging it off than putting it through HAMP, but it’s a worse case for me. Surprise!

    I went to see the movie “Capitalism” last night (Michael Moore) – no shit!

  294. Go Viral says:

    It worked for getting interest lowered for credit card holders, why can’t it work for CitiMortgage?

    My story is much like the ones I have read over the last hour. Only for me, we have not received any paperwork and have been given the run around and wrong information since August 17, 2009. I was told that we were approved and that we should start sending in our trial loan amount starting October 1, November 1 & December 1. During that time I would receive a package of information via UPS, send in the requested information and they will assess our new loan amount. Never received the package from UPS. Called again, told they would resubmit the request, wait 5-10 biz days. Waited…no paperwork. Called again, told the request was never made, will put it in again….waited….no paperwork. Called again, spoke to supervisor, guaranteed me that we would receive our paperwork….waited….no paperwork. Made my first trial payment ON TIME. Called again, told that our account was not documented for the approval, we’d have to start the loan mod. application all over again. NO, that is crazy…wait, perhaps I can make some changes…wait you will receive your paperwork now with in 10-15 days. Called to make second payment, was told our account was never entered into the system that we were approved. I honestly do not think anyone know what they are doing. I spoke with another supervisor, she told me that she would ‘email the department’ but in the meantime can I pay 1100.00 to bring my account to a two month default instead of three…well if I COULD pay the full amount, I WOULD and I wouldn’t be putting myself through this aggravation! She told me she would call me by the end of the day with news and don’t pay the trial payment because it won’t be reflective of the trail payment it will just go sit in unassigned funds. Of course, she never called back. I am just so confused, frustrated and exhausted. I have a letter that I am prepared to send to 20/20, Dateline, CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, the White House, my State reps, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Suze Orman and anyone else who will read it, and then I will get my handy little video recorder ready and go viral with it! I am so beyond done trying to do my part in following their directions only to get further into a default status!

  295. Anna says:

    Can somebody help me understand all that mess. My story is almost the same : I just called Citimortgage yesterday and got approved for 3 month tryout , I sould make a payment on dec 1, jan 1 and feb.1 in amount of $ 1907, my actual monthly payment is $ 2100. I asked for loan modification and they preappoved , I sould receive pac to sign in 30 days, that’s what they say…Should I wait or just cancell everything couse it looks like nobody has any positive experience. I’m going to be late with my payments 3 months now , I can borrow money and try to make a payment …don’t know what to do ? Any advise ?

  296. Todd Bostwick says:

    My wife and I purchased our house 10 years ago. A modest if not frugal home with only the two of us and our new baby daughter. About 1 1/2 years after purchasing this from ABN AMRO, CitiMortgage came calling offering their ‘Equity Builder’ program.
    Since then, I’ve given up trying to change the loan or have it
    “modified” (which to them really is just taxing you with another LOAN). Now, in later 2009 we’re going to move out of the house as we’re a family of 4 (8 if you count the beagle and 3 cats) and the neighborhood has become criminal since we moved here.
    We’ve already been pre-approved for quite a nice loan from our Credit Union and have an offer on the table on one currently. Since CM won’t even talk to us, especially now, what do we do?
    Short sale?
    Foreclose after we’re “safely” in our new home?
    Chapter 7 on the old house?
    Rent (and hope someone doesn’t trash the house?)

    I’m out of options – oh, did I mention that there is no “equity” in this type of mortgage, absolutely NONE. Over 90% of any mortgage with this plan goes only to the interest (not the principal) and we’re way underwater on the house (current value is < $20K) and we bought it for 75,000 and still owe around $65k almost 10 years down the road??? What a joke – and how terrible especially now. I have to believe there's a way out from this predatory type of loan structure.

    Any help is appreciated – please send any email to

    T Bostwick

  297. Terri Brock says:

    Anna, the reduction in your trial payment is not much lower than your actual payment but if you can afford to pay the $1907 ON TIME for the 3 months then you should do this while you are working on the package they send to you. If you honestly can’t afford the $1907 then this arrangement could cause you to be denied for a loan modification and possibly not have an opportunity to get a true long term solution. What is your monthly gross income?

  298. Anna says:

    Yes , I can afford $1907 for now …we don’t know how is going to be later …We’d like to have it modified because it will reduce our interest rate to 2% and maybe we refinance to longer term, now we have loan for 15 years and 10 is left, the sad thing is that we pay more than half to principal and after refinance we would go back again paying everything to interest . Our gross income is ~ $ 6000 in a month.

  299. Yosi says:

    I was approved on the phone for the Citimortgage modification program. They said the package would be sent out immediately and we should have it in 2 weeks. Several calls later and more than a month later, so package. Always saying its been recent, its in the mail. I asked for a UPS track number – They don’t have one
    I met a lady that hadn’t received her package in 5 months, all the time the reduced payment is reported to the 3 credit companies, reducing our scores, yet we still aren’t accepted in writing

    The problem I have is that I have no idea what I’ve agreed to do here, other than a phone call saying “you’re accepted”. Based on the Citimortgage promise of getting the docs to me asap so I can go over them, I agreed to it. Now I see the Citimortgage team have no way on fulfilling their promises

    After getting legal advice, I was told to make full payments, as normal, but submit the payement with a note stating the purpose.

    Can anyone advise on how to get paperwork from them once verbally accepted and then there also appears to be issues of ‘lost paperwork’ getting it back to Citimortgage

    Does Pre Obama know that his plan here isn’t working? People are lossing their credit, waiting for acceptance, and if not accepted will not only have bad scores, but will owe the difference made from the lower payments.

    Citimortgage needs to be held accountable by the FED Gov. It’s their programa that Citimortgage legally must provide, but they’re damaging more than they’re fixing

    Please email me with suggestions

  300. john says:

    I have been playing this modification game for 3 months now and am growing tired of them repeatedly writing to me only to say there is missing information in my application. I have heard this is a tactic of there’s but I don’t see their angle in the long run. Do they want this to end in foreclosure? I am from the state of Washington and I would like to know if I can walk away from this mortgage with no recourse. I would like to know if I can walk away and not be liable (moneywise) to Citi or anyone else. My credit is already shot because I applied for a loan modification so I’m not going to worry about that. I cannot seem to find any useful information about walking away, when it comes to the particulares, on the internet. I am broke, so most legal help seems to be out of the question. If I knew I could leave Citi and this house behind I would do so immediately. After my divorce and after she moved away is when the problem started and now I just want to start fresh.

  301. john says:

    Yes this company has given me the run-around and a long line of bull since I requested a modification back in July. They keep sending me a letter stating that I’m missing some document in the package (loan modification request) that I sent them to get the whole thing going. They say they are looking over my request and will decide on whether or not I qualify but they can’t decide if I don’t send them all the necessary documents… well they have it. they’ve always had it and they know it. I even faxed it to them so they would have no grounds to tell me they don’t have the document and still they will not say they have the document in question. I know they are in the process of screwing me, though I don’t quite understand their angle…but somehow I’ll end up on the street and they’ll end up with cash in their pockets. Is this company one of the companies that our government bailed out? Are they backed by our government if they force homeowners into forclosure? Is this company just another lying, scamming, life sucking bunch of thieves that seem to be at the very root of America’s financial problems? Is our government run by idiots? If they’re not idiots then why is scum like Citi in business anywhere in this world? I don’t get it! I’ve read 300 complaints right here on this web site yet so-called companies like Citi are still in business. Why aren’t we doing something about these criminals?

  302. stephen larson says:

    I started my modification in march and December will be my 9th reduced payment with them all my paperwork is in i was told they have a big backlog. Also i noticed that every time i called them,After my paperwork was in they would ask for another piece of paper that i already sent seemed like punishment for calling them,so now i don’t call really don’t care 75000 upside down on house.My question has anyone got a permanent modification from citi. Please email

  303. Deeply Saddened says:

    This is by far, the saddest day in America. So many hard working people trying to survive and keep a roof over thier families head.
    Struggling to pay bills, buy food and just have the basic needs in life. I too, am trying to get a modification from CitiMortgage and was approved for the 3 month trial period. Of course, nothing in writting yet. I think we need to hold the creator of this whole program accoutable, since he is the one who is relutant to enforce what the bail-out was originaly intended for. We pay for it via taxation, and they taketh our homes away, What a deal for our bankers and government. I hope the new health care plan they are jamming down our throat works as good as this B.S. Makes Home Affordable Program. What a Joke! I could have modified 1000 loans myself, with the amount of time I pissed away just trying to get a trial period approved. As bad as it is, you must keep trying and trying. It’s amazing how many hard working American people are in this situation, and our government is more concerned about new housing for terrorists. At least they will have a roof over their heads, and thier children don’t even have to pay back all that bail-out money. God Bless America or what use to be!!!!

  304. Cheri says:

    I have gone through much of the same as everyone. I have been trying to get a loan modification since February!!!!! I have been on a forberance plan for 3 months with a balloon payment of difference if our modification was not approved. Of course it wasn’t, even thought we were pre approved. To sum it up I have spent 3 hours a day on the phone with at least 25 diffent phone numbers and so many people I can’t count. I have submitted 4 hardship applications!! I am now on something NEW that I have not seen coments about. I am on a moratorium. I actually have a phone number and exention of a real person (she has even called me). I received a overnight package stating the terms of the four month moratorium 2 months min payment and 2 months 0 payments. Now I am waiting to see if we are approved for mod(we were pre approved). We are 4 months behind now because of this and with all of there bull I can see them deniying us and fourclosing. We were current with our payment prior, but I was told they would not modify our loan without being on moratorium. I hope this is not a scam to steal our home. We will see

  305. rocco says:

    yhanks for all your help. All I needed was to not make payments for 90 days. Then citi steps up to modfy your loan @ 1% to 4% modification. This is what home affodable is all about!
    thanks rocco.

  306. rocco says:

    thanks for saving the dream rocco, all I needed was to stop making payments for 90 days, then force citi to modify the loan.
    happy days are here again, no wonder citi never sleeps!

  307. Erica says:

    Wow! I’m amazed by all these comments! Everyone seems to be in similar situations. I’ve been dealing with Citi for over 6 months on trying to modify my loan, they will not modify the loan but a law office says I’m eligible? Isn’t there a govt website that can help us force Citi to help those in need of it?

  308. Chris says:

    I have been told the credit bereau would not show negative marks because I am in the trial period. They said it will say paid as agreed. Anyone verify that?

  309. Darin says:

    Hi Chris,
    My credit score dropped from the 770′s down to 650′s instantly. My cerdit cards cut my limits for available credit from $30,000 to $2,600. My credit report shows no late payments on my mortgage, but now states a payment agreement has been worked out with lender. I have never missed a payment on anything in my life. I was told after the trial period ended and my loan was modified the statement would be taken off my credit report. I may never see that day because I am going on 7 months of trial basis and still have not seen any final loan modification documents.

  310. stephen larson says:

    Chris thats not true they trashed my credit report. Citi said my loan was being modified my credit score droped and my line of credit from credit cards droped.I went from 750 score to 610 because of modification and im still not permanent with the modification just sent in my 9th reduced payment

  311. James Aggen says:

    I went through the loan modification trial for six months. I was prequalified, did everything Citi requested on time and often. After the six months were up I was declined, and now I am being slapped with fines and late penalties of over $300 plus over $7000 in what citi is calling past due payments. I have never been late but now I have ruined credit. Was looking for help, but just got scammed.

  312. Keji says:

    Anyone has the contact email/phone for the citi mortgage executives. Citi will not modify a second lien, so the borrowers are selling now they will not approve the short sale because they want borrower to take 20K promissory note.

  313. Eric says:

    Contact your representatives in DC and tell them what’s going on. CITI took our money, yes we bailed them out, the taxpayer. They have no plan to help anyone, in fact you can visit hundreds of websites and hear the horror stories on what they have done.

    I only hope the Federal Government slaps a huge fine on them. Other big companies that got bailed out are already making plans on paying back their bail outs, not CITI. They should be shut down, they are crooks, they screw good honest people trying save their homes, and their CEO should go to prison like all the other corperate crooks.

  314. Farrukh says:

    I would like to know how many trial period loans so far Completed Permanent Modified by CtitBnak??

    I think Citibank performance is worst among all other bank offering loan modification

    I submitted all my paper work to Citibank 7 months ago, from last 5 months I am still on trail period and Citi bank don’t want to finalize my loan modification.

    The banks have devalued our community by selling foreclosured homes at less than half of original purchase price.

  315. Farrukh says:

    I would like to know how many trial period loan so far Completed Permanent Mod by CtitBnak??

    I think Citibank performance is worst among all other bank offering loan modification
    I submitted all my paper work to Citibank 7 months ago, from last 5 months I am still on trail period and Citi bank don’t want to finalize my loan modification.

    The banks have devalued our community by selling foreclosured homes at less than half of original purchase price.

  316. tr says:

    I agree citimortagage is terrible they have been giving my mother the run around for month now and will not allow her to do a modification and then on top of that they claim they didnt recieve one months payment and she has sent them proof of payment and they will not give her credit for the payment and keep saying she is behind. They harass her everyday it is ridiculous.

  317. Kay says:

    Well after 7 months of going through the Home Affordability loan modification pre-trial plan, Citi has declined my loan modification. I’ve paid all 4 trial payments on time, in fact ahead of time. I’m being told that my debt to ratio income is less than the 31% that’s allowed for the Home Affordability program. That’s totally incorrect!!! On top of that, the underwriter has my payments being more than what I’m actually grossing a month – I’m still trying to figure out were he/she got those numbers. I’m exetremely devasted right now. 7 months of hoping and waiting down the drain. Anyone know of a successful loan modification program I can go through or if I can reapply for the Home Affordability loan mod program? I’m at the point now where I’m tired of fighting this battle but since I’ve been in the battle this long, I refuse to give up and I can’t AFFORD to give up. This massive scam that Citi and other mortgage companies are putting homeowners through MUST stop especially when they have been paid to help. Any contact emails or phone numbers to file complaints and get “real” assistance would be greatly appreciated. Until the next time… the saga continues…


  318. tammy says:


  319. Kami says:

    I too have CitiMortgage, they are the worst mortgage service provider, they obtained my loan from a smaller Servicer whom I never had an issue absolutely wonderful.

    One of us lost our job so we decided to apply for the loan modification…Now mind you we have never been behind or late in 5 years. But with a lost of one job it became a struggle so the Modification would help, we applied, we did all forms and sent n the paperwork June 2009. It has been since June 2009 and it’s now December 2009 and no modification. CitiMortgage is a LIER, they ask for information that they already have and repeatedly since June 2009. I’ve faxed and sent with proof, they mail me confirmation that they have information they state they do not…. I have fortunately documented every contact with them and what I have sent.

    Now to name a few UNLAWFUL Tactics when it comes to the loans. CitiMortgage will state they do not have information and I sent several times but I have documented that it was delivered and signed for, then they put me on hold and found they could not LIE and say oh it has not been scanned in yet, so now they send me a request again because they have been since June and the IRS form has expired. Or they do not notify you at all but claim to have done so.

    They claim to have everything and you send in formation and Oh they ask for something else…

    Perfect Example, I received a notice that I had been kicked out the program for lack of information being sent but when they realized that I had documented every last confirmation and communication it suddenly became a computer glitch!.

    Now on 11/22/09 Spoke with the Rep Christina and she stated that they only needed the information that they let expired. on 11/24/09 I faxed that information. I specifically asked if this was all and the answer was yes…, this is how TRASHY CitiMortgage is, I was faxing on 11/24/09 they on 11/24/09 was sending me a notice that I was in default such LIERS, I’m in the program have never been late payments made since June 2009, Christine asked that I fax to her at 949.334.1192 and that she was at extension X4126. Okay, I thought we where moving on, called when I received the letter on 11/30/09 in default, Called again, no it just a computer glitch! I called no you are sill in the program and so I made my payment. Well low and behold now I get a phone call it CitiMortgage, the recorder starts, then they hang up…well they use this as a way to state that they have been calling you with no response LIERS this was on Dec 9, 2009, well on December 9, 2009 they send an email that I did not see until today December 13, 2009, but in the meantime they call on December 11, 2009 to verify my information and as to where I lived, I didn’t think my house moved???? Now, the email reads that since 11/30/09 they have needed information, they have no date on the email but my system does, another LIER TACTIC this was only sent on December 9, 2009, how is it that they are mailing me a default on 11/30/09 but could not send me a information request on this same date. Now I call and it’s the information that I faxed on 11/24/09 with a confirmation, one I tell CitiMortgage the LIERS I have this again there story changes ohhhhhh, I guess it’s not in the system…IT IS MY BELIEF that CitiMortgage is intentionally doing this in order that they can kick you out the program and keep our Moines.
    CitiMortgage are LIERS and they falsify, and LIE about what information they have or pretend they don’t have. DOCUMENT EVERY CALL and PIECE of PAPER YOU SEND THEM. What CitiMortgage does not know is that I’m a community leader and my constituent have since February complained, so we are looking into how to file a formal Community Action Complaint the BEHAVIOR I BELIEVE IS CALCULATED! Now they call with collections on that letter that was a computer Glitch! but when I state I’m in the program they claim that each department is different and they do not have the same information. I think CitiMortgage needs to be sued. If they kick me out I will SUE THEM they have no cause. IT’s MY OPINION THAT CITIMORTGAGE WANTS TO HELPS NO ONE BUT PRETENDS TOO! LIERS.

  320. Sandra Green says:



  321. Kay says:

    Thanks Sandra for those contact numbers!!!

