(Source: BBB) – Boise, Idaho . . . Gavin Gee, director of the Idaho Department of Finance, today warned that a company calling itself Freedom Companies Marketing, Inc., Freedom Companies, Inc., Freedom Companies Lending, and Freedom Financial Mortgage (Freedom) has been targeting Spanish speaking Idaho homeowners with false promises of a government-guaranteed mortgage loan modification for a large upfront fee.The company promises homeowners lower monthly mortgage payments, but Gee says Idaho homeowners who succumbed to the up-front payment scam received nothing but empty promises for an unlawful upfront fee of $1,995. “This company, using the term ‘Freedom’ in its name, asks homeowners for private financial information, charges an unlawful upfront fee, and then leaves already distressed homeowners worse off than they were before. That’s not ‘Freedom;’ that’s a scam,” Gee warned.

Source: BBB


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