(Source: Valley Advocate By Maureen Turner) – At 11 o’clock on a chilly, sunny March morning, Inez Williams’ house is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction.Williams and her husband, Bill, bought the house—a 1,428-square-foot, three-bedroom home on St. James Avenue in Springfield—for $81,000 in November of 2000. Within a year, her husband had died.

Williams continued working at her long-time job at a local college until she retired eight years ago, and has experienced both financial and health struggles, including a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. While her children and grandchildren were able to help out at times, Williams began having trouble paying her mortgage payments of about $1,400 a month. She hasn’t made a payment since last October, and in January of this year, her lender, Midland Mortgage, part of MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma, notified the 71-year-old Williams that her home would be foreclosed and sold at auction.

Source: Valley Advocate By Maureen Turner

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