  322. cstewart says:

    Back in August my husband I a were current on our mortgage, our payments started out last September 2008 at 1400 per month and had gone up to 1550 a month by June. We were told we were 40$ short in our escrow account. Anyhow, due to the economy my husband who is self employed ran out of work and he was getting very little work on the books. We called CitiMortgage in August because we knew that our next payments would be really difficult and were hoping to qualify for the new government HAMP program. Our loan was 162,569.46. When they finally called us back, we still hadn’t made a payment late, ever. The lady said that they could cut our payments down to $800 a month for four months and in November we would be able to rework our loan then. We were so excited. We paid every payment on time (stopped paying some CC’s which stunk but we do what we have to).

    I started calling at the beginning of November and our case worker would not answer the phone or call us back. The week before thanksgiving I googled some topics related to this and found a different number. The guy was super nice and said not to worry he’d take on our case from then on. He also informed me that our house note was now 4 months behind and in danger of foreclosure. We had received notices but were told to ignore them. At first he said they had made a mistake and then he said that she put us behind on purpose. He called back and said they had reworked the loan it would be to us by the friday after thanksgiving and we had to get it in by that Monday or else we would have a down payment. I asked him if this was part of the HAMP program because I was under the impression it was and he said no, that they do not do FHA loans in the HAMP program. I was stunned because our payments were exactly the same as they were before. We never received the paperwork and so I started calling him and he didn’t get back with me for over a week. When he finally did he said we would have a down payment because we didn’t get the paper work back by that Monday. I explained how could we when you didn’t send it. Any how, he said it’d be here the following week, this week. I received it today and I am so disappointed. I found out the $800 we had been sending in was never applied to the principle. The loan is now for 173,045.67. It has gone up over 10K!! They added $4656 for delinquent interest and 5819$ for escrows. Had we known in the beginning that this was going to happen we would have found another option.

    Is this the norm? I feel trapped in this and I guess we have to do it. Our 1550$ payments are now 1548$. Our interest rate is now 4.75 which is good because it was 6.87. I still dont know how we will make it.

    This has only hurt us. I feel betrayed.

  323. RJ says:

    This is an obvious DISINFORMATION ploy by an organization that should be brought up on corruption and racketeering charges…

  324. Josho says:

    I have gone through the same. I filled out my hardship back in February as I knew we would make less money this year. They got back to me in May, Mary my loan councelor said we qualified for hardship and automatically dropped our mortgage payment 20% and after the hardship period we would adjust the loan.

    Well first thing happened when I made the first payment 100% of the payment went directly to principal, next they said since I already made a full June payment instead of the hardship payment it cancelled my hardship. I called back to get everything straightened out and they told me the hardship program now will begin in August. I have made all my payments on time and now, no one will talk to me. I have called many times and all they tell me is that I owe 2 months back and also have been getting late chargers the entire time….. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do.

  325. tj mccall says:

    I have had so far a positive experience with Citi, not getting the run around and Robert, the officer, was patient and thorough.
    I had to make several different calls on different days to get this result–but expect this when dealing with any large [OK, huge] corporation. They deal with a bezillion requests. The first time I got thru I got someone who seemed to be on her first day doing that–this to me is a sign they’re trying to deal with the situation–by hiring more agents.
    Now, going into the 2nd month of my trial mod, if my experience changes I will report back.

  326. Rick says:

    A re-post from September 6, 2009:

    I have a jumbo loan with Citi. I have a FICO over 800. I was laid off in December of 2008. I continued to make my REALLY HIGH (6.875% interest) payments on time by using funds from a unsecured loan that I have with my credit union. That money ran out in June so I could not make my July 1st paymnet. I went online and downloaded their “Workabe Solutions” paperwork, filled it out and faxed it in. At that time they had a intermediary company (not a citi company I believe) reviewing all the “Workable Solutions” applications. I had to make financial tweaks (eliminate cell phone, other cutbacks, etc.) before my package was within their guidelines. Believe me it was hard to squeze out of them what they were looking for, but I asked enough questions and re-adjusted my package until they agreed to forward it to Citi. Then D. S. from Citi called. At that point I was at wits end, and had accepted the fact that I was probably going to loose my home. I also had just started back at my old company, but now at about 1/3 of what I used to make. David for Citi assured me that there was a solution…and that he would help any way he could. His first offer back was incredible…1.5% fixed for two years…2% for years 3 through 5, then 2.5% for the balance of the loan! You won’t belive this, I said no. I was so frustrated with paying so much for so long, and I was really scared about the future. I at this time wanted long term security. So I asked David to go back and ask for 2% fixed loan for the life of the loan. Did I take a chance or what! He got back to me when he said he would, and said that the best he could do was his original offer. I accepted. I just made my first payment September 1. They also added the interest from my missed payments to the loan balance with no late fees. David even stopped any reporting to the bureaus for the missed payments of July 1 and August 1. To verify this however I will need to obtain my current credit report. David and Citi did indeed change my life. I am so grateful I what to tell the whole world how great Citi is…but I know that for every one person thay make happy…maybe one or two are mad at them. I hope that you, and everybody else gets what THEY NEED that will change their life. Hope this helps…rick

  327. Tonya says:

    Rick’s is the only positive feedback I have read on this blog other than the original article, which must have been written by Citimortgage. My family is right here with everyone else. My husband lost his job in February 2009, and we thought it was responsible to be proactive and called Citimortgage the very next day. They were more than helpful. I wanted to pay only interest and escrow for 6 months, but the gentleman on the phone took all of my information, and determined an even lower amount that we could pay on forebearance. He said that if at the end of 6 months things had not changed, we should let Citimortgage know for continued assistance. In July, we received a letter requesting the completion of a form outlining our finances along with copies of paystubs, tax returns, etc. We put all of this together immediately and mailed it as directed. A couple of weeks passed and our Loss Mitigation Specialist, Shelley, called requesting the information. I told her I had mailed it as requested. She was upset because the mail room is huge, and it could take a long time for the information to reach her. I verbally gave her all information over the phone. On September 10th, I was verbally provided with the terms of pending modification, if it was approved. I was to begin making payments of $1,380.84 for a trial period of 3 months, and paperwork would be forth-coming. The paperwork didn’t arrive, didn’t arrive, didn’t arrive. We were accused of losing it – asked for tracking numbers, which they could not provide because that is a different department. Finally got the paperwork on December 11, 2009. The cover letter is dated November 23, 2009, and everything in the packet states everything is due back to Citimortgage by November 1, 2009. There is no reference to what we are even paying for. We have gathered all information, except Homeowner Association information, but we are leery of this scheme. I called today to request something in writing that would reflect the content of my September 10 conversation only to be told that these are trial payments, and that after the trial period is over, they would provide a contract. I told the rep that I was not asking for a contract, I’m asking for something that proves that I had this conversation. After all, I have to prove the accuracy of my statements by providing paystubs, utility bill, tax returns and W-2s. I am the little guy, and with all of the complaints against them, I am entitled to protect myself from them. Also, during this September 10 conversation, I was told that the principal amount financed would be $238,969.64. I filed for Chapter 7 BK protection, not including Citimortgage, and in response they filed a Motion for Relief from Stay so that they can continue to interact with us regarding this loan. In that document, they state that my debt to them is $233,380.55 ($5,589.10 less than what I was told on the phone). Today’s rep had nothing to say to this. Further, I addressed the due date, which a previous rep told my husband to ignore. I told her that the document states that if we do not comply with the terms of the modification by the due date, the modification could be denied. She also said it was irrelevant. I don’t believe it. It says in black and white that it is relevant. I also asked the rep about this. She went to get a supervisor, came back and took my name and number and told me a supervisor would get back with me within 24 – 48 hours. I won’t hold my breath. I don’t even know what to do – continue giving them almost $1400 a month. By signing the document, I giving up my right to default notice. Seems to be giving more power to the already powerful.

  328. David A. Hodges says:

    To All Beware:
    Start program in June of 2009 all went well untill Oct. 6 received back from CitiMortgage a signed agreement for the trial period. The fact that I had already made all three months trial payment at the new agreed upon amount, oh well. Oct 22 received call from bank telling me that they lost some of my doc. and would I faxed new doc to them, I did. Nov. 5th received call that modification had been approved and that final agreement would be mailed to be noterized and returned, we did. Nov 15th received call Nov. 5th agreement was wrong new agreement would be sent out would we please sign and noterize and return, we did. HEAR IS WHEN IT IT GETS GOOD. Dec 19th receive back copy of noterized agrrement somebody at CitiMortage removed the page with all the payment numbers and inserted a new page that raised the monthly payment $421.00 over the agreed upon amount. I called Citi on Dec 22, 2009 to tell them about the fraud they told me that somebody would get back to me in 24 to 72 hours still waiting. Jan 2, 2010 receive a escrow statement showing that only one month of escrow had been credited to the account and that we were $3,000.00 behind even though we had made six payments under the program signed agreement escrow should have been credit for each month now they want us to male up amout over next 60 months. I have sent three different letters to Citi waiting for response. We have contacted our U.S. Rep. to file a complaint with the Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC) and next we will contact the State Attorney General Office to ask for their assists. I would suggest that everybody who talks to a Citi rep. ask for their name and ID NUMBER, make copies of everything you send them (make sure to have tracking number on mail) and make them send statements on how they are spending your money.

    Good Luck to all and watch them like a hawk:

  329. Dave says:

    This article is complete BS. I have been trying — without success — to get Citi to do something since October 2007. All I asked for is to re-amortize the remaining principal balance of my 15 year loan for 30 years at whatever the current competitive interest rate is. I wasn’t asking them to give up anything. Here I am, more 14 months later, and nothing happened. I have filled out forms, I have make phone calls, I have met with “loss mitigation specialists,” I have provided tax returns and credit reports. I have received a ton of promises, but NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE.

    I have cut up my Citi credit cards, and as soon as I can I am refinancing with someone else to get away from Citi. I will never give them my business again.

  330. S. says:

    Reading all of this is making me feel nauseous. Like many who’ve written, I began seeking a modification back in March, 2009. I’ve never missed a mortgage payment or been late, but the payments were killing me as a single parent on a small income. Though I was verbally told by several reps to just start making the reduced payments, I was scared of doing so until I received the paperwork. I submitted everything on time and began making trial payments in October. The paperwork says they trial ends with the payment for January. When I made that payment over the phone, the Loss Mitigation rep told me to just continue making the reduced payments until I get the final paperwork; as they are backlogged and I’ll probably not receive the papers prior to the end of January (when February will be due.) Does anyone here know what might happen if I do that? I want something IN WRITING from them, but the rep said that’s not something they do and offered to document that on the notes for my account. Like that would make a difference?! I don’t know what to do and now, after reading these posts, I’m also wondering what my account looks like (have there been some kind of charges accruing; have they paid my escrow?) I haven’t received a statement from them since September. Should I hire an attorney?

  331. MatthewB says:

    I have been in “load mod hell” for almost a year now. Every time they ask for documents, I provide them, only to find out they want something more or different. Citi had me working with “Mortgage Outreach Services” (MOS) to gather documents. MOS and Citi obviously do not communicate. One told me they needed “X” and the other said “no, we need Y”. I went into my “trial period” in July. Made all payments timely, AND WAS REPORTED TO THE CREDIT AGENCIES AS BEING DELINQUENT. As a result, my credit card companies called and decreased credit lines, etc. Now they put me in a NEW trial period. In addition, THEY PAID TAXES FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY and took the funds from my account and did not pay my taxes.

    What is being done to stop these people??

  332. Darin says:

    Has anyone had any experience with class action? The practices by Citi cannot be legal. With so many similar stories, there has to be an attorney willing to fight for our rights!!

  333. Dhart says:

    I have to agree. THEY ARE TERRIBLE! I wish that Pres Obama could listen PERSONALLY to all of these complaints. I have gotten the run around for 4 months now. Sent the modification documents, and nobody called me or said they didn’t receive them. So I called again, she stated that doesn’t look like anyone received them or responded. Over and Over nobody calls you back and you never reach anyone.
    WELL, low and behold I got my modification packet in the mail just the other day. My payments were more that before, with an additional $17,000.00 tacked on the end, and my home mortgage is now $134,000. It is presently now only worth about $80,000. That is what they are going for around our neighborhood. Do they really think people sign these and send them back and go on their merry way?
    They just set you up, …paid 3 months of “a trial period” worth over 2300.00 and now can’t even do the modification, for it isn’t modifying – benefiting anyone but them.
    CITI GO to H— Go ahead and forclose……you deserve to lose all of this money on all of these houses!

  334. Lauri says:

    To anyone considering applying for loan modification my advice would be to not do it! My credit score is ruined due to being accepted by citi for a trial period of loan modification. This means that I payed a lower mortgage amount for 3 months and was then denied the loan modification. During this 3 month period without my knowledge citi was reporting me as being in default with my payments even though they were made on time. This program is a joke. Now I am worse off than if I had never applied for loan modification. My guess is it’s their way of forcing you to be their mortgage customer because now with damaged credit it will be very difficult to refinance with anyone else. These banks are so corrupt and greedy and could give a sh*t about any of their customers. This is another vote for a class action lawsuit!!

  335. Lynn says:

    WOW!!!I have been dealing with citi for five months know..Was thinking that they did care not after reading all the comments.Like everybody here they always need more paper work. I have learned to send evrything they need byUPs with signiture require when recieved. Had them tell me twice they never recieved my paper work but had proof that they did. then they always find it..Still no answers from them about ready to give up.Just wondering what has happened to everyone that has been denied? Were you forclosed on or did they do a short sale? How long does a foreclosure take them? Just wondering if I should start looking for another place to live. Always made payments on time and I am up todate with mod. payments. Just wondering what they have been applied to. Going to call them and ask..

  336. Joshua Oehler says:

    Ok, I went through a forbearance plan starting back in May and Citi completely screwed me, at the end they said i was 2 months behind and was getting charged late fees for the past 6 months. That is the short short version. I basically have been through hell just like all of you. So what I decided to do was hire an attorney who actually contacted me after I panicked and didn’t know what else to do and drastically read and searched online for all solutions. I just found out the new today. Our mortgage went from around 1375 per month to 1040 per month. If anyone would like to know who I used please contact me via email and I will gladly refer them to you, they are BBB accredited and I would have probably lost my home without them. I really thought I was going to lose my home. Citi is horrible and I couldn’t have done it alone. My email is Best of luck to all, it will work out. Just have faith

  337. Parker Morgan says:

    Citi sucks! I had major surgery in Jan 209 and afterwards had to cut back my hours to 3 days per wk. I applied to Citi for a loan modification in Nov 2009. I was told that I “did not qualify because I had not missed any payments on my house”.
    Whats wrong with these people? I now am out of a job and next I will be facing foreclosure!

  338. Chang says:

    I truly hate citi!!
    I have been going thru a modification also. Mine started in july 09. I submitted all my paperwork and waited and then heard that my modification was approved and to wait for my paperwork. I received my paperwork and was told to start my trial period payments along with submitting my proper
    documentation. My payments started on Sep 1st and would continue for the next 3 months. I made my first payment to the address I was told to send it and
    continued to work on the documentation. Within a couple weeks, I had all my paperwork together submitted. My second payment was due so I sent that off.
    I found out about 10 days later that my payment was rejected, so i called citimortgage and asked them why they didn’t accept my payment. they told me
    that I have sent it to the wrong address. Of course, they never told me I needed to send it to another address. So i got another address from citimortgage and was told to send it there. Another 10 days later, my bank sends me an email saying that my payment again was rejected.. What is going on?? I call citimortgage again, and they tell me that I was supposed to make a direct payment over the phone. WTF!! At this point, my second payment is almost a month late. So i inform the representative that I will make Oct and Nov payments to get caught up. She says thats perfect.

    I find out later that they have already closed my loan modification account and I will have to resubmit. I call later again and have my loan reopened and she tells me to call her a week later. She says that my loan has been reopened and not to worry. So I call a week later to check on the status and they tell me that everything is on track and to keep calling to ensure my loan mod is remaining on course.

    So i call another week later, and another person tells me that new documents will be sent to me to sign for the new terms of the loan. (the original terms they quoted me was 2% for 40 years fixed). The rep says that the terms have changed and goes on to inform me that it will be 2% for the first 5 years, then the rate will increase 1% per year until 5.1% is reached and that will be the permanent rate for the life of the loan. I said ok and that I will wait for the packet with the new loan documents for me to sign.

    I wanted to get clarification on a couple of things so I called back 5 minutes later. The new rep from citi had no idea of what the previous rep had told me. She went on to say that my loan was closed and had to be resubmitted. She had to get a supervisor and then came to the conclusion that I would have to do the 3 month trial period plan again and make the payments again and resubmit all the paperwork again. WTH!! She says she couldn’t find anything about what the previous rep had told me and that I would have to go thru hell again.

    Throughout this entire process, there were many times when I was told my paperwork was incomplete, that a paper wasn’t dated, a box wasn’t checked, and many other things. This process has truly been a nightmare.

    It is now about 1 month later. I am still going thru the process. I am afraid that citimortgage will foreclose on me while I am paying the trial period payments. I am still very skeptical on whether this modification will come thru. I truly believe I should have walked away when months ago. I think it was a huge mistake to contact citi and attempt a modification. It truly saddens me that I will probably lose this house and the banks are taking in money from the government and that the government knows this underhanded actions are taking place.

    I guess all I can do is to continue to make payments and hope the modification comes thru.

