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Seattle Suicide Signals Collapse of Real Estate Empire

SEATTLE (Source: by KING 5 News) – On a sunny June day, movers are dismantling a once booming real estate empire.

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Paul Grothe: Prominent Marin County Realtor, dead in apparent suicide

A longtime real estate broker died Monday night of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Tiburon police said. Paul Grothe, 71, of Tiburon, was co-owner of Marin Land Co. at 1610 Tiburon Blvd. with his wife, Zohre. His body was found […]

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Texas Mayor Who Committed Murder/Suicide Was Facing Foreclosure

COPPELL, Texas (CBS/KTVT/AP) When police arrived at Coppell, Texas mayor Jayne Peters’ home, they quickly realized something was very wrong. Mayor Jayne Peters had apparently taped an envelope to the door containing an ominous note and a key. Something unpleasant […]

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Suicide victim at fire scene faced foreclosure

Frederick investigators are considering whether the possibility of foreclosure may have influenced the actions of a Frederick County man who shot and killed himself at the scene of a fire Monday in the 14600 block of Black Ankle Road.

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Home in Calif. murder-suicide was in foreclosure

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Police are investigating whether money and marriage troubles prompted a California man to kill his wife, wound his 3-year-old son and take his own life in a backyard rampage. The boy was found hiding behind a trash […]

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Did family’s mortgage problems lead to murder/suicide?

During a “traumatic and emotionally draining interview,” he told investigators his father tried to shoot him and he ran inside the house to hide, Schmidt said. “He said he could hear his brother screaming and hollering,” Schmidt said.

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Former state Senator and husband die in murder/suicide over finances

Finances have entered the picture in the mystery surrounding the death of former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer. According to The Northeast Georgian, a weekly newspaper based in Cornelia, Schaefer and her husband, Bruce, were facing mountains of financial problems when […]

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Foreclosure drives some homeowners to commit suicide

On March 5, deputies arriving to post an eviction notice on Lynda Clark’s South Philadelphia home found she had hanged herself. “It’s devastating for everyone. We’re not even family members and it’s just devastating to us,” Captain Albert Innaurato of […]

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Ohio man losing home and job shoots co-workers then commits suicide

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The man who shot two co-workers inside an Ohio State campus building before committing suicide on Tuesday morning learned last week that he was getting fired. Nathaniel Brown was already struggling to keep his home from going […]

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Mortgage scammer commits suicide before prison sentence begins for mortgage fraud

Police say a Palm Desert businessman who pleaded guilty to taking part in a $150 million mortgage scam has hung himself. 47 year old Christopher Oetting was found dead in a home on Sagewood Drive in Palm Desert Tuesday, according […]

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Woman Commits Suicide Over Foreclosure Notice

MILFORD — A lot of people say “Over my dead body.” Vincenza Garcia meant it. Rather than comply with a foreclosure notice and allow a marshal to evict her from the home she loved at 55 Earle St., Garcia took […]

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Ohio woman, 90, attempts suicide after foreclosure

A 90-year-old Ohio woman, facing eviction from the home she has lived in for 38 years, shot and wounded herself this week, becoming a grim symbol of the U.S. home mortgage crisis. Addie Polk was found lying on the floor […]

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Suicides, Murders and Stand Offs With Swat. Welcome to the world of foreclosures.

The social impact that foreclosures are having in our communities is nothing short of disturbing. From suicides, murders and as in this case, a stand off with swat. NewsDay: SADDLE BROOK, N.J. – Authorities say a son held Bergen County sheriff’s […]

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Foreclosure Related Suicide and Murders on the Rise

The Experts: Stress is a huge factor in suicide, and looming very large is stress related to the economy,” said Dr. Charles Nemeroff, chairman of psychiatry at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., and president of the American Foundation for Suicide […]


CEO Interview: Freddie Mac’s Haldeman

(Source: SmartMoney  by Alyssa Abkowitz) – The tasks in front of Charles “Ed” Haldeman Jr. might make even Hercules pause. As chief of mortgage giant Freddie Mac, Haldeman is trying to turn around a company that’s lost $36 billion in […]

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White Collar Psychopaths Pillaging America

Image via Wikipedia ( By Moe Bedard) – Contrary to popular belief, it is not Wall Street, the banks or the mortgage and real estate industries that are causing much of our current economic problems. It is many of the […]

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Are foreclosures killing our families and communities?

Bottom line America, foreclosures cause severe stress, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, divorce, domestic violence, homelessness, child neglect and for some who face foreclosure , death. This is no laughing American matter and foreclosure should not be wished on anyone. […]

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Killer Mortgages

The social impacts that this mortgage and foreclosure crisis are having on people, families and our communities are nothing short of devastating. What was once a rare occurrence has now become daily normal life in many neighborhoods across the country. […]

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The Social Impact of Foreclosures: Homelessness, Crime & Death

For millions, the American Dream has become the “American Nightmare”. Many people have lost their jobs, their mortgages have become cancerous and they can no longer pay the loan on their overvalued homes. The social impact of these foreclosures is reaching every “dark” nook and […]

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The FBI Investigates Indymac for Mortgage Fraud – Next Please!

When it rains it pours and when a bank fails, the FBI is going to find out why. The facts are that the fraud and financial crimes ran rampant from all sides of the mortgage and real estate equation. From the […]


Loan Recall – Should our government place a recall on ALL toxic mortgages?

Johnny gets sick at McDonald’s from a double cheeseburger tainted with ecoli. Results, a massive recall of all beef associated with the meat packaging facility and eventually  the complete shut down of the company that sold the tainted beef to Johnny. Meanwhile Johnny is OK now and […]

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Bear Stearns – The mighty great Bear who preyed upon helpless Americans has been wounded to the point of death.

By Nye Lavalle – Bear Stearns shareholder and defendant in an “unlawful” foreclosure action Gentlemen, As a shareholder, and for the last time probably before you each finally go away into the sunset, I am attaching the reports I sent […]

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The ill informed capitalistic, homeowner hater club needs to get a clue!

This post is in response to the constant critical comments from the capitalists that “think” they are superior and more intelligent than everyone else. Especially the struggling homeowner.  Ron and Joe – Do you really know what “truly” happened in the […]

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