NACA- Bruce MarksThe facts are that NACA, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America have done a lot to help struggling homeowners in this devastating foreclosure crisis. However, it appears that this group led by their fearless leader, Bruce Marks is forgetting one key component in operating a foreclosure prevention business, treating your past clients well as you treat your new clients.

If you don’t Mr. Marks, people loose their homes on your watch.

Now, it looks like this is the new nightmare trend for homeowners who are not getting help from their mortgage servicers. Trying to do the right thing, struggling homeowners are now entangled in a never ending web of  non-profit disservice. The NACA media machine that is 100% more focused on today’s numbers is failing to assist past homeowner clients who seem to be up loan modification creek without a paddle.

My question to NACA and Bruce Marks is , “Is this about numbers and bringing in the money or saving homes?” 

That’s a simple question dude and you better pay attention. The complaints I have received about NACA and these conventions where I have personally seen thousands and thousands of homeowners NOT get help at these events proves the latter. I know this for a fact and have held my blogging tongue far too long.

You see Bruce Marks is or was a friend of mine. (probably the latter after this blog post)  It seems like when I started asking Mr. Marks and Darren Duarte his marketing man about helping these past clients and making legitimate complaints as caused him to consider me a foe. That is simply not true. I am here on this earth to do what is right and to tell the truth before honoring false friendships.

What do I mean by this?

Well, NACA has embarked on what I call a foreclosure rock tour promoting their brand of home saving techniques as the Holy Grail of loan modifications. Bruce Marks, the self anointed Moses of mortgage restructuring for homeowners has been quoted several times in media publications claiming that his organization has an 80% success rate.

Well, I have news for Main Street and NACA may not like it. I have actually been invited to two of these Save the Dream conventions by Bruce Marks personally. In early 2008 to Washington DC and later in Hartford Connecticut to stay in hotels, protest and march in Washington DC.

I can say with 110% accuracy that this is 110% false, a lie and I have many homeowners witnesses to prove this fact.

Yes, this is a marketing lie and there in no way in loan modification hell that they are attaining these numbers. I saw thousands of homeowners leave these events discouraged and not helped daily. Now, the NACA complaints I receive daily in my forum have increased 10 fold. Some homeowner have been with the organization for 1-2 years with very little help and terrible service.

I’m confused NACA and Bruce. Is a homeowner who needs help from the past different from a homeowner that goes to these conventions? Why are you discarding these thousands and thousands of homeowners in your database that can’t get help or answers.

Many of their mortgage servicers will not work with these people because they have been told that since they work with NACA, they have to work with NACA. To put it quite simply, these homeowners seen F’d by NACA and left all alone to die a slow, painful foreclosure death while you do rock tours and media interviews.

My question to the Federal Trade Commission is, “Don’t non-profits have to abide by the same laws that regular corporations or business operate under?”

NACA has a huge database of over 300-500,000 homeowner clients from the past that have not been helped are simply getting neglected. All the while NACA and Bruce Marks hold conventions with these employees who should be helping these past clients.

This is not how these Federal funds for foreclosure prevention are supposed to be used Mr. Marks and you know this. Consider this your official warning that you will be watched and reported on for failing to do what is right many times in running NACA. Maybe an investigation by legal authorities will curb this abuse of tax payer dollars and make NACA help past clients?

Don’t become the next Acorn Mr. Marks.

Change your ways now or I will make sure they are brought to public light and these homeowner stories told. Below are some of the true homeowner stories told in my and on this blog in regards to their experiences with NACA.

Don’t believe me? These homeowner commenter’s left their real names and maybe NACA should look in that 500,000 homeowner database and locate them. That’s if you can.

Karen Long July 17, 2009 at 8:58 am 

I read the article that you wrote in reference to NACA helping people with their mortgages. I attended the “Save the Dream” tour in Columbia, SC this past March. I was one of the thousands that sat in the coliseum for 16 hours & all I have received is lip service. There are 15 people in my church that NACA is supposedly working with, and none of us has received any assistance. NACA doesn’t respond to faxes, emails or phone messages. 4 months later and I have not received any help and NACA will not return my phone calls. I have only received 1 telephone call from NACA in 4 months.
In the article it stated that people can “walk out the same day with a new mortgage”. This is simple not true, irregardless of what Bruce Marks of NACA is saying.

I am most concerned because NACA is taking the “Save the Dream” tour to eight more states starting this week. They haven’t completed the backlog from Columbia, SC. Why would they take on more clients? A representative from NACA told me that each NACA negotiator has 5000 clients. This has become a hopeless and frustrating experience.

It appears that while NACA has helped a few people, they are giving false hope to many others.

Do you think this is worth investigating? Please email me if you need additional information.

Thanking you for your consideration

Michael Ormandy August 5, 2009 at 1:03 pm

Ok, how about his story being worth “investigating”. Let’s talk about NACA. I went to their offices 2 1/2 months ago WITH ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION and gave them every single thing they required, first day. We were told it takes 6-8 weeks to get the new loan closed and not to cal NACA, only to email.

They would call us, we were told. After 1 1/2 months and not a PEEP from them or the lender we called many times and finally got someone on the phone who said call back in two weeks. We called back at the two month mark, and were told by a message they no longer had people to answer the phones, to leave a message. Weeks later, no call back. No responses to emails. Two missed mortgage payments, a threatening lender, and nobody to communicate with. The bank acts like they know nothing about it, though NACA said the one time we talked to them that they submitted everything to the bank.

Bottom line: DO NOT USE NACA.

They have horrible / non-existent communications, so you don’t know what is going on, and I have yet to talk to one human being in person who was actually helped by them. All I see is a well orchestrated PR campaign via the internet, and a bunch of “success stories” on internet web pages. Spend the money, hire an attorney, which is who I will be meeting with tomorrow.

Deborah October 11, 2009 at 11:58 pm

NACA is taking on too much and the result is people are getting bad assistance/no assistance. After we went through the entire application with them in April we never heard from them again. In fact, I think the Minneapolis office must have closed. No one else around the country will return our calls. We finally had to re-submit everything again with Wells Fargo. They put us off until we finally had our state attorney general contact them and then they just simply refused to help us. Thanks for nothing NACA! Why do they continue to carry out these campaigns and get more people asking for their assistance if they can’t deal with what they have going on right now.