  339. Helen says:

    Citi Mortgage is awful. I have never missed a mortgage payment in the 17 years I have owned a hope. However because I am not working I asked for a simple modification. The person I spoke to was very nice and put the paperwork through yesterday (1/21/10). However I received a letter today dated 1/14/10 stating that my husband & I do not qualify. THe only people that are getting assistance are the ones who bought homes for $500,000 with no collateral, down payment, etc. The loan officers put a mirror in frpnt of theyr mouth and if they saw steam, the person was approved. Now that they are in trouble, they are getting all the help they need. I hope Citi goes out of business.

  340. dax says:

    Citi you know what your doing but you will eventually pay!

  341. Tara says:

    Preaching to the choir!!!

    I have been working on this god forsaken loan modification bullshit with this company since JULY,2009!!!! I have sent more paystubs, workable solutions pkgs, lettesr etc.. than I care to add up!! I have had THREE seperate loan officers who NEVER return phone calls and then have the audacity to claim they could not contact me and thus closed my case!!! WTF!!! I call every wednesday to check the status and every wednesday we go thru my debt and yet they claim they do not have an updated debt “form”!!! I just flipped out on the newest loan officer, who told me I really needed to calm down!!! Seriously, we are talking about SIX months of runaround with this F’n company!!!! So she needs yet another two paystubs faxed over to her at which point she claims she will be able to forward my file to yet another asshole among the scheme of things at wonderfule CITIMORTGAGE!!!

  342. Darin says:

    Hi All!!
    After working with Citi since June of 09, my loan was finally modified. They pushed my term out to 38 years, dropped my interest rate to 2% for the next 5 years then up one percent to no more than 5% for the remaining 31 years, and will pay $1000 a year for the next five years directly to my principle. My first MODIFIED (not trial payment) is due March 1st.

    I hope this gives hope to those that are going through the same stuff I just went through for the past 7 months. I called them almost everyday. I would suggest getting ahold of the person directly working on your modification. I had to first get the name from the front line people then call back and say I was returning a call from that person and only then would they give me their direct phone number.

  343. Wendy says:

    We are broken hearted and exhausted. We put $100,000 down on our home w/ a mortg co that claimed they did not sell their loans, but it was sold to Citi Mortg. After being responsible homeowners w/ 800 credit scores for 20 years, never missing a payment, we had hardship. My husband was injured and could not work for 8 months while at the same time my sales commissions fell 50%. While he worked thru physical therapy, I took on a part-time job & we exhausted our savings and sold asessets to try to stay on track. But I was laid off the part time job and he returned to work where the job now has everyone on a 4 day work week. We called Citi about a loan mod last summer and they gave us verbal approval in Oct ’09 that our interest rate would be reduced & the new payment would be $600 less, which puts us at about 28% and that the “package would be mailed” for us to sign and send back with the first trial pymnt. (We did not ask for a principl reductn.) I called in Nov & Dec to tell them I had not received it & they assured me that it will be sent. I was told that if we did not received by Dec 28 to call them back, which I did. After 3 other calls in Jan & Feb they now say we are not approved for the loan mod, even though we have increased income & eliminated some debt. They now have a foreclosure sale date set for Feb 28th!! OMG! Every time I call them I ask to make a paymnt over the phone or offer them 3 pymnts because now we are 8 months behind, but they refuse to accept any pymnts. We offered them $10,000 & they declined it! They said we are denied the loan mod because we didn’t make the paymnts but they won’t send the pkg with the terms to make the pymnts. Everytime I call it is a different person & I speak to different supervisors who all promise to have the pkg faxed to me but it never arrives by fax or mail.

    The $100,000 down paymnt we paid on the loan is all we have for our future and we want to remain in our home for a very long time. Why would they tell us we are approvd and give us the terms and new pymnt amount then do nothing to complete the loan mod???

    We barely have a week and a half to save our home from foreclosure !! They say to re-instate the loan we would need to pay them $30,000! We owe 8 months which is not even half that amount! They mentioned that we can apply for a repayment plan which is the original loan plus additional back pymnts, which we can not afford.

    I do not know what else to say when I call them. I fear that loss mitgtn dept doesn’t even communicate w/ the foreclosure attorneys so how can I stop the sale????

  344. Moe Bedard says:


    Please email me your info ASAP. Full Name, Address, Loan # and contact info and Iwill fwd to Citi Execs right away. Email .

  345. Good day, I received an email on 12/22/09 that my Home modification though Citi-Mortgage was approved.

    They also mention to wait 5-7 for the papers. On 01/05/10 I called them to let them that I haven’t receive my

    papers and they said the papers will be on the way and they informed me again I was approved. 01/22/10 I called again and

    the lady told me she seen the Modification has been approved and don’t know why is there a delay and she will call the modification

    department to informed them about the papers that I haven’t receive. On 02/01/10 I called Citi- Mortgage again and they said I was

    denied. Is this illegal?

  346. Kim Wyatt says:

    I have read all of the stories/complaints above and on other sites for complaints about CitiMortgage and I cannot believe they are STILL in business, much less in good standing with the gov. We applied for a re-fi in Dec 09 and after faxing all the docs they wanted to see and calling them numerous times, we got a denial letter in the mail. We were told that the appraisal wasn’t high enough. When we called to try and get this resolved they said, yes you can still ref-fi but we would need over $8k to get this done. We have gotten the run around and can never speak to a supervisor or manager, we were told they cannot give that info. Everyone who has a complaint needs to contact the same office if we can find out the info and maybe if we ALL band together something will happen. This HAS TO STOP.

  347. Kim Wyatt says:

    I keep reading that we need to file complaints and contact the gov etc but does anyone have the info to contact the RIGHT people to get Citi fined and stopped from doing this? We did bail them out and now they are sinking all of the consumers with their declination of the home mods and re-fi’s.
    We should all post any contact info we have to get help.

  348. Jane says:

    I have read blog after blog after blog regarding frustrations associated with Citi Mortgage, the loan modification process, so-called “mysterious” late charges and delinquency expenses. My only question to all of you would be, when you signed your original loan contractual agreement, DID YOU READ IT???? Every fee/expense that you are charged is a fee or expense that YOU have previously agreed to in the form of a signature on your mortgage note documents. Nowhere in the note will you find anything that states your mortgage company is, in any way, obligated to provide you with any sort of assistance. I understand your frustrations with the problems at hand.

    I myself am experiencing a financial hardship and I am having an extremely hard time keeping myself financially ‘afloat’. However, I do not expect my mortgage company to allow me to stay in a house that I technically do not own until I pay the loan in full. Nor do I expect my mortgage company to assist me via a loan modification when I cannot prove that I have a valid hardship. –Wanting a lower interest rate does not qualify as a hardship!!– We were all extremely happy with Citi Mortgage when they were handing us a loan agreement or set of keys… Be patient guys… these things take time. Calling up your mortgage company with a nasty attitude and profanity will get you nowhere. I would not want any of their jobs right now… Can you imagine speaking with people like yourselves all day every day? Those poor representatives probably need counseling after all of the verbal abuse they receive in a week’s time.

  349. Donna says:

    One ear ago CITI sent me several letters offering assistance to homeowners. I called to ask to skip one payment. I was never even one day late on my payments. CITI told me I could skip two payments. Well, they took the money out of my bank anyway causing me to be over drafted for 2K. Then I was told to apply for a mod, never knew I would end up 12K behind over a years time frame. Now I have been denied after going though what everyone else has. Now CITI wants me to pay 1k beyond my normal payment. I really don’t understand how I went from a pre-qualified mod to a forbearance situation. I have read that CITI has no interest in loan Mods. These trial payments are just away to get a few more payments out of folks they think are in trouble. They say I can’t afford the reduced payments even though I have made the trail payments on time. They miscalculated my dept to income ratio by owe a grand. CITI is helping to create this foreclosure problem. I have spoken to three different lawyers, depending on what state you live in, and your particular circumstance the best option might be to “walk away”. I was advised to not negotiate with CITI. They can have my house, now days it cheaper to rent!

  350. Donna says:

    Until you have gone through the loan mod process I wouldn’t be so judgmental. I have been working sense I was 15 years old and have always paid my bills for 30 years. I couldn’t understand when the price of gas went up what everyone was complaining about. I really hope that the economy doesn’t effect your pocket book “doesn’t sound like you would fare very well”.
    Idiom Definitions for ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’
    This idiom means that you should try to understand someone before criticizing them.

  351. Donna says:

    I just read that Obama has sent a “hit” team out to the major mortgage companies. Sense Sep of 2009 out of millions of Mod applications only 1900 were approved nation wide. The mortgage companies state that we are not completing our paperwork. I have 15 copies of faxes that I sent with several duplicate docs they asked for. Mortgage modification are a scam! I‘m JUST WAITING FOR THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT TRAIN!

  352. Donna says:

    The companies are requesting all paperwork be faxed or mailed except your dept to income ratio. The reason I think is because they can deny you at the end of the trial period based on your debts you gave them over the phone. I recommend you send that information via hard copy. Log on the and look up the mod guidelines the mortgage co. are required to follow for dept to income. Yes they tell you about the 31% but don’t explain the “dept to income”. Its their ace in the hole.
    Through November, servicers for the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) have offered 33,021 trials for the 262,842 eligible loans in their portfolio, and 6,291 of those have been converted into permanent modifications, according to the latest Treasury report.
    Effective Jan. 1, 2010, servicers for Fannie Mae can only evaluate a mortgage for HAMP after certain events occur, according to the new guidelines. The borrower must submit a written request for consideration that includes current borrower income and a reason for default or explanation of hardship, at a minimum. A borrower can also verbally provide sufficient financial information to the servicer to complete a net present value analysis.

  353. maggie says:

    Citi helped me right away with my modification of my first and second. – You HAVE to know that these are Government Regulated guidelines that they HAVE to adhere to. If you don’t qualify you don’t qualify! Maybe you overextended yourselves when you bought your home and maybe you have true harship. They don’t want your house. Do your research folks!!! The government has changed the guidelines for modifications many times. The banks are trying to keep up. If the government hadn’t set these guidelines up to begin with then you wouldn’t even have the OPTION to apply for one of these and then what?Educate yourselves first and then you can complain. Yes it was a long process…it;s a new process for EVERYONE …..GET OVER YOURSELVES, educate yourselves. The Government guidelines look ONLY to see if your home is affordable in conjunction to your income. If you have Credit Card debt…guess what?? It’s not secured…pay your mortgage before you pay your credit cards. If you make too much then they don’t consider you in imminent default, so step aside and let someone who really needs it have it. – Yes some people are denied that do really need it because unfortunately there are guidelines…the government has to have a cut off somewhere.. for the rest of you whiney babies- Stop spending money. Times have changed we have t limit ourselves weather we want to or not. – STop eating out, by off brand, don’t purchase a bunch of clothes, stay home stop smoking, drinking, eating junk whatever …every dollar you can save will help. Get a job at McDonald’s if you have to…my 33 yr old daughter with a Masters Degree just went to work for a fast food company to help her family out a little more…get over your pride because clearly your pride isn’t paying the bills. Get off your butt, get off your computer and have a garage sale, get a PT job, offer to paint someones house, mow thier lawn .. whatever it takes. Put your family’s wellfare before your pride and show them that you can prevail in tough times and do what is needed (whatever it takes) to make it happen. For those of you due to health issues then keep trying to do whatever you can, it might be alot of work but if it wasn;t worth it, would you really be on this site complaining about it? I wish you health and I pray for better times to come for all of us. In the meantime only we OURSELVES can make it happen. ………….there are people that haven’t paid thier mortgage for months and months and guess what…..they are still living there. The banks don’t want our homes.

  354. maggie says:

    It’s not the banks fault that people are not qualifying. They have to go by the guidelines handed to them by the Government. If your mad at someone then be at the Government but keep in mind. Never in your original mortgage note does it state that your bank or the government has to bail you out if you can no longer pay your mortgage. Get a clue people. Why does everyone think something is “owed” to them? YOU signed your fate when your signed your original mortgage note and some of you when you “fluffed” your income to get your “stated income” mortgage..The banks are only really guilty of giving us loans that we so badly wanted years ago even though we couldn’t afford them….but we SURE pushed for them didn’t we? Now we can’t afford it and in our wanting to pass blame, we pass it onto the banks. When in reality, they could just take all our homes and not offer us any options. Do you think our Great Grandparents would have ever complained about something like this? They would have done what was needed to make it work to survive and not whine and complain like a baby saying “waaah why me?” SUCK IT UP We signed up for these loans….we need to face the music. Yeah If we are lucky enough to get modified due to hardship (I have legit hardship and I got a 1st and 2nd mod) then we are just that – lucky….not entitled. I was turned down initially and guess what? Laid off, and Cancer ridden, I got a job (all be it loooow paying) and I marched on…..I later called again….politely asked if any changes to my decline had been made, and GUESS WHAT? ONCE AGAIN The government changed it’s guidelines and under the new criteria I DID qualify (by the skin of my teeth)…These are people…human beings also going through hardhips themselves on the other end of the phone….just doing thier job. Don’t be mad at them because they were lucky enough to get a job/keep a job in this economy. You are all so self righteous and so “me me me” focused you don’t bother to remember one of the Golden Rules….Do unto others the way you would have done unto you. Don’t trash talk the person on the other line, don’t disrespect them ….. they are not making the rules, they are simply trying to earn a living like yourselves…like all of us. I’m so sad to know that if this Cancer beats me that there will be spiteful, angry, hateful, mean, self righteous, cocky bast.ards like yourselved still on earth and living amongst my granchildren. SHame shame shame on you. Be an example for others. STop wasting precious life energy being spiteful and angry. Put that energy into finding a plausible solution for you and your family and be a good role model for others around.

  355. GodIs WatchingYou says:

    God is always watching you. Stop the lies.

  356. Renoira says:


    You are sounding a little self-righteous. Why do you write as if you are assuming that only you are hard-working and lucky enough to get a mod?

    It is hard enough out here on our own. Some people get heard and others do not, but there are hurting people out there who have worked hard all their lives. Not looking for a handout, and have been trumped by predatory loans and deceitful lending practices.

    This site is to help homeowners, not beat them up. You should be grateful you got your loan mod and not use it as a tool to hammer over the head of those who didn’t.

    How about a word of encouragement instead on how you did it?

    Just a thought.

  357. mike ross says:


  358. private says:

    I have never made a late payment or violated any terms which were agreed to by CitiMortgage. We qualified over the phone for a HAM mod. and followed all requirments and guidelines. TODAY they reported a negative on my credit report because the agreed apon HAM payments they worked out for me are less than the original mortgage payment. So they reported that I am only making partial payments. This is misleading to other credit grantors since it shows negative. I am LIVID and may I quote, “MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!”

  359. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    Well after all the fuss and bother CITI took our home anyway…. now i am in an apartment, having seizures from stress and worsening of my medical condition due to this companies lies… AND paying rent that equaled the amount of my original mortage… go figure… and BTW we sent Mr. Obama copies of evrything and the keys to our home…
    Goodbye CITI.. hello homehealthcare and hospice.

  360. Frank says:

    It takes them 7 days to “transfer” any faxed document into their system. They do not accept any emails. It takes them 3 month to review a document. The IRS tax request document has a expiration date of 3 month. They need to have all the documents in when they do the final document.

    I completed my trial period plan on January 1st. I was told in January that my file is being reviewed and final decisions were made. I was told in the end of January that I just have to wait one more week. I was told in February that my document expired and that I have to resubmit and the whole process resets. I was told now that I might have to wait 2 or 3 more months until they review the documents (note that the only “new” document that they received is the IRS request form with the updated date. It takes 2 months to review a new date. I don’t know how can they become bankers with this kinda of BS.

    Is anyone else going through this nonsense?

  361. Scared says:

    OMG!!! I read this and OMG!!! We have been back and forth for a year now with Citi. Paper work has been lost and we have had to starte the process again. One rep even screamed at me on the phone and told me to “stop paying my credit cards because I was not going to get arrested or loose my home. That sure I would ruin my credit, but I would have my home.”

    I was in shock…. my husband then called and was approved for a loan to pay what was owed, which would get us into more debt. When we log into our acct it even says we have been approved and paper work will be received in 5 to 10 business days and that was in December, still nothing. Now we are 3 months behind instead of 2 because they told us not to send the payment because we had been approved. We called and they said we did not qualify… WHAT?? Started the process all over again because they had the incorrect info.

    called again today and was told a counselor has been assigned and it is under review…. they gave me the # and ext. will be calling. I have logged since DEC all ph calls with employee names and ids. If I have had logged this since last year I would have sheets and sheets of paper. We are really scared because through all this we have not received calls or any mailings…. We are afraid that one day a letter will come saying we need to get out.

  362. Ryan says:

    Its painfully obvious that they are just screwing with people. Back in April 2009 here is what i posted:
    I filed for assistance with Citimortgage after my wife lost her job. Luckily she found a new one and i just heard back from the loss mitigation department about the Process.
    So far we have never missed a payment but since her new job pays significantly less we’re looking to have our monthly mortgage payment reduced. So i talked to the guy and he said that there is a 3 month TRIAL period where they will lower my payments and at the end of the 3 months citi will decide whether or not to modify my loan.
    BUT there is a catch, at the end of 3 months if they decide to not mod the loan I will owe them the reduced payment amount AND either way my credit gets wrecked in the process because now they treat me as if i have been late for 3 months….
    So here i am, I have never missed a payment and they want me to do this?!? for the chance that MAYBE they will help me? What? wreck my credit and send me to collections…. Their reason for this PROCESS is to weed out the people who dont need help. Has anyone here had this situation? I feel like its just a scam just to get a person backed into a corner

    It looks like I was right, reading a few more posts here has confirmed that they get you to miss payments, then report you to credit agencies as a dead beat…. Kill your credit and then F you out of your house. I love how the same people who got their bailout are now putting the screws to the american public as if the whole mess is our fault. I dont care if people inflated their incomes, lied or whatever the FACT is that the banks are the ones who GAVE these people loans when they were obviously not supposed to get them, so its atleast 50% their fault and being a little biased its more like 90% thier fault. However its 100% their fault that people are still loosing their homes by telling people to miss payments, just modify the loans retards! I could rant on this until my hands bleed.

