Out of all the lenders and mortgage servicers out there, I would have to say that the most positive feedback and best results have come from Citi Mortgage / Citi Financial time and time again.

They really seem like they are reaching out and going beyond the typical lip service I preach about here daily.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Bryan Bolton, Senior VP of Loss Mitigation for Citi several times over the past month and his genuine interest in helping homeowners impressed me and that is hard to do. I whole heartily feel that Citi, Mr. Bolton and their awesome staff are doing what they can to help struggling homeowners.

They have even set up a special email and phone number for Loan Safe and Citi Mortgage borrowers.

From Citi:

We’ve noticed that some of our customers have left comments about us on LoanSafe.org. To help Citi customers who are finding they are having trouble meeting their obligations related to their mortgages, we have set up a new e-mail address: homeownerhelp@citi.com .

By using this address, our customers will be routed as quickly as possible to the appropriate area for assistance. We will typically respond within 2 business days.

Wow, two days! That is a pretty big commitment and it looks like they are holding true to it. If you are a Citi borrower and have been having difficulty, please try the email below and let us know your results.

Below is a grateful homeowner in Florida who I have never met and do not know their name, but they were kind enough to send me an email thanking me, LoanSafe.org and Citi for helping them save their home with a loan modification.

Please replace the below that has corrections in it for my post dated 11/12/2008 THANKS

Moe, I wanted to say how much I appreciate this information and it indeed helped us and changed our course financially. I contacted Citi via the email address you provided and got a response right away, they were so kind and polite…

Sue at Citi stopped all the collection calls, walked me through the down load of the MOD applications and responded back after I faxed over the information within 24 hours just to let me know that the paper work was received and they were reviewing. 48 hours later I received another call from Sue with Citi to let me know that we would be receiving a call from their MOD department to go over the terms….48 hours after that I get the most fantastic call from Rene with Citi.

They lowered our rate on the second mortgage by 4 points, extended our term which lowered our payment almost 400.00 per month AND took all the arrearages and moved them to the back of the loan interest free until the loan is actually paid off.