(Source: CBS Money Watch By Farnoosh Torabi) – Should a prospective employer be able to check your credit report and use it to determine your qualification for a job? That’s the latest debate in 25 states, where a total of 49 bills propose limiting when credit reports can be reviewed in the job hiring process, according to a story in USA Today.Some legislators argue that judging an applicant based on his or her credit report is unfair – and in some cases, discriminatory. Advocates of the current system, however, say it’s critical in some instances to review past credit activity, especially when considering applicants for highly sensitive positions, such as jobs within national security or the financial sector.

Earlier this year, Credit.com (where I am a contributor) polled 1,000 consumers and asked how people felt about the proposed bans. A majority – 53.5% – opposed the use of such employment credit checks.

Source: CBS Money Watch By Farnoosh Torabi

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