  363. Josephine says:

    I was set up on a trial plan back in September 2009 and I was informed based on my income my payment would be $1,971.00.
    I made my payments on time and even made a 4th payment in January 2010. I received an email from Citi stating that my HAMP had been approved and to expect the paperwork in the mail. I called in the same day and was told the terms of my modified loan.

    I received the final paperwork via UPS, signed it, notarized it and sent it back. I got another email which I have all saved that they have received my paperwork and to make my payment on the 1st of March 2010.

    I went online and my account had been updated to the modified terms that was sent me in the mail, also printed out the mortgage statement which I have a copy of.
    I called in yesterday to make my payment and was informed that the MOD had been reversed because my investor does not support HAMP, I obviously challenged that and got transferred to a supervisor by the name of Dissa . She informed me that I was informed in error and that she will get it fixed and that I do qualify for the HAMP through the investor and to go ahead and make the payment on March 1st. I received another call from a Mike last night who told me that the investor would not allow for a term extension so the loan has to be re-worked. Also he found out that my income wasn’t put in correctly and a lower income was used and they also did not use my rental income. The call got disconnected and he didn’t call back, I have called 7 times since last night and keep getting the run around.

    I am so stressed by this and considering what my legal options are if any or what I can do or who to contact at this point.

  364. Scared says:

    So, after being told that our acct was being reviewed…. we received a letter yesterday that we did not qualify for the HAMP, but I knew that…. they had told us they would do a traditional home modification and that is what we are waiting for. Is that the same or different?

    So, called the counselor that is reviewing our loan and left a message. The message said we would get a call back within 24 hours, 5 more hrs and it will be 24hrs.
    Oh yes…. we also got put on the pay less and then we tell you if you qualify and from 1 month behind we went to two and then when they said we were approved and not to pay that month , but the following we went from 2 months behind to 3.

    We have a little one and we love our home, before this we were never late, why can’t they see our history and help? I don’t understand…… I hope she calls

  365. April says:

    Hey, lets remember where this all started. With greedy lenders approving anyone for a mortgage. Years ago you really could trust a lender. If they said you can afford this much – they were right. Now look at the mess they created. Just another reminder – hard to trust anyone anymore. The worst part – they are almost rewarded (financially) for crocked business.
    My daughter is out of work, has a child and another on the way. Her husband works but, unable to afford there $1,900+ mortgage payments. They have been in contact with so many at Citi that it is ridiculous. This has been going on for 2 years. The latest call was today – Citi called my son-in-law to tell him they owe 15K. He explained what has been going on and the discussions with others and filling out the Hardship Package etc. Citi said, oh, we have no record of this. Resend it all. My daughter is pregnant and this stress is unbelievable. No regard for life. They are waiting for that knock on the door – they have to get out. Is there a class action suit going on?

  366. helped in ohio says:

    it has been a long road but citi did help me with a loan mod, just got approved on st. pattys day, im still numb. my husband lost his job of 20 years and our income was reduced by a great deal, he is still deperatly looking for emploment. i too made endless phone calls, sat on hold, sleepless nights, my mortgage consumed my life. i have seen great improvements with citi over the last 8 mths. and respectfully so. can you imagine working there?? and dealing with the millions of americans?? and everyone has a story?? hats off to citi and best of luck to everyone still trying!!!!! xoxooxoxo

  367. Stephen L says:

    I finally got my permanent loan mod after about 13 months of calling every week resending paper work ect . my payment went from 1610 to 980 a month 2 percent for 5 years and 1 percent increase a year with a max of 5 % fixed for 40 years. I can live with that I live in Nevada there are foreclosures’ all around me but what is sad rents are going up.Im glad looking back I went through this painful process .My credit score got trashed but that’s ok I gained over 600 a month and im retired on fix income. Good luck and God Bless you. Stephen L

  368. Lisa says:

    Same story, same lies, same troubles…but just found out the modification was approved. This started in May ’09. LONG process but glad it is over. Remember – whether you like it or not – you owe the money & the program is HELPING you. My advice…call weekly & pay monthly (even after the first 3 month trial period). Don’t be late & don’t miss a payment. Give them what they want – 20 times if you have to. If you’ve been honest, it will happen.

  369. Andrew says:

    Familiar turn down story – after the HAM Program approval and the 3 trial payments + extra month in HAMP Citi simply refused to accept any more payments and still NOTHING IN WRITING AS TO WHY – just the NOD taped to our front door on a Sunday afternoon (while we were home)….followed by 14 different envelopes containing the same “you are done” notification.
    We owe $ 290K and – this house – this plan – this street – are now registering multiple sales of $ 120K. Can you guess what battle born state we live in??? Doing research for optional “mediation” – more dollars to pay – we found 6 MORE close neighbors in the same “get out time” frame.
    Wondering what the next lowest sell price will be…and how big a short fall we will owe – this is a “recourse” state!
    The stock market has “stop losses”; the Casino will cut you off….but thanks to the LENDER your potential loss as a home owner is out of your control and almost limitless!
    Talk about “running bad”.

  370. Tom says:

    My Modification was approved recently 2010 after being denied several times.My blood pressure was high for the first time ever after dealing with this grueling experience. I am thankful that it is over and i wish you all the best.Thanks to Citi i will be able to stay in my Home. Please do not wait for them to call you! It will never happen…. and if you are late on your trial you will not receive your Modification.

  371. sam says:

    get this.
    my sister get these trial periods, pay them on time, got denied for modification, and get delinquent notice saying,” if you don’t pay this amount (sum up of her payments of during trial), we will sell your house under……….”
    So my sister call Citi, find out her house is in foreclosure.
    she wants to pay the debt, the full amount, but the rep says that she can’t pay that either until Citi figures out the ATTORNEY FEE, which Citi have to calculate and let my sister know week or two.
    What’s up with Citi?
    Any help from Citi people from here.
    My sister’s credit is all mess up during this.
    I suggest that people beware of this.

  372. Brian says:

    I applied for their modification plan in August of 2009 and made every payment in the trial period that continued through March 2010. Only to find out that I didn’t meet their 30% income to payment requirement, after 7 months of almost weekly phone calls.
    I was informed about the modification declination by a phone call from Citimortgage collections who informed me that my mortgage was in default and wanted to know if I could make a $6,166.33 payment over the phone. I received a notice of default weeks later that informed me “the credit bureau was sent notice”. My credit has always been perfect and I have never missed a payment.

    The whole process has been a complete incompetent nightmare. Can’t believe a bank as big as Citi could handle things this poorly. Looks like I’m going to have to get a lawyer to fix all the damage and help me save my home if I can.

  373. Sheridan Greenhaw says:

    We paid CITI and called CITI and still ended up not keeping our home due to the ammount of stress and lies from CITI… I hope this all comes out when they testify before congress… stillw/ Hospice and still paying rent in the ammount of our original mortage payment.. CITI still can not sell the home we were in…
    BTW that house is haunted.

  374. sam says:

    Well went to Citi bank trying to pay whatever my sister owed from the reduced payment. Bank can’t accept any money since they put “NO PAYMENT ACCEPT” in computer system. Report to call 800-723-7906, believe to be HUD counseling number, and then transfer to foreclosure dept. they didn’t even know what my sister’s total debt amount is. Say it’s in attorney’s office, and give me the number and say good luck.
    I believe that my sister’s loan is in processing to collection dept.
    So basically, it means wait till your Notice of Delinquency, pay whatever amount The Citi will charge you.

    After this stressful event, when we get to my sister’s place, somebody putting a yellow envelope into door knob which is written, “it’s important, call Citimortgages 866-940-5787″. (the guy says he is hire by Citi by the way) Call the number, it’s automated system saying, “your assistance program is in final stage, if you like to check the status, please go on line……..”

    I am just amazed how F*%K up it is.

    Moe, can you help me!

  375. SFLORES says:

    I applied for a home modification in November 2009 when my husband lost his job. I followed all there directions and was just approved for a home modification. What confuses me is that my payment is only $200 less. I am not sure how they fugured that out but that is no where near where I need to be. I was under the impression that they were supposed to put the loan to 31% of my income $1700 is not 31% of my income. I have no idea what I am going to do because I can not pay that amount on my own and still feed my kids. Husband is trying to look for work and has come up empty. To stay or not to stay… I do not know what my next step will be.

  376. Brian says:

    Just got off the phone with Citimortgage

    So….my credit is ruined, I owe over $7,000, I’m paying late payment penalties and my home is going to be in foreclosure in a few days. All for complying with all of the terms of the trial period. I was never told any of this could happen when I applied for the mod plan. It’s all just F-ing unbelievable!

  377. eliza says:

    Jane, you are exactly right, our phones are constantly ringing day after day and I take my share of being yelled at and cursed at and I really do not appreciate that when I am willing to help people. Just yelling at me and talking over me will not enable me to do anything. And I really do not think its fair or right to badmouth us when we as a company, have helped more people than any other bank. We do not have to help anyone, we CHOOSE to. All I can say it keep on top of things and call weekly. Have all of your paperwork ready and up to date. There are programs out there to help, back when I was out of work 2 years ago, NO ONE would help me at all. Be thankful you have that option. I am a good worker who takes the time to help, so think twice before you lump everyone together as terrible, liars etc. That is not fair.

  378. Sean Ahrens says:

    I am in the same boat as most of the people here. I am dealing with Theresa at Citi. I have lost 18k a year in income. I see the train in the tunnel, have excellent credit, but own a house that has lost 150k. I am unable to refinance, or do anything with my current loan. Citi is offering me a deferment program for 6 months, but stated if I am denied for the MOD, I will owe the back monies that I save. Serioulsly, how does that help?!?!?!

    I am concerned this deferment will ruin my credit. All I am trying to do is be proactive. We are clearly spending more than we are taking in. I am scared for my family. If I lose my job we are screwed. I can’t save money with everything increasing in costs. I am cutting everything I can, and am looking at a second job. Clearly, I am worth more dead than alive…The way work has been, that might not be far off.

    Can anyone help? should I call NACA? If I could have just re-refinanced my mortgage for 4.875; this would all be mute…..

    Moe, if your listening, please help me…

    The Citi workers that are commenting on this post, really should put themselves in our shoes. They don’t see all the crap we have to do. I am irritated by their comments. They offer no assistance. Theresa, wont even call me back. I asked for a conference call, and she just called back with her office hours.


  379. Willis says:

    I have been reading these posts for months. I have been working with a lady in the Executice office for Citibank. I was transfirred to her office after I complained to my local senator Harry Reid. I have been paying my trial payments for a year now. I only worked with the E.O for two months starting in February. She told me that everything was going to be alright and I should not worry. I called here every week to make sure we were still on the same tract, at one time I even asked if I was doing this for nothing and will still lose my home, she said there is always a way, do not worry. Well I got a call Friday from her saying that I do not make enough to make the payment I should think about short sal;eing my home. My husband is self employed and the P&L’s are always different they go up and down. The trial payment I was making was made when the p&L was at $10,000. A recent P&L saysd $6,400. SO based on the 6,400 I do not make enough to pay the payment I was aready making. I am at a loss. I do not know what to do. I am now in that same bucket as those pople who havent made any payments. I need help! I just contacted my attorney and he said that I should stop paying and force CITI to forclose so that I get mediation. I want to cry! I hate CITIMORTGAGE!

  380. yield colorado says:

    I am currently in foreclosure with Citimortgage due to the same scenario as all of you-and funny, they seem very determined to push the short sale with everyone in this boat! Do they really believe that some day, all of these properties will be worth something again? HA HA, that’s pretty funny. For the whiny Citi reps posting here, OH YOU POOR FREAKING BABIES….imagine, having to take verbal abuse from people WHO ARE HAVING THEIR HOMES RIPPED OUT FROM UNDERNEATH OF THEM directly due to Citi’s LIES. This whole HAMP thing was a scam from the get-go… HAMP scam and find out how many people are in the exact same situation. The numbers tell the clear truth….very few people are receiving these permanent mods, and for those who have, to what ends?
    Wow, so one of the reps clearly states here that “we don’t have to help anyone, we choose to.” So, the belief that there are guidelines and rules involved here is false, and the reps just “pick and choose” who is a worthy candidate? You suck. Until you are in THIS SITUATION, perhaps you should find a “citimortgage abused rep support” forum to post on. You are not getting any sympathy from me, and yeah, the company you work for is SATAN.

  381. Robin Meriden,ct says:

    Citi does nothing but lie to people.What CITI does is string you along, tell the government that you are approved to get the extra that they get and then turn around and put the SCREW’S to homeowners.The Government need’s to take a closer look at CITI and what they do. We went into the re-modification program in July 2009,sent all paper work required and because I am out on Worker’s comp I was told that they do not include that income. We made the trial payments on time and were told that we were accepted and that we would receive paper work in the beginning of Dec. 2009. Well the Saturday before from loss mitigation called and said that we didn’t qualify and they had a different program and that we had to give a verbal answer because they do not send paper work.the new payment would only 400.00 less than what we were paying our mortgage was $2900.00 a month and they think this will help.

  382. john c says:

    talked to a fellow from citi yesterday they called me. we filed bankruptcy in jan went thru in march citi called us this week asked if we were still occuping house I said yes and want to keep it havnt made payment since oct 2009 took bout 15 min on phone he said we qualified for mod put us at 5.21 % down 4points house payment was to be 1500 including tax and ins any owed payments put on backside he will send paperwork in 2 weeks will take 3 months to get it thru completely backlogged by thousands of requests wasnt sure it was true but he gave me all my info they would have and assurred me this was real finally after almost 1 year of asking might finally go thru had open heart surgury last year but back to work now we sent three different packets before but got nowhere i think the bankruptcy did it so now we wait for them remember havnt paid them in m onths and we were set for forclosure not sure why cause during bankruptcy they did not want to work it out never showed at the 541 hearing so we will just see

  383. Eliza says:

    Wow, yield from Colorado, what venom you spew! First of all u are wrong, I try to help EVERYONE I talk to. And what I meant was, no mortgage lender has to help you if you fall into bad times, read your contract. Citi and other lenders CHOOSE to. I do not want sympathyfor taking verbal abuse. I want understanding, that its hard for everyone to deal with this, no matter what side you are on. My best advice, apply for every program you can and keep calling in once a week for an update. Have all you information together. I am only posting here to help you, I am a human being who feels for all of you. I want to help, If it werent going to get me in trouble, I would give u my personal email. I do not have an extension because I am on an inbound only, all day long, taking calls. good luck to you all!

  384. marcus says:

    DEAR ELIZA Let’s set the record straight!

    You keep saying you and other lenders are helping because you CHOOSE to. That is a crock!! Via the bailout, Citimortgage, being a part of CitiGropu, has any and all of its losses accrued from short sales, foreclosures, etc….guaranteed by tax payer dollars…every last cent, and that is why your company is even bothering to CHOOSE to participate in loan modification programs…Because you have NO choice!

    ELIZA’S JOB, and her company would be GONE if it weren’t for those same tax payer dollars!! So you sit there talking about how you are CHOOSING to save us, when in reality WE saved you! We just didn’t have a choice in the matter!

    Let us all not forget that if it weren’t for the total void of business ethics of ALL mortgage lenders over the last 8 years, handing out No-doc and other B.S. teaser loans to millions of people knowing, but not caring that they couldn’t repay them, than re-packaging those loans into investment bonds worth NOTHING so they didn’t have to worry about repayment, that this whole crisis, and the utter collapse of home values would have never happened.

    I have NO problem paying my mortgage. But I do so with the sad realization, that I have been forced into DEBT SERVITUDE. MY home is now practically worthless. So I keep paying endlessly, knowing that I will pay over $200,000 before I even achieve $1.00 of equity….. And if it weren’t for companies like CITI and all those “other lenders” wonderful lenders Eliza mentions, most of us would have never been in this situation to begin with!

    Enough Said….

  385. Sam says:

    If you are truly helping people, let me ask you, and why don’t you give me some help? I don’t need your personal information at all. just reply to my post.

    Why am I in foreclosure during in house program, and from some telephone number from Citi, still says that my program is in final stage.
    I never late on my reduced payments.
    How is that can happen?

    If you are here to help, please help me this case.

