(Source: LoanSafe.org Exclusive) – Sources have reported that the California Bar Association have closed the law offices of Philip A. Kramer of Kramer & Kaslow, and taken custody of the law firm’s files.   Clients of the law firm can obtain information and instructions on how to obtain their files by calling (818) 224-3900 and listening to the message recorded by the California Bar Association.  It  has also been reported that the law offices of Mitchell J. Stein were visited this week by California Bar Association investigators and law enforcement.  The status of the law firm at this time is unknown.   Why this is important news is because Philip A. Kramer and Mitchell J. Stein are the most prominent players in the Mass Joinder lawsuit craze that is currently sweeping the county.

About Mass Joinder Lawsuits

According to “Consolidated Litigation Group, P.C., there are four California attorneys associated with this “litigation group”:

Source: LoanSafe.org Exclusive

August 18, 2011

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