american loan modificationsHomeowner Question:  Do you know anything about a modification company known as American Loan Modifications in FL? They are out of Pinecrest, FL on the east coast south of Tampa.

My Answer:Many of these loan modification companies are hard to locate on the internet because they all seem to sound alike. I know because there are several companies over the past 2 years that try and imitate the names of my websites and have caused some minor issues of confusion with homeowners.

American Loan Modifications is a very generic name and I am sure there are many companies out there that are operating under this name.  However, I did locate a company in Pinecrest that had just formed a corporation in June. This worries me because they have only been in business for a couple months and probally have very little experience with loan modification.

Fictitious Name Detail
Fictitious Name
Filing Information
Document Number G09000113774
Filed Date 06/04/2009
Expiration Date 12/31/2014
Current Owners 1
Total Pages 1
Events Filed NONE
FEI/EIN Number 65-0934128
Mailing Address
12396 SW 82ND AVENUE

This is who they are owned by.

Owner Information

12396 SW 82ND AVENUE
FEI/EIN Number: 65-0934128
Document Number: P99000061802

Truth In Lending Corp has been located in Florida since 1999. We are a government approved independent residential mortgage lender. The company is a privately owned corporation. Owned and operated by Carrie and Carlos Robles. Contact us directly and let us know how we can help you in your home buying, refinance or loan modification process. 

Address & Driving Directions:
12396 SW 82nd Ave, Pinecrest , FL 33156

Voice: 305-234-4898 After Hours Assistance: 305-431-5409

Fax: Fax: 305-234-4897 Efax: 786-513-4692

My Conclusion:I could not find anything negative about this company except that it is NOT a law firm and is not owned by lawyers.  This concerns me because I feel that only lawyers should be allowed to collect up front fees from homeowners.

American Loan Modifications is owned by mortgage brokers, Carrie and Carlos Robles. The news and my blog is filled with ex-mortgage broker that are now being shut down for operating loan modification scams.

If I were you, I would not use this company and try a non-profit like NACA, or a lawyer in your state.