  386. yieldcolorado says:

    It’s amazing how angry someone can become when they have been WRONGED, isn’t it? Eliza, you make so many assumptions I don’t even know where to begin. I was not late, nor had I missed any payments when contacting Citi in reference to my mortgage, and did so at THEIR request that they may be able to “help” me. The only help I wanted was to possibly lower my exorbitant interest rate, but instead they gave me the “good” news that I pre-qualified for HAMP, and I made the mistake of getting on that disaster train. I did not “fall into bad times”, I was LED there by Citi. I won’t bore you all with the details, suffice to say that they are identical to many here. In November, after being told that I should expect final approval within 3 days, Citi refused to take my 5th modified amount payment, and told me that my file had been “closed” for some mysterious reason. They would not take a “full” payment either, and began passing me around the phone tree. I have, as you suggested Eliza, submitted all of my documents….6 TIMES…you tell me how someone, ANYONE, loses paperwork like that. Finally, in February, I was contacted at work by someone in loss mit. who told me that….wait for it……I was DENIED for HAMP at the end of DECEMBER. Think this was information that was prudent to me? He gave me the number of my “processor” who, lo and behold, I never was able to reach. In March, I reached someone at the exec. response number who told me that my home went into foreclosure March 19 (day before I contacted them) and they want 20,000 to settle the account. I am still waiting on ANY paperwork to verify this. What does the homeowner preservation team tell me at Citi? Fill out ANOTHER HAMP application. Meanwhile, I have a sale date of Aug. 4.
    This is my HOME, just as many others have said here, the place I have raised my kids, cared for my ill mother, poured a lot of sweat and tears into. Of course I am angry-I have been lied to, and am having something wronfuly taken from me. I think you would be angry too, if you were in my shoes, BUT YOU ARE NOT. Do not believe that your platitudes and “advice” are doing any of us here any good.
    I have e-mailed everyone in my state from the attorney general to the media. I intend to use every penny that I have been trying to give Citi to hire an attorney. I am watching for the class action law suit, I don’t think it will be far behind. What goes around, comes around Eliza, I truly believe that.
    When it’s your turn, I’ll try to be kind.

  387. Sleepless in Atlanta says:

    Wow, I’ve just spent the entire day crying my eyes out and the past hour reading ALL of these post. I’m ready to fight now.
    Now that I know I am not alone. Is there comfort in misery? I think so. At least I know that I’m not crazy. Here’s a letter I’m sending out today:

    Dear CitiMortgage:

    In response to your letter dated 4/01/10. In said letter, you state that loan # xxxxxxxxx IS IN DEFAULT and that to cure the default I, the customer, must pay the past due amount of $7,077.72, including $0.00 in late charges and $100.50 in delinquency related expenses, due no later than 5/02/10.

    Enclosed is a check! It’s more like an I.O.U. from the Making Home Affordable program.
    Also enclosed are all of the cancelled checks of on-time payments that I have made to the Making Home Affordable Program totaling $6,967.08 since JULY 2009. It is my sincere belief that CitiMortgage and the Making Home Affordable Program are GUILTY OF THEFT BY TAKING.

    That’s right! YOU say that I owe YOU $7,077.72 including $100.50 in delinquency fees that YOU’VE already collected from me over the past 10 months through the CitiMortgage HAM Program.

    You see, I have been in the “trial modification” program for 10 months. On 3/18/10 CitiMortgage HAM Program sent me a letter requiring me to return a Profit & Loss Statement no later than April 17, 2010. I faxed that Profit & Loss Statement to CitiMortgage HAM Program on 4/14/10. When I called to inquire if the form had been received on 4/15/10 I was told that it was indeed received and that my loan was being processed. However, according to your Loss Mitigation team yesterday, my modification was denied on 3/26/10 ( a month ago ), way before the deadline. So, not only are you guilty of theft by taking, you have also denied my modification without cause and lied to me about the process.

    Now, before I end this letter, I must tell you that I have already contacted my Congressman, the honorable John Lewis, and I am launching an investigation with the FBI due to the large amount of money that you have stolen from me and now are threatening to foreclose on my home because of. NACA will also review my modification papers to investigate the nature of my loan being denied from the program. Please resolve this matter quickly or I will be forced to send a camera crew to the office of your CEO, Sanjiv Das, so that he can explain to DATELINE NBC how it is that you can demand funds that you have already received, threaten and extort money from homeowners who are honestly trying to protect their home.

    Please go ahead and draft those aforementioned funds from the CitiMortgage HAM program’s checking account and keep a copy of this letter for your records.

    If you should decide to call about this matter, please know that calls are monitored and recorded by me to ensure quality of service.



  388. Well, even if I don’t send that letter, I feel so much better!-)

    Fellow CitiMortgagees, I am praying for relief for ALL of us. It may be the sheer volume of mods that they are processing, or lack of experience, or just sheer greed. Whatever it is, as consumers, we DESERVE an advocate. Someone has got to listen to these stories and investigate CitiMortgages’ business practices before another person is lured into their web of deceit based on the promise of saving their home. 10 months later, I am worn, battered and my heart aches over the possibility of loosing this home that I’ve worked So hard for. My sweat equity, 13 years worth of cash renovations and memories don’t belong to CitiMortgage at all. I will not go out without a fight!

    Thank You to Moe, for your service, intellect, and most of all, for this forum. It helps to know someone is listening.

  389. Robert Deane says:

    Boy do I agree with you. Read this recent post.

    CitiMortgage Mounts Shock and Awe Campaign against Baffled Home Owner

    I bank by Internet and on my last mortgage payment to CitiMortgage made an entry mistake- I placed a zero where a one should have been, underpaying the mortgage payment by $100. I did not notice the mistake and by bank notified me the payment had been received. Much to my surprise a few days latter I became the blunt of CitiMortgage’s Shock and Awe Campaign. A campaign clearly structured to intimidate, threaten (your credit score will be damaged) and quite frankly bludgeoned one into compliances with their wishes. Over the last three days I received a minimum of 12 intimidating, automated phone calls that demanded payment of the full monthly payment (remember I paid all but $100), and provided no access to a live agent.

    I believe CitiMortgage must be on auto pilot. There is certainly provided me with no consumer service when I called. The person answering the call again said I owed the full payment, now plus penalty and it was only after I pointed out I had verification of payment that he admitted they had received payment but did not apply it as it was not the full amount. I asked, why did you not call me and say, we need another $100 to apply this to the loan? No good answer from the “customer service agent” (who as you must know is virtually impossible to reach). I said I will have a check to you by tomorrow, turn off your unnecessary attack dogs. They had my explanation yesterday, they now have the check, but Shock and Awe has not stopped.

    Today, my wife received five more phone calls today. Once Shock and Awe is launched it can’t be recalled. I looked on the CitiMortgage site for an “About” section. There is none, so I can’t say much about their ethics or brand promise to consumers. All I found is the Citi never sleeps. Great news for those of us they throw their intimidating power against (my wife is having a fit). It is one thing to “intellectualize” about the plights of so many American’s facing foreclosure and hardships. People who are receiving these calls, day after day, it is quite another thing to have CitiMortage’s Shock and Awe Campaign directed at you. I don’t know if you ever saw the classic 1976 film Network (it is rated one of the top ten movie scrips of all time), but I feel like the news announcer who in a rant, persuades his listeners to go to the window and shout out. “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” has the right answer. It is time to hold banks accountable and demand they approach the American consumer as the honest and hardworking families they are. CitiMortgage, please turn off you Shock and Awe Campaign against this Baffled Home Owner and other Americans.

  390. charles says:

    I would like to involve the local state and federal government in this case with citiMortgage someone need to investigate this mortgage lender they are doing something criminal i was never late with with my payments granted my house is upside down i have been trying to modified my loan since January 2009 I was harassed by these unprofessional telemarketer that what i call them i see no end in sight someone please help.

  391. Liz says:

    Sleepless I am in the same situation. After 9 months of making all my “trial” payments, I was given modification documents that are not even close to what I was promised. I now owe $9k more on my loan than I did when I started (on an already $125K upside down property), my payment is only $200 less and in three years, I will be paying MORE than if I had done nothing at all. The third party service Citi is using could not explain the change and even admitted that I should have been informed MONTHS earlier. I would have been better off doing no mod at all. Now, if I don’t sign their docs…I will be thrown into default ruining my credit and putting even more interest on it. The only reason I could not do a traditional refi was due to the decline in property values – I’ve never missed one payment. Citi and banks like them are a big reason WHY the market shows no sign of recovery. They are still charging me well above market rates of interest…just because they can.

    I am 100% with you and have already retained legal counsel. I also plan to take this to the media so that other homeowners may not get taken advantage of like this. IT IS A DISGRACE.

  392. Tim R says:

    Hi All,
    We are about to pursue a deed in lieu of foreclosure with Citi, and wonder a few things:
    1. do we have to be behind on payments for them to consider?
    2. does anyone have a recent experience to share?

    This is a second home for us, upside down, unemployed, and able to prove insolvency to IRS for tax purposes. Home has been on short sale market for just about 3 months, which I know is the time minimum required.

    Any feedback would be great, get a lwayer? etc

  393. Paula says:

    I can related to pretty much all of these postings. I am glad to know that it is NOT just ME. They are playing a game with people. Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit somewhere or how do I start one? What is our recourse? I have been trying to get ‘help’ from these insidious bastards since May of 2009- with no success -big surprise….Idid lodge a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission-not sure what that will acomplish,if anything, but it made me feel better. Thank you to everyone for your information and horror stories and especially Moe for having this forum.

  394. Patrick says:

    You guys are not alone, I myself am in the same situation as many of you. I was declined for the modification and now I own a large amount, I never missed one payment and I am a full-time student and full-time worker. I feel like I was targeted into a scam program and this will not be tolerated. Have any of you filed suits against Citi yet? I am meeting with my lawyer on Friday and we will be going through with the suit against these people.

    When I asked where my payments were going, these people said into a holding account until the trial period is over? Another time they said they make the partial payment every month, I have been charged delinquent fees for payments that I have indeed made on time every time. The only reason I am in this situation is because I followed the directions given to me by Citi Mortgage. I called in EVERY week to check on the status of my loan modification, not one time did they have any idea what I was talking about. I never got a letter stating I was declined, I instead received a phone call from a Citi representative asking how I would like to pay $6000 in past due payments plus delinquent fees.

    Citi – If you do not think that we will not fight back, you are entirely wrong. This situation that your company along with The Fannie Mae Company have created is about to get much larger than you ever anticipated.

    I feel like I was personally attacked by your company, again this will not stand.

    News articles, Complaints with Better Business as well as Federal Trade Commission, and Social Networking sites devoted to these types of scams that your companies’ have created are only the beginning.

    If you have any information on suits filed against Citi, please post.

  395. Patsy says:

    I was told last week that in 3 business days that my file will be completed and to look in my citi account for messages. Today is the 3rd day. No approval. Yesterday, the message changed also.- Now reads 30 days. I tried calling and I’m getting the run around like everybody else and no one person to confide in. I’m getting to jump off the bridge…can we all do something in unison to get Citi to change their unfair practices of not following thru on commitments? Nor, providing an effective way to communicate (two-way)! I would hate to lose my home because of non communication and unfair practices……I just broke out in herpes this is so much stress!

  396. Long story short been 8mths on the home modification plan waiting to get refinanced but they have lost my paperwork every month since I started. Which is convenient now that they have me 17,000 dollars behind and keep calling me on how to repay it. Also you gotta love that they make you be 2mths behind on your payments before they will do anything for you then report every month that your on home modification that your not playing your mortgage now my credit is so bad i can forget about ever buying anything.

  397. Sue Stanard says:

    We began the mortgage modification process with Citi Bank on March 14, 2009. We have been lied to for over a year with what I believe was never the banks intention to modify our loan. “Missing paper work” is their key loop hole. My last communication with the documents department (not even a Citi Company) I was told everything was in place and being sent to underwriting— should be closing on it soon! Now Citi is calling several times per day. saying we have been kicked out of the program and we owe $19,ooo.oo in late payments even though we made the modified trial payment on time for 8 months. We need to band together and start a class action suit. Does anyone know of a lawyer willing to take this on? Obama, how does it feel to “bail out” the big guys and know where you will sleep tonight while millions of AMERICANS have no home to go to!!!

  398. Patsy says:

    I agree, I say we all make our next trial payment to the lawyer and get a class action suit going…..I don’t want to hear anymore bad stories…..enough is enough!

  399. Carla says:

    I am also frustrated with Citimortgage. I have contacted my governor, occ, congressman of Tn, the president, 60 min., 3 sets of attorneys doing class action suits, barry scheck, michael moore, gloria allred, and many more I feel can help. I suggest calling Jessica Sleater at 212-631-8627. She is an attorney doing a class action suit against citimortgage. Or you can contact Making homes affordable at 1-888-995-4673. I’ve done both. I don’t trust anyone at this point anymore. You can reapply for a home loan modification with them. They will take your information and tell you right then and there if you should qualify and negotiate with them for you. I have a 3 way call with them and citimortgage on Monday . I’ll let you know if it’s another scam or not. Good Luck

  400. My Credit Is Ruined says:

    Upon losing my disability, and worrying that I would fall behind until my appeal case was complete I contacted Citimortgage to be a “pro-active” customer. After explaining my situation to the rep. I was urged to do a loan modification.

    The rep. told me that the only way I could be approved for a loan mod. was to stop payment for 3 months. It is important to note that when I made this call I had not been late on ANY payments, but wanted to maintain this mortgage, as I have fought hard for the last 8 years to improve my credit score.

    I explained my concern to the representative but he assured me that the non-payments for the next 3 months were necessary for the modification, and that it was strictly an IN-HOUSE procedure and would NOT be reported to the credit bureaus.

    We received the modification, but soon found out that it was indeed reported to the credit bureaus. Our credit score dropped dramatically, and I have appealed this, called countless times, been told different excuses, and made to feel like I was lying! Citimortgage is responsible for bringing my credit score from GOOD to POOR, and I am now subjected to high interest rates when applying for credit.

    I am so disgusted with Citimortgage, as they have set me back to a place that will make it impossible to access another loan until 2015. We had hoped to sell our home, now we cannot. I could go on and on about this joke of a company but it has had a huge impact on my health. The reps. lie about their names, or they have no concept or training when you are unlucky (most times) to discuss your situation with a polite but useless operator in India. Most of the Americans I have spoken with are obviously past caring about the plight of Citimortgage customers and are extremely rude. There have been many times I just hang up when I hear that certain tone when our conversation starts. I don’t need sarcasm in such a serious matter.

    I NOW JUST WANT TO WALK AWAY FROM THIS HOME AND SCREW CITIMORTGAGE! ( I don’t think I care any longer if my credit score drops further, as this has been an enormous stress that has taken its toll)

  401. Busmanz says:

    This has to be illegal!!! Eleven months ago I had perfect credit and was about to refi my house to lower my housing expenses and get things in line with my lower income. I’d been making 30% less over the last two years and had been borrowing from family to stay current. A co-worker suggested before I lengthen my loan to 40 years I should call my lender (Citimortgage) to see what they could do. It was suggested to me by that representative that I have Citi modify my exsisting mortgage under the HAMP program and keep my mortgage with Citi. I was told I was pre qualified and once I sent in the required documents and made the three trial payments to modification would take affect. Nine months and endless phone calls later I was told I didn’t qualify for the HAMP program. The reason given, my housing expenses are less than or equal to 31% of my gross income. Really?! Try 48.44% over the past two years. My guess is they just pick a reason to decline people out of a hat.
    Now I’ve been referred to their Executive Dept and talk to the same person exclusively. I’ve been told that my file is under review for a traditional modification but have been given no specifics on this. My guess is they will either decline me for that for another make believe reason or do next to nothing and leave me worse off now than when I began this process. Refinancing is no longer an option since they destroy your credit even when you make every payment on time as I did.
    To anyone considering the HAMP program through Citi- don’t!!! Everything they tell you is a lie and you’ll end up FAR worse off than you started. I have several close friends who are now losing their homes after seeking a lon modification through Citi and I fear that I may be in the same boat soon.
    My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has been SCAMMED by this (that’s what it is, a scam) and those who have had their lives and dreams destroyed by Citimortgage.
    I’ve documented every step of this nightmare from the beginning and wish I had money to hire an attorney to persue a lawsuit against Citi. Anyone know a good attorney who would like to persue a class action lawsuit against Citi?

  402. Darin says:

    I suggest calling Jessica Sleater at 212-631-8627. She is an attorney doing a class action suit against citimortgage. I did!!!

  403. busmanz says:

    Thanks for the advise Darin. I called and sent an e-mail to her office today. It sounds like they are investigating it now but I think if enough people come forward it would be an open and closed case against these scamming sob’s!

  404. Larry says:

    They are scammers. I file my paperwork on Feb 1st. I called on the 2nd and I was told that I qualified and that I should hear something in 7 business days. What a JOKE. I have called more that 20 times. No one has called me back with any information. They have a great system. They only give out their first name. When you try to call back they can neven find the person you talked to because you don’t know that last name. I tried getting an employee ID. I called back two weeks later to the same phone number and they could not transfer me to the same person. They stated that he is in another state. There employees should get an Oscar Award. They do an instedible job of makeing you think that they and Citibank care.

    If they spent as much time doing loas mods as they do trying to collect all the loan mods would be done in a few days.

    I did find out that my load was sold off to a group of investors and that Citibank has ONE person doing all the load mods that were sold to investors. Her name is Victoria Minella. I have called her repeatdly over the last 3 months and she has never returned one call.

    Citibank took federal funds to do these loan mod’s. What did they do with the money? They certainly are not doing load mod’s. Probablly paid some bank executive’s bonus.

    I pray for the day when Citibank goes under. I want to be there when these bastards clean out there desks and are jobless.

  405. Laura Morton says:

    Try and get some of the politicians at all levels of government on your side. City, State, Federal, call them, send emails. If their office is nearby, pay them a visit. You hear from them when it’s time for them to get elected. Now, you need help. It’s their job to get you the help you need. Call a reporter, newspaper, magazines or TV. You need exposure. You need PR. And don’t be shy.
    Good luck to you and your family.

  406. Eliza says:

    Man, some of you all are mean, mean mean. I hope I never talk to any of you, this is what I get for trying to help. Wont be posting here again, good luck with your evil, hateful thoughts. Wont get you anywhere with ANYONE! foreclosure is probably best for you

  407. Eliza says:


  408. Sleepless in Atlanta says:

    ELIZA, May Almighty God forgive you for your wickedness. Something is twisted in your mind if you cannot empathize with the thousands of people who have expressed their heartfelt frustrations over CitiMortgage and their greed.

    What you have done has proven a point: Citi’s evil intentions and the demeanor of the people that work for them. As a Matter of Fact, thanks for posting that, it may actually help our stories to the press and the class action suit. It’s proof that Citi cares less about their customers and more about ripping people off.

    Let’s hope that you don’t loose your paid off home due to lightning, fire or flood…God doesn’t like UGLY.

  409. AverageSteve says:

    I am another of the many people whom CitiMortgage has mistreated.

    1. They don’t meet their own service commitments given to me.
    2. They credited timely payments to the wrong account (not mine) and tried to deny my a modified mortgage as a result of their error — and they refused to correct it long after I had sent them proof of payment.
    3. The claimed I never sent them documents (then found them).
    4. They initially tried to reset my rate to 6.00% when the maximum allowed by law was 5.125%.
    5. They demanded more information, but refused to tell me where to sent it. Yes, that’s right. They never returned 5 phone calls asking them where to send the documents they insisted they needed. Then they decided that the documents were not needed.
    6. They have refused to provide me monthly mortgage statements for 7 months! How obscene is that?

    I am trying to put together a class action lawsuit against CitiMortgage and Freddie Mac. The claim is that these delays were a combination of gross incompetence or deliberate stalling of mortgage modifications. Either way, the lender keeps charging the pre-adjustment higher interest rate until the modification is executed.

    In my case, the lender got an extra $16,000 in interest from me due to needless delays.

    If you have suffered the same delays, it has cost you a lot of money, too.

    Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing this.

    These people are not motivated to stop doing this. If they were, it would have been fixed by now. A multi-billion dollar lawsuit will get their attention.

  410. Jaysen71 says:

    LOL! This company is Evil…I started the LoModHell Procedure 11/09 and was told everything is on track till a month ago, they said I missed March’s pmt.–wrong I have proof I paid it on time. I’ve been on and off this HAM program several times this year so far, I keep getting conflicting information…from the loan mod dept. that say’s everything is fine, just keep making your trial payment’s since Jan. ….. to the loss mitigation dept. that say’s I owe 4 mos. past due plus 9,000 in tax/ins. escrow they paid! WTF! Most likely I’ll be walking away….unfortunately I went through chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2006 and the house was included in that filing…my attorney say’s I will not be liable for this upside down house(-50%) plus 20,000 needed for improvement’s… so good luck Citi…this house is in the epicenter of misery – Mid-Michigan where value’s have gone South and the job market suck’s. Toota-lu!!

  411. Telltruth says:

    Hi Guys…
    Thanks for sharing your stories. The one thing that I am surprised is that there is not even one success story that CITI had in fact helped. It would be great if people post success stories as well with the procedure they followed, difficulties encountered and how did they overcome etc. That will give an inspiration to the people who is trying apply for new loan modification. I recently applied loan mod for CITI but the servisor is Wellsfargo. Not sure what will happen but reading these stories I am a bit scared. I submitted the required docs. I applied for loan mod 2 weeks ago. And the last one week, I received at least 3 calls per day from Wellsfargo requesting the finanical docs. I finally faxed them yeasterday. I will update here as things progress. Hoping for a good luck!!!

  412. rclark says:

    I worked with CITIFINANCIAL for over a year on my mortgages (first and second) near the end they sold the first to a servicer so I had to start all over and the second they offered a modification of $16.00 off the payment. Yes, sixteen dollars. Now they are threatening charge off and legal fees as of today. I make half of what I did when I took out the loans. I am very upset with this as bad credit can cause me to lose this job I just got. Citi and all its divisions are the WORST and they collected so much money from the government – US.

  413. stephen L says:

    HiTelltruth you must have missed my post on thing i didn’t do is use a lawyer my friends wife works for a mod lawyer, not one was made permanent
    Stephen L March 31, 2010 at 7:44 am

    I finally got my permanent loan mod after about 13 months of calling every week resending paper work ect . my payment went from 1610 to 980 a month 2 percent for 5 years and 1 percent increase a year with a max of 5 % fixed for 40 years. I can live with that I live in Nevada there are foreclosures’ all around me but what is sad rents are going up.Im glad looking back I went through this painful process .My credit score got trashed but that’s ok I gained over 600 a month and im retired on fix income. Good luck and God Bless you. Stephen L

  414. Stephanie says:

    I have been reading these posts and, now I am very scared. I put my loan Mod into CITI on April 24, 2010. I have heard nothing from them, but I call them every week. I was finally told by one really nice lady that I was missing a form they needed to continue my application going in underwriting. This was on May 20th. Now this was only after the two people before her hung up on me. I just kept calling back, because I wanted to know what I was getting into.
    My other confusion it like a previous poster, I too have a loan with CITI but my investor is with WAMU. That I was not able to qualify for a government loan modification, because WAMU did not participate. I would have to do some traditional modification. That really got me confused, I thought WAMU went under. Not really sure what will happen now. I last called on May 28th, and the first person that answered from loss litigations stated that I was in the wrong department, finally after three different people transfered me I talked back to a person in loss litigations, and was she rude. Did not want to help me and told me that nothing is done at the end of the and try back then. I wanted to talk to my so called councilor Sharron, but the rude women told me that they did not have time for me and that I needed to wait till I was contacted.
    I am truly scared and hope all works. I would really love to hear the stories of what people did to get it to work, if there is any.

  415. Patsy says:

    After finding this website and writing to the Bryan Bolton, Senior VP of Loss Mitigation for Citi (or coincidence), having my file transferred to underwriting three (3) time since starting this process in Dec. 2008, I get an email from a John Pratl saying that he needed my income to be verified. Warning: This was through an email notification which I had to upload and open as an attachment. But, not before I had to create a password. Now this can be overlooked so be careful. Then after exchanging two emails…for the first time with the same person John, I felt a little relief and human. After two days He wrote congratulating me for being approved. Mind you I have been qualified for so long…And, I would hear from someone. He did not provide details, but, said that my payment would be reduced to about the same deduction that I am making on my trial payment. But, no further details about the loan modification or interest rate (I have an adj. 6.5%) And, even though I felt relieved, I still felt that I was in limbo.
    So, the next day on my CitiMortgage Web account I got an email saying : “Account XX Request approved. Expect your solution package in 5-7 business days.
    Continue paying your trial monthly mortgage payments. ”
    That was on May 21, 2010…….. The 7th day was yesterday. I called Citi to document that I called in for status. They told me that I should be receiving documents any day.
    I hope this helps to give some positive feed back. Or,
    I could be one of the likely victims to loose all faith in the HAMP program and file suit.
    I’ll keep you posted.

  416. Mike says:

    I applied for a HAMP last August while unemployed and was told I fully qualified and to start making the lower payments for 3 months since I was now on a trial basis. I did this and started to get letters saying I was getting behind on my mortgage. I called Citi and the rep told me not to worry about the “late payments” since they would be placed at the end of the loan and to keep paying the newer payments. after several months of paying I get a letter from an Atty telling me my home is now in Foreclosure and I am delinquent 13000.00. NO ONE told me to pay the full amount of the mortgage during this process. I am fighting this tooth and nail now.

  417. Patsy says:

    On Monday, I got the agreement a simple 6 pager, but, I had a couple of questions….I took a long shot and wrote the loan officer, (Remember the one I had more than two conversations with? He was the one that also
    “qualified” me and congratulated me) for explanation on the balloon payment at the end of my loan. And, the person who’s name was on the Agreement’s cover letter (Loss Mitigation) wrote back this morning. Boy, was I surprised! Here is my response: I understand fully; thanks so much for the explanation.
    I will send the Agreement to you today.
    And, I will have a wonderful day. Last night was the toughest night of my life. This process was keeping me from enjoying it and the relief was so great I got sick.

    Please be assured that without you and the HAMP program, my life would have been a nightmare. And, I must admit the wait was worth it, as this modification Agreement, most definitely, has made my loan now affordable.
    I’m happy to disclose any other information, if it will encourage you to keep the faith! Oh, Praise God too! Hallelujah!

  418. Diana Martin says:

    Here is the email for Citimortgage’s CEO Vikram Pandit:

    Also, the phone # for the executive response team:


  419. Lou says:

    I along with many of you are having the same problem with citimortgage. I don’t understand how they get all of our taxpayer money in bailouts to help us and then do not use it to help. Since Freddie and Fannie own around 90% of all the mortgages, lets flood Barney Frank with call’s and email’s. This is our money that we worked hard for that they recieved. As far as using the media for help I am going to pursue that, but if you think ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN is the way to go forget it they are all left wing media and will not even think about reporting this issue. They are all in the tank for this administration. I will go to FOX and see if someone will help. So thank you Pres. Obama for all of your help, and your administration, for using are taxdollars so wisely. These bailouts are working so well. I would like to know what the goverment is going to do with all the houses that they are going to own? Americans better wake up these politicians are doing what ever they want with our money and with no consequences, while we our just trying to keep our heads above water. I will fight to the end for my house, so don’t give up and let them win. GOOD LUCK

  420. Kelly Kassa says:

    I too had applied for a loan mod in October of 2009. Mine finally went to booking and is finalized. I did recieve my new statement with my new payment. I did not want to write anything or tell anyone until I knew for sure that it was finalized. We are talking 9 months and the only time I did call is when my payment was due. I am not here to judge – just give you my story. I was on here everyday reading peoples heart breaking experiences and never thought it would go through. I was so scared. I have 2 little children and a husband who has been out of work for 2 years. I have held a job until recently. THANK GOD. We were making our trial payments for over 6 months – and then .. I did follow all their instructions on hardship letters and sending in any and all info that was requested. I did not have to send anything in twice – just an extention of unemployment benefits for my husband. After about the 8th month – we did recieve our new modification papers to sign. My trial period payment was 897 a month. I almost died when I saw what it was modified to. It was a 40 yr mortgage – but here in michigan … we have no jobs! I have no choice. A 3 bedroom apt or house goes for over 900 a month. They modified it to 558! I am so greatful. Please – dont give up in your efforts. As long as you dont hound them and get irate- and be truthful upon the beginning of your modification – things will be ok. And truthfully – Citi does not need to do this at all. If you read the terms of your notes/mortgages – this is a legal binding document. They really are trying to help. Im just a peon from Michigan .. and I am completely greatful.

  421. Angela says:

    Are you serious!!!!!!! Citibank did everything they possibly could to avoid helping me. I applied for modification with them several times, was told that the outlook was good. For some reason my application was lost three times. How do you lose an application three times. They filed for foreclosure on me before they even tried to resolve the issue of my MISSING application. They were like oh well there’s nothing they could do. They didnt even try to work with me. I even had the money to bring my account current. Just to add, my mortgage was behind because I had been laid off from my job. In 15 years of having my mortgage with them, it had never been late one time. I got a month behind when I began asking them for help. I got the impression from them that the only thing they were interested in doing was foreclosing, yet they have a website bragging on how they are helping people save their homes. I received no help from them. I called, wrote letters. They once passed me around on the phone for 2 hours. Letters and phone calls went unanswered or ignored I even had one customer service agent tell me I should apply for a modification…this was after they had already lost my first two. They are very misleading in saying they are helping people. I have already met several other people that went through the same thing.

  422. Doesn't Really Matter says:

    I so tired of talking with CitiMortgage. I was offered a modification in December but they drafted my mod using incorrect income. Six weeks after I got the first packet I received another packet with the same wrong information (of course they promised to correct the info). Since then it has never been corrected and each time I talk to someone I get different advice. I’m beyond frustrated. It’s sad to think that I’m worth more dead.

  423. D Campbell says:

    Citi Mortgage would not give me a loan mod. i could afford.Ihad acorn
    and obamas hope program both presented workout solutions to the
    loss mitiagation dept that i could afford they refused and stole my house
    at auction two days mortage never tried to help me keep my house they only wanted me to catch up on all missed payments.
    they raised my intrest rate and added thousands of dollars to my
    Principal.It did not matter that i lost two good paying machinist jobs
    in this ecomny one i had for 9 years i still did not go on unemployment
    i work for a little more then half of my previous income.

  424. Eliza says:

    go whine to your worthless president U ELECTED NOT ME. dont feel sorry for you and you all need an english class because you do not know how to spell. my coworker is meaner than u think i am, she would tell u to sell your house. and by the way, dont have to take any of these stupid calls anymore, moved to a better dpt see ya

  425. Cara says:

    I also have Citi Mortgage. I called for a mod on a secondary residence in CA. I have an 80/20, the 1st with Citi as an I/O at 6.375%, the second with Specialized Loan Servicing. The lady I spoke with said she couldn’t help me until I was behind on payments and to call back next month after I missed a payment at her direction. I then called my other mortgage company and the took all of my info right then, fincances, bills, loans, income, everything. It was a two hour conversastion. At the end of it that lady offered my an interest rate reduction from 8% to 5% permanently on a 30 year fixed. I took it. I stewed for a couple of days about the call to Citi and I just didn’t feel good about missing a payment at the direction of an undocumented phone call. So I went online and filled out the HARP form on Citi’s website. Then the site said I should call an 866 number to speak with someone about the request I had just submitted. The gentleman I spoke with reviewed the info I had submitted and then put me on hold for about ten minutes to take my app to his bosses. When he came back the offer on the table was an interest rate reduction from 6.37% to 4% for five years, going from I/O to P and I, the payments would stay the same (2595.00) but the principle would be going down every month by about 600.00. At the end of five years the rate would go back to 6.375% and stay P and I, thereby raising the payments at that time if I were to be unable to refi. What do you think? Is this a good deal? My only hardship is that I am unable to rent the property out anywhere near the monthly mortgage payment due to market decline and the neighborhood quality declining as well. It used to be a nice residential street with regular families and their kids, now there are tons of people crammed into each house (that is not in foreclosure or auction status), there are definitely gang bangers and illegals in three or four of the houses, and the schools went from average to rated the worst in the county. Can I squeeze Citi for a better deal? I have patience and time, I don’t mind being broke for a little while, I just need to know what direction to take these negotiations in.

  426. Glenn says:

    I also had a giant and non productive experience with Citi. It was a nightmare of repeated snafus, and run arounds. Lost forms, I never once spoke to my “counselor”, phone calls and e-mails not returned. These people are SLIME! After about 5 months they declined my Mod. I’ve been in my home for 12 years and they put me on a “forebearance” I’m now way behind, (never was until the forbearance). my credit score has been cratered, and they are now threatening foreclosure. I have a law Firm working for me and it all sounds good, but I’ve heard it before. These Bastards have no incentive to help anyone. I may just be out another grand and will still lose my home. I am losing hope! BASTARDS!

  427. Glenn says:

    I believe I most likely had to deal with nit-wits like Eliza above! Please get into a car crash soon. My misfortune follow you forever for your contempt of the less fortunate, you Creep!

  428. Citiisajoke says:

    Eliza and her ‘meaner co-worker’ are prime examples of what is wrong with Citi. By the way Eliza, you personally are in need of English grammar and spelling classes. If you have nothing positive or helpful to add here, kindly shut up, no one needs your negativity.

  429. Melanie says:

    My husband & I have been going round and round with Citimortgage for 13 months now trying to get help. We filled out a hardship letter when all of my husband’s overtime was cut and I was diagnosed with severe Graves Disease and could no longer work full time.
    Since that time 13 months ago we have had at least half a dozen or more different loan counselors, some of whom we never even heard from, which makes us tend to doubt their existence. We were told to do a forebearance plan and pay half of our current mortgage payments, that everything looked very promising and “not to worry”.
    Now we are getting 3-4 calls a day asking us to pay the $8,000.00 that we now owe from not paying the full payments every month- like they told us to do. My husband has been on the phone every day after work in between all my doctor’s appointments and taking care of our 2 children- trying to find out what in the world is going on.
    We are now getting forclosure letters telling us we have 19 days to pay the $8,000.00. In the meantime my disability claim was denied- saying that I had a significant impairment- but was still capable of doing a less strenuous job- like jobs grow on trees????
    We have no idea what to do. We don’t own anything worth $8,000.00 and have no forseeable way to come up with the money.
    So here we sit… many other hardworking people who’ve posted here- like the band playing on as the Titanic sank!

  430. Sleepless in Atlanta says:

    Monday, July 26, 2010:
    I called the HOPE division of Making Home Affordable and told them that my modification process has been going on for 13 months, with promises that it would be resolved on that day. We called CITIMortgage together at 9:15 am. Alex answers and says, “your final modification papers were sent on July 22, please sign, notarize and return to us right away. Your loan has been modified to 2%, hold off making your August 1st payment until you read the final modification papers. They should be there no later than Wednesday, July 28. If not, please call us back immediately.” The woman from Hope was very excited for me but I had no emotion except “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

    Wednesday, July 28:
    NO PAPERWORK and ALEX doesn’t answer his phone! When I call back with the Hope representative the CITIMortgage Loss Mitigation worker says “there’s no record of paperwork being sent out to you, your modification is still under review. Unless Alex knows something that’s not on the computer…Regardless, he shouldn’t have told you NOT to make your payment, which would AUTOMATICALLY disqualify you from the program” The Hope representative was in shock, but I was not. I finally have proof that CITIMortgage IS A BOLD FACE LIAR! This just gives me an individual person that I can serve to the FBI for investigation.

    August trial modification payment paid by phone, $7200 difference in payment for the past 13 months hanging over my head, my credit ruined and a large chunk of my sanity gone, it boils my blood to think that I actually trusted these people with the home that I’ve invested over $60,000 cash and a great deal of sweat equity in over the past 13 years. I want every federal agency and news organization to hear how CITIMortgage is raping America of their homes and THEY should be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law.

  431. Nicole says:

    agree with a class action suit! I am stuck on what else to do! I was making my trial payments for 9 months and found out i didn’t qualify. Then came the foreclosure notices, phone calls asking for 9K payment, and my ruined credit. I have never been late on a payment before applying nor during my trial period. I paid what Citimortgage told me to pay for during my trial period. So, for the next 7 years, I have horrible credit, my interest rates go up, credit limits on existing cards go down. It is not fair, i have requested that it be researched in the credit department, and got a letter stating they wouldn’t. We need to come together and find a way to fight back! I am lost! Nicole

  432. Sleepless in Atlanta says:

    Nicole, I totally understand your situation. I want to fight back too.
    There is a law firm looking into a class action suit. You should look at their website (search Milberg, look under new cases and investigations).

    Also, I found great comfort in Making Home Affordable’s Hope line. 888-995-HOPE (4673).
    The other thing that you can do is ask to be considered for the traditional modification, and, if you need some time you can have them do a forebearance and perhaps set up a payment plan, to pay back the funds or add it to the life of your loan. Also, if you have the exact name of anyone at CitiMortgage who gave you false information or mislead you, call the local office of the FBI and file a complaint. They can only pursue people not companies but there are times over the past 13 months that I’ve been so mad that I have done just about anything to save my house, from writing every local politician to the Federal Trade Commission. There has to be some accountability.

    Most important, Keep kicking and fighting!

  433. yiyi says:

    Loan modifications are a scam, specially since the goverment bail the banks out.
    the bank offer you a trial plan that gets currnet clients behind ( people that are barely eating or paying any other bills in order to keep the payments current so they don’t loose their home) for example me and my boyfriend 67 percent of our income goes to the mortgage payemnst, taxes, insurance and HOA . citimortgage is being having us under review for a year and half, and all they say is under review and nothing is need. What we are scared is that they will ask us to do a trial plan and get us behind and them send us to foreclosure for being behind when in reality is because they ask us to make lower payemnst and take our little 2 bed condo away( is not even a house ) I know several people that had this happened to them. I wonder is this what the goverment guidelines are telling the lenders to do?
    Is this the kind of help the goverment ask the lenders to do? they bail them out with a reward of billions so the bank can use that money to contract companies out of the country to handle the process. why don’t they instead spend the money hiring or contracting other americans that need jobs, why don’t instead they create thoses jobs for american people. So I guess this is one of the reason why the lenders don’t want to help homeowners because they already spend all the bail out money contracting other countries. Nice way to handle situations. Give props to the lenders and the goverment. Obviously they are doing a great job help to sink even more the economy of this country. really disapointed !!

  434. Carol Wright says:

    I have been in loan Mod with Citi for the Past 15 months, and paid my mod on time and was told last week I did not make enough money to pay the loan mod. I was given the mod with the tax returns and bank statements. I am self employed and was doing just fine paying the loan. I was able to start a small nest egg,so I would be able to put some cash away in case of a disaster. Now the bank took it away and wants to short sale my home. seams to me it would be better to let people who are paying keep the mod .But this is all a scam to get the government to pay the bank half of what the home is worth so they can put money back in big banking. Plus they get to resale the home and get closing cost. How is this fair? I have been in my home for 20 years and am a hardship case. My hub died and took 2/3rds of my income. I take care of a elderly parent and my son and his pregnant soon to be wife. I am paying a 10% rate and was lowered to 2. they strung me out so long I had no chance to catch up. They also report to your creditors , that you are behind and ruin your credit on a contract you both complied on. Now I ask you how are you suppose to rent a place after that. Citi was one of the largest BAILOUTS ,in the us. where do they get off telling people how to manage their money when they can’t do it themselves? I an self employed ,a hairdresser I have business deductions and you have to look at the picture as a whole, some of my bills are part of that so when you look at the gross, I make the money, that is needed to keep my home. I paid taxes this year, you can’t ask a person for a profit and loss in the month of December when the quarter is not up until the end of the year. The loss of paper work , that was sent is unreal. you send a package they sign for and half of it is missing. Please someone contact me about a class act law suit . I have a good case. The blood suckers need to be put in their place.

  435. David Stone says:

    What a joke. I started over a year ago with Citimortgage and called every few weeks to get different stories, different departments, servicing companies, excuses, lies, and conflicting information. I was forced to go through the whole thing three times (submitting information, waiting, calling, making “trial payments”). About a week ago I was told I was out of luck, because the investor E TRADE was refusing to do any modifications. Well over a year, and finally an answer. I’m very glad I followed the legal advice I got after the last failed round of trial payments, which is PAY THEM NOTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE A FINAL AGREEMENT IN WRITING. I advise anyone reading this to also heed this warning, unless you like to throw your money away.

  436. clay says:

    Citi needed to be “CLOSED!!” NOT HELPED!! that would have helped everyone here. they have NOT help ANYONE and if they did, you could count them on one hand. my inerest is 9.15%. but thay took all that Money from the Gov as a Bonus IN THE MILLIONS or B’s. and i read all of you in the same boat. and it makes me sick.


  437. yvonne says:

    My story is a nightmare, with a fantastic ending. Maybe it will give some of you hope…In August of 2008 my husband got laid off, so we missed one payment. I called and got put on a repayment plan, an extra $100/month for 9 months. Our 7 year balloon came due Dec of 2009 but when I called to reset it, they told me I couldn’t since I was on a repayment plan. The woman said to call back in June of 09 when it was paid back. So I called in June to reset my loan and was told I couldn’t because my loan had expired, I had no APR to refinance. My ex-husband did all this and I had no idea of the seriousness. But I kept making payments to Citi, never missing one, and they kept accepting them. Since 2008 I have applied four times for a loan modification, spoken to 25-30 people in customer service, homeownership preservation, loss mitigation and a few people in India. EVERYBODY told me a different story, loss mitigation uses a completely different program than regular citimortgage uses, so nobody could see each other’s notes. In Sept we started getting letters telling us we needed to pay the balance on the house. I found out our payments were getting put in a “non interest bearing account” and not being applied to the loan. Reuben told me not to worry and to ignore the letters, he said they were computer generated. I said “right, I’m not ignoring them!” Therie Moore from loss mit took over our case and had me wire 3 months payment and he got the money out of the non interest bearing account. He was also supposed to take care of a loan mod for me but then he stopped returning my calls. Then I was assigned to Vanessa, faxed my stuff in to her in June and found out in July she’d never done anything with them. In April my house payment got returned to me. When I called the woman said we were in pre-forclosure and told me to stop paying since they’d get sent back anyway. She said they shouldn’t have been accepting my payments for the past two years either, but they had. I found out my house was put in foreclosure on July 3, 2010. The worst day of my life. I’ve worked all of my adult life, always paid on time, got a house I could afford and this was still happening to me. I called loss mit again and talked to Jamie on August 1. She couldn’t believe what I’d been going through for two years and took over my case. JAMIE ROCKS! She got my info, put a hold on the foreclosure so they didn’t assign a sale date and hustled my packet to the underwriters. Two weeks ago I found this website and emailed the address Moe gave. I got a text and email the next day thanking me for my patience while my file was being reviewed. On August 21 I was served foreclosure papers, I was a mess. I kicked it into high gear and completely harrassed Citi. I called 3-4 times a day checking on the status of my request, got the name of my counselor and left her tons of messages asking if she needed anything and basically made a nuisance out of myself. On Aug 23 I got an email saying my file was in the final stages of review, and on Aug 25 I heard the best news of my life – MY LOAN MOD WENT THROUGH!!! Citi gave me a 4% interest rate for 21 years. My advice is don’t give up, pay what you can and pray. I don’t know how I got so fortunate, the rep I spoke to said she’d never in her life seen a bank modify a balloon loan, this was a first. I don’t know if it was because they accepted my payments for 2 years when they weren’t supposed to, or because I harrassed them, or what. All I know is I feel completely blessed and grateful. IT DOES AND CAN HAPPEN!!!!

  438. MrPrivate says:


    I’m frusterate for myself, for my neighbors, those near be going through this type of home modification hell, and those in other parts of the country.

    I’ve spend many hours today “fighting” to safeguard my credit, my home, my mental state, and generally my way of life, which all hangs in great part on my ability to make my home loan.

    I know companies need to make money, that’s business and that’s the business model. It usually works pretty good. People pay for products that other people created and sell.

    However I am getting a wide-eyed view of how ruff, stressfull, upsetting, discusting, etc. the home loan market segment can be, and is for so many, including me.

    I’ve been laid-off for just a couple months, now. I’m trying to be a good customer, cititizen and work with my lender, CITI, who is making the whole process very hard, to impossible.

    I did call the number (866 255 3901) presented here in this blog. First off the “review” process was a fail, which was refreshing, surprisingly, admitted by the call taker. So, I’m to call back shortly and find out if I will qualify this time around.

    So, months later I’m still fighting away, just like many of you here.

    If this last try fails I’m going to use the rest of my unemployment, time in my house to work up a class action suit. I and a friend of mine feel there is a very strong case here. This will take some but it will set a precidence for other lenders with predator, etc. type practices.

    This will be spearheaded from the grassroots to any major media outlet that will story it.

    Tools used to solicit signatures will be via Twitter, Facebook, our website. We will then cross-link our sites, posts with others. We will build in powerful data minding, web search methods and algorithms to help maximize public exposure and more importantly involvement.

    This will be focused, decisive, and full throttle production, be sure that CITI.

    I’ll post back with the contact information, links, etc., including mail list information. We will even be doing some mobile applications for those that want to stay on top of the issues.

    This will be a long-term process, as I’ve seen how the wheels of govt. move slowly, including from the inside.

    We’re going to make sure the fading middle class that really needs the help either gets the help or the lenders, govt. get an ear full.

    If you are highly motivated to be apart of this process, please keep this page bookmarked.



  439. Stephanie Watson says:

    We had our mortgage for about 5 years and had some minor issues here and there but nothing compared to the problems we’ve had recently with Citi when husband got his hours cut from 40+ per week to 25 per week back in Nov. 2008. We needed help when our mortgage got behind. They offered that help with a modification. I thought it was a good solution at the time. Now… 5 months after, I’m still paying the mod. mortgage payment (after never receiving any indication that I should pay differently) and find out today that I am actually 7 months behind on the mortgage! Never mind that I’ve BEEN PAYING this whole time! They set up a new amount that was $175 less that my original amount, which I have paid faithfully. And, yet, I’m 7 months behind? I dont even understand how this can be legal? Ever since the “modification”, I receive no corespondent from them, whatsoever; not even a statement… NOTHING! For 5 months I have not received 1 piece of paper from Citi, yet they take my money every month, leading me to believe that all is good and right with the world. Then, I call to make my payment today (because I cant make a payment online any more, have to pay the $20 fee every month, and this is how they “help”) and they tell me the modification never went through. Turns out I’m now behind all that money, except they NEVER TOLD ME THAT! For 5 months, I’ve paid this payment. They took my payment over the phone and NEVER mentioned it… ONCE! How can this be legal? This company is as crooked as the day is long. I will continue to pray and ask God for favor because anything is possible with God. But I have to admit, its hard to not be discouraged in all of this drama. Lord, help us all!

  440. erica says:

    Well, well, well, I am not at all surprised to see so many negative comments regarding CitiMortgage. They are crooks!!! And oh yes, let’s not forget, they are also liars! My loan adjusted in July 2010. Citi sent me the letter themselves notifying me of the new monthly amount and as of today they are telling me that I owe $200.00 more for July, August and Sept!!!!! I think they want to kill their customers. I forgot to mention that this is all the result of my attempt to modify my loan. Citi pre-approved me for the trial period plan and after 9 months they dropped me with no notice. Nothing in writing or verbally by phone. Their reason; my investory does not participate. Well that’s another lie. I’ve been in contact with an attorney as this has gone far enough!!!!

  441. Lori says:

    I woulod like to know if anyone has had any luck forming a class action lawsuit I have been dealing with this for over a year and I am having a heck of a time trying to find a lawyer that really wants to take this on with the customer in mind not just their bank accounts. Please let me know

    Thanks again

  442. Steven says:

    CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action

    Did you sign up for a loan modification with CitiMortgage and were placed into a trial program with reduced payments, only to be rejected from the program and imposed late fees and experienced other financial repercussions?

    Milberg LLP has filed a class action against CitiMortgage, on behalf of mortgage borrowers who have been wrongfully charged late fees and had their credit-worthiness ruined after being rejected from the permanent loan modification program, despite complying with the trial period guidelines.

    Consumers that were rejected from the permanent loan modification program through no fault of their own should find themselves in no worse position than they entered it. Instead, CitiMortgage failed to honor its agreements, and its misrepresentations about the program, enacted to help homeowners reduce their payments and keep their homes, have left customers financially devastated.

    For more detail regarding the class action, you may view the complaint here.

    Although we are prosecuting this case as a class action, no class has yet been certified, and there can be no guarantee that one will ever be certified, or that you will be a member. If a class is certified, we will post further details here. Please visit the Milberg website for more information about the firm. If you wish to discuss this matter with us, or have any questions concerning your rights and interests with regard to this matter, please contact either of the following attorneys:

    Jeff S. Westerman
    Sabrina S. Kim
    One California Plaza
    300 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 3900
    Los Angeles, CA 90071
    Telephone: (213) 617-1200
    Facsimile: (213) 617-1975

    Andrei Rado
    Jessica Sleater
    One Pennsylvania Plaza, 49th Floor
    New York, NY 10119
    Telephone: (212) 594-5300
    Facsimile: (212) 868-1229

    Attorney Advertising.
    Prior Results Do Not Guarantee A Similar Outcome.


    Thank You

  443. LeeInTexas says:

    I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year now to get hardship assistance, modification, or extension. I was laid off 13 months ago. Long story short, there is always an excuse, too little income, too much income, etc. I’m fed up and ready to participate in a class action, so please contact me or post on here when something forms. Thanks.

  444. Jamie Slade says:

    Please help. Citimortgage is unethical. I can get MY MORTGAGE COMPANY to return my calls…unless I late…then I get the runaround from dept to dept. I’ve been placed on the Modification trial period twice, confirmed all paperwork was received and then notified I was in default.

  445. Paula says:

    Hi all- Please call NACA 1-888-402-6222 or 1-888-302-6222(Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) They helped me modify my Bank of America (1st lienholder on my place) I had been doing battle with them for almost 2years!!!! AND NACA got them to fix it in 3 MONTHS! They cannot help everyone, of course, but they are definitely worth a shot (free service) If they can help you they will! Now that my 1st loan is modified, I am still trying to fix the 2nd (Citi’s) and hopefully, they will fall in suit as well. I wish all of you the best of luck and please just keep trying – don’t give up- it can be done!

  446. Rita says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!! HELPFUL! BS! I have been dealing with Citi Mtg now for over a year now and keep getting the run around now. I called last year in july to get help from them i was 2 mths down on the Mtg my husband had lost his job and was looking for help. Talked with a rep and they PREQUALIFIED me under Obama’s new plan. I was so very thankful, they lowered my monthly payment and told me to make sure i make the payment s on time, told them not a problem. got the paper work sent everything to them. Have been paying that payment for over a year now and on time every month, kept asking what was going on and they kept replying it is in underwriting.
    Over a year later they FINALLY come back to me and say I was declined for the program and that I now owe them close to $30k in fees, late charges , interest…etc. and if I dont pay that they are going to foreclose on my house now. HELPFUL……….. NOT!!!!!
    How can you call that Helpful…… I call that takign advantage of the people, If they would have told me I was TD a year ago I would have figured something out to keep my house and I wouldn’t have owed them over 30k now.

    SO CITIMORTGAGE what do you have to say to that?????

  447. Annie says:

    You have obviouslybeen paid by citimortgage to make these false statements. Citimortage is a bunch of crooks who prey on people who are uneducated or are having financial difficulties. They lie time and time again. Just google citimortagae complaints and there are thousands of examples. Go to hell Citimortgage!

  448. Kathy Z says:

    I keep seeing Primerica in blogs, and if anyone out there is unaware Primerica Investment works like a pyramid scheme. I went to a seminar of theirs once to see about working for them and what it came down to was them wanting me to give them my leads, hell no, if I am going to be in sales to make money why would I give you my leads. They give fancy titles to employees and in order to move up in the company they have to recruit new employees and then ask for your leads. I don’t know about you but if this is how their investment department works, then just image how the mortgage department works. This company is apart of Citi (mortgage). Wow how do we get away from these banks.

  449. James Esther says:

    I had to hire a lawyer and pay the firm $5000.oo to save my home, when the government back this program. I experience the lying as well. It was a shame the way CITIMORTGAGE treated thier customers and many are homeless now. They are crocks and God will dealed with the greed. Experienced what Rita and many others did. I plan on calling Jessica 2 212-631-8627.

  450. Anthony Lonetree says:

    Yes, Citimortgage are crooks. I applied for hardship assistance a year ago when our medical bills started piling up. I spoke to the Denver Housing Authority and they did some of the docs. I sent them to Citi certified mail. The I called them and was told that they never came. Then I resend the documents and called them again. Citi said again that they never got them. Then I filled out the online applications. No response. Then I faxed the documents to some department in Phoenix. Then I called Citi again and was told that they have no idea what that daprtment in Phoenix is….. Do you see a pattern here?? These people (Citi) are crooks and should burn in hell. \
    Anyway, I declared bankruptcy five months ago and everything got discharged. I calle Citi to see if I can keep the house if I can get a modification. After back and forth for a month now, I got through someone who told me to send two pay stubs and 2 months of bank statements. CITI IS SAYING THAT I HAVE TO KEEP PAYING ON THE MORTGAGE EVENTHOUGH IT IS DISCHARGED AND THAT THEY WILL MODIFY IT AS LONG AS I PAY THEM.
    I don’t belive that for a second. I can’t afford the current payment. I DONT think that they are going to give me a modification anyway.
    >> What should I do? Pay them in hopes that they will give me a modification OR NOT pay them? Is not paying them on the discharged in bankruptcy mortgage force them to take this seriously and figure out some mutually benefitcial workout?

    Thanks for reading

  451. privatename9 says:

    Obviously written by Citimortgage themself – message to Citimortgage: why don’t you figure out what the heck your people are saying and doing and fix it, then you wouldn’t have to worry about a class action lawsuit. Instead of spending time writing this BS that obviously no one agrees to – expend those resources fixing the problems. You are about to get tagged anyway, might as well brush up your act so you can look pretty in front of the judges instead of the consumer that sees you so differently and try to sustain at least a little bit of humility and pride!!

  452. Suki says:

    About 2 years ago we suffered a major financial hardship, initially this was to some extent caused by my losing my job of ten years in January of 2008, do to sagging sales. At that time my husband was able to cover our expenses and we had some savings should there be an unforeseen expenditure. After looking for work a couple of months I came to the realization that nobody was going to be hiring in my field of expertise any time soon, so I made a decision to go into business for myself but it required using what little savings we had for start up costs. I have been in business 2 years now but have yet to turn an annual profit. My husband is still employed but works on commission in industrial communication sales, his income dropped by over 50% last year. This financial hardship was totally unpredictable to us being we were in two completely unrelated fields. My husband’s income is in direct relation to the nation’s production of goods, my business is a service. We have experienced down turns in the economy in the past and have budgeted accordingly but even though we are both still working there is no possible way to re-budget our finances to fulfill our debt obligation in a recession where both our incomes is in direct relationship to the rest of the country’s productivity. This has resulted in a devastating economic situation for us, a condition that will probably continue until the country’s unemployment numbers begin to decline, currently productivity is being drastically cut in virtually every sector of the nation’s economy so we don’t see this recession ending soon for us.
    We believe that if our mortgage payments were lowered to an affordable percentage of our income we’ll be able to stay current on our loan and that our economic conditions will improve as soon as the rest of the country shows signs of recovery. Our feeling is that do to current circumstances we should qualify for the Home Affordable Modification Program set forth under the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Emergency Economic Stabilization Act so we applied to CitiMortgage over a year ago.
    We attempted to contact CitiMortgage at least a hundred times just in the past year both by mail and phone (most the time to be put on endless hold or hung-up on) in regards to the status of our application for a modification, when able to talk to a real person the response was always “we are working on it” or “you’ll need to re-file updated documentation”, our application was never truly addressed and now they’re saying we don’t qualify. When asked why? They would not or could not explain why, CitiMortgage is truly a most despicable company!!

  453. Natalie says:

    I have been in a trial modification for 2 years. It was only suppose to last 3 months. After 20 months of run around, no returned phone calls, and lack of a reason why I was denied – they now want my home.

    in 20 months I left over 25 messages for the person reviewing my account, so did my HUD counselor. He never called and will not point out any reason why I was denied.
    Now 2 years out, they want all the back fees and my home

  454. tracy says:

    they are doing the same thing to me right now–made intiial mod payments from 10/2009 thru may 2010–received final mod papers-started paying new payment 07/2010-they then decided I needed another paper and because I have been unable to get this document they now threw me into foreclosure–took almost 20000.00 in payments from 10/2009 thru 07/2010 and now want to foreclose on me–anybody have some ideas to help me. i ama single mother with two kids and need a roof

  455. Mary says:

    I too have had the same problems with Citimortgage. I am a single 57 year old woman. I lost my job, applied for the modification before I got behind in my payments, and made all my modification payments on time. I was turned down but never told. My house went into foreclosure. I reapplied, did everything I was told to do, and again was turned down. In the meantime, I found a part time job and still qualify for partial unemployment. But I went from making $22.28 an hour, working 40 hours a week, to $8.00 an hour working 18-20 hours a week. I can make the modification payments, but not the original mortgage payments. I`m trying to borrow money from friends or family right now just to make it through the next couple months. Hopefully, I will be able to get full time then. I can`t sleep, I`ve lost 15 pounds (I`m already a very thin), and I`m just so stressed out. I have nowhere to go if I lose my home. I am furious with Citimortgage.

  456. Kai says:

    That is the biggest B.S. comment I have ever seen. I have been working on a loan mod for 17 months. I qualified for a mod. last July and paid promptly on it for the next 8 months. They then sent a letter saying I couldn’t afford the new payment soit’s reverting back to the old one. Huh? I disputed this and my contact would not return a phone call for the next three months. I threatened to fly down to Irving TX to get an answer unless they responded. I re-applied and they verbally agreed to a new mod and then 7 days later sold my loan to a private investor and now have to start the whole process over again. Citi was SO impressive in the way they mismanaged and blew off my situation. It’s been amazing how un-professional they are.

  457. Anne says:

    I was 2 payments behind in January 2010 due to being out of work on disability (having transitioned from short term to long term disability with a 5 week period of no income). I called to make a payment when a Citi rep offered me a trial modification with payment of $778 (rather than $1327). I made the payments faithfully and they extended the trial period from 4 months to 8 months. I provided them with documentation over and over again. In September they called and said I hadn’t made my payment–I had. They now told me verbally the modification was denied because I failed to submit a form 4506T(I submitted it 5 times). They took the September $778 payment and returned the October $778 payment, demanding I bring the account current. They wanted all the arrears and late fees. A neighbor called and mentioned foreclosure-Citibank had began foreclosure and I had not even been told. I immediately contacted the bank. They said it was out of their hands and I now had to come up with $12000. I am still reeling. They also said to keep trying to get the modification. Well, I wasn’t offered a modification but I did resubmit everything. I received a letter saying they “may be able to help me.” I called again. I was actually told by a customer service agent that this letter was just an automatically generated form letter and to disregard it. I didn’t disregard it…just kept calling and following up. Now their solution is forebearance and payments of $1900 per month for 18 months. I really don’t know how I am going to do this as my entire disability income is under $2200 per month. They can’t even tell me how they determined I can make such a payment. I am determined to stop foreclosure so I guess I have to do whatever I can. I am so worn out with this whole situation and disgusted by the unprofessional manner in which this was handled. If I was properly told that I did not get the modification, allowed to resume payments and pay toward the arrears I would understand but now I am paying all kinds of extra fees because they sent it to foreclosure. Also it appears that the bank got money from the government by offering me a modification even though they did not actually give me a modification. This is reprehensible.

  458. bkurt31 says:

    Citi is among the worst of the mortgage servicers for mistreating its customers. If your house was in California, you participated in a trial loan modification, paid as agreed for more than three months, then had your house foreclosed on, and are willing to be a class plaintiff representing yourself and others similarly situated, please contact me at

  459. Chet Williams says:

    I have been dealing with much the same as everybody else posted here. Short answer: I was on the phone in a 3 way call with Citi and A rep from the HAMP program…Citi tried to explain that it is their companies policy that if someone has been in a modification that they previously denied, that they do not authorize another offer. Rep from HAMP demonstrated that they were operating in violation of the law, as law states that if applicant has undergone significant life changes or significant income changes, the applicant MUST be given additional consideration. HAMP rep stated that my divorce and loss of half of household income would most certainly be considered significant changes in my status. Citi was informed that they could either re-evaluate me in accordance with the law, or that their banking practices could be re-evaluated. Citi rep decided to finally re-open my account. Citi is knowingly violating the law and using it’s own company policies instead. I was also told by Citi that my requests had “fallen through the cracks”. Still awaiting outcome.

  460. Laura says:

    Citi is full of it. I’ve been trying to get thru a loan modificaiton for 18 mos. and was told lies after lies and still waiting for resolution. They have been the worst organizations I have ever dealt with. Any none of our politicians are helping us out. I wish they could experience what we’re going thru maybe we could be better results from Citi and other mortgage companies.

  461. mike mcdaniel says:

    Really helpful, please! I have been working on trying to get a modification since Nov 09. I set up a trial payment for three months, paid like clockwork. Keep calling and was informed to keep making payments. Paid every month til Sep 2010. In Oct 2010 receiving letter stating that I did not qualify for modification. Same month received letter from attorneys about foreclosure. At that point decided that I was finished sending any monies to them for my loan. Was told that any money sent in would not be applied to loan. Have a meeting with clerk of court for sale of home next week! Now they are saying that I have been tentatively approved for in house modification. Honestly not sure if home is worth it anymore! Understand that it is my fault that I am behind, but kinda strange that Nov 2009 I owed $75,000, paid in over $7000 since that time and now I owe over $80,000 due to late charges, attorney fees, etc. Oh, and by the way, sent in all paperwork required three times! Right hand doesn’t know what left hand is doing at this company. Never can speak to same person twice even if you have one person handling your account!

  462. chastua says:

    Citi is the biggest bunch of scumbags I have ever dealt with. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

  463. Sophie says:

    I went through the short sale with my condo and had a buyer willing to offer $150k. I paid $224k for the unit. Citi refused to accept the offer, so I was left with no otehr option than to file for a Deed in Liue, which I did and took a huge hit to my credit score. The comps on my property were within the range of the offer yet the bank would not take the deal. Literally as soon as the deed in lieu went through, Citimortgage listed it for under $100k. I looked today and the sale is pending at $114k. It seems completely unfair that they would not accept the original deal. Why????

  464. Twists says:

    I’m in Louisiana i have been trying to qualify for this modification for a year. The first time they took 1700.00 and month for three months out of my checking account then turned me down for a modification. I have reapplied twice since and been turned down both times. It seems to me that the payments i sent months back should have at least stopped the foreclosure process because of our agreement and there acceptance of the money. IM going to call them tomorrow and see where we are and what our options are but from reading this i t sounds like i better start packing.

  465. CarrieM says:

    We called Citi 7/2009 to discuss other options for escrow. We prepay a year, we pay taxes and insurance when do, etc. We were told it was a state law that we had to escrow. (untrue, but did not know at the time) My husband was going to be getting a pay cut so we were trying to be proactive, (we were and always have been at this point current on our mortgage) Citi told us that what we wanted was a loan modification and they would put us in that and that was the help we were looking for (sure, right) Of course, I had no idea what pandora’s box we had just opened. (no other options were ever presented or discussed with us.

    May of 2010 (after 8 months of trial payments) we were denied HAMP. BUT, we were told that was good news, we were actually back to Citi for a traditional modification. Again, no other options were mentioned or discussed with us. The next month we get a letter to call and make arrangements before foreclosure would start. Of course I called hysterical and was told as long as I was making monthly payments and in the modification process, Citi would not foreclose (haha).

    August 2010, Citi mysteriously loses my automatic monthly payment information, does not take my August payment and files foreclosure. We get served papers and file an answer.

    2 weeks later we get offered a modification, my attorney calls their litigation department, and their local attorney (calls were not returned). Modification offer gets closed. (WHAT!)

    Another court date is scheduled for foreclosure. I finally got the contact in the ERU dept. Executive Response Unit at Citi and they rush and we get approved for another modification (But worse terms, only lowers interest .6% instead of 2% like previous offer (all income and bills were the same) we sign offer to get foreclosure case dismissed.

    After 4 months of on time payments with the modification, we get a letter from Freddie Mac that they do not approve of the modification because of our credit (What!) and a letter from Citi to call to workout arrangements instead of foreclose (short sale, etc)

    So confused and no idea what is going to happen next. Just when you think everything is going to work out and you can breathe, it all comes crashing down again. Well, yes, after 2 years of lies, and the run around from Citi, our credit is ruined. (The only payment we did not make are when we called 7/2009 and they told us to make our 1st trial payment in 2 months, I even asked about the missing 2 months and was told they weren’t needed. Then August 2010 when they didn’t take our automatic payment. This is what they filed foreclosure on. (All while I was talking to them 2 – 3x every week!) After reviewing a ton of blogs and sites today, I will be writing my story and sending it to anyone that will listen, OCC, State representatives, Washington DC representatives, news stations, all blog attorneys in EVERY state, etc, etc!!

  466. Sue says:

    You have got to be kidding with this article. Great service?? Citimortgage is the most unorganized mortgage company I have ever had to deal with. With numerous attempts of trying to get a loan modification, sending my paperwork in numerous times, telling me one minute Im approved to getting a letter in the mail a week later saying I have been denied? I decided to put the home up for sale becuse of the stress of the uncertanty..especially with kids. The Real estate agent representing me sent in all the required documentation needed along with an offer in July of 2011. The Mortgage Co. has yet to even look at the offer? They claimed they never received it? (Nov. 2011) Again, putting us through this once again of faxing over paperwork over and over again. Now,my home is in foreclosure. Im trying to stop it stating that the buyers are still very interested in my home and have been waiting for an answer.The whole time I thought I was talking to the Short sale negotiator turned out to be just once of the home specialtist reps. She just now told me I had to call the Short Sale dept?? Why didnt anyone tell me this in the first place? I think they want people to defualt so they can get more bail out money to supprot their write offs! They are horrible!!

  467. ken evans says:

    CitiMortgage is a joke, finally got a job and asked if i could just pay back what i woe in four months they said no i was qualified for the assistance program, later received a letter i have a foreclosure date. Liers liers liers they are not interested in helping us out.

  468. KevinE says:

    Worst experience of my life. After going through a divorce, I attempted to get a loan modification after being reduced to a single income. They claim they want to help reduce your monthly payments so you can stay in your home. THEY DO NOT. They only want to get as much money out of your as possible.
    I am trying to save my home for myself and my three young children. I sent in multiple documents showing my current financial situation. I was required to enroll in a consumer credit counseling service that produced a report on my financial situation, as well. All they care about is taking 31% of my gross income. So even though every reliable financial resource says your mortgage should not be more than 28% of your gross income, CitiMortgage actually takes more and claims it is trying to help you. So after months of inaccurate, incomplete, or just plain wrong (dishonest) information from incompetent representatives on the phone, my loan modification reduced my monthly payments by $17.00. YES, $17.00.
    The pretrial interest rate they offered was not even close to the one that was stated in the final modification agreement. They also claim that the interest rate would not change in the first 5 years of the modified loan. When I received the final loan modification agreement, it changed twice. It was raised after the second year and, then again, after the third. When I called and asked a manager, she admitted that “mistakes” were made. She couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell what the alleged mistakes were, but she said they would redo the modification.
    When I received my corrected modification, my interested rate is now higher, my monthly savings is now lower, and the interest rate still goes up after two years. The terms of this loan modification are worse than the first one that had “mistakes”. Now, my monthly savings are $14.00. BOYCOTT CitiMortgage.

  469. chris says:

    Im not sure why you guys have so many issue with getting a modification but maybe my story can help others get this situation resolved.

    My name is Chris, I live in Boston Ma. I was in foreclosure and Had an auction date set for Oct 20th 2011. I contact a law firm called Realty Law Center in orange county California which I found on the internet much like this website. I dealt with the District Manager named Francisco Salvat, which by my standards was the most professional person I have ever dealt with. I retain Realty law center for 1500 upfront and 895 a month to perform a postponement to delay the auction date. Sure enough they were able to get it accomplished. At this point I had pretty much all the time I needed cause all they would do is continue to delay it. So I went ahead and spoke to them about getting a modification after being denied 4 times in 2 years. So I retain them again for 3750.00 which they split it up in two installments for me so that was pretty cool. As of Jan 2012 I was modified at 3 % for a 30 year. My payment went from 1785 down to 876 a month with taxes and insurance. They gave me a principle reduction which put about 10% equity back into my property. I hope that I can pay it forward as I recieved when I went searching for a good law firm. I recommend Realty Law Center 110% and they have an “A” rating with the better business bureau. The guy I dealt with was Francisco Salvat and he can reached at 561-809-4716 or 949-297-6346 hope this helps other families as it did mine. There is still hope just have to have the right company.

    Chris M

  470. Danielle says:

    Is there a program that helps homeowners underwater that have a private investor? Has anyone heard of the servicing bank “wells fargo” buying the loan off the investor so that the borrow can be applicable for many of the HAMP, HARP, and AG Settlement programs? Any comments and or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

  471. K Hall says:

    They blocked us every step and did nothing to help at all. We are so far underwater it won’t matter anyway. We have never been late and they will not help us. I for one will not care if they are heavily fined for the things they have done wrong. If I get in a position I can’t pay, I WILL LET THEM HAVE THIS HOUSE. And I will get a lawyer, so they will leave me alone. I really hope they step up and do what is right for those of us in adjustable rate mtgs. with lots of negative equity…CREATED BY THEM AND THE OTHERS LIKE